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  1. Table Tennis History and other facts! By: Emora Baggett Over 10 million players participate in table tennis tournaments around the world. Table tennis is globally the most popular racket sport, and is ranked 2nd of all sports in participation. The longest rally that was ever recorded was a total of 32 000 hits. It took 8 hours 42 minutes and 5 seconds.
  2. What is Table Tennis? How to Play Table tennis is a fairly complex game. Not only physically, but mentally. The game starts with two or four people, a table, a racket and a ping pong ball. Table tennis relies a lot on your hand eye coordination. Lots of beginners improve this skill by practising against a wall or with a balloon. The two people each stand on a side of the table. When they are both ready one person will serve the ball. It is important to remember to loosen your grip when playing table tennis. This will make it easier to move your wrist, and you will have more accuracy. When you serve the ball, it will bounce once on your side, then moves to the opponent's side to bounce once there. The players will proceed to hit the ball to the opposite side. Eventually one of the players will miss the table, miss the ball or hit the net. This is how the other player gets a point. At the end of a game it is always polite to shake your opponent’s hand, but maybe not during covid. orurCluF9k0 Click here to see a video I made with stop motion animation
  3. Table tennis tournaments Tournaments Like other sports, table tennis has tournaments. Teams from all over Saskatchewan come to these tournaments. Keep in mind that these aren’t professional tournaments that I am explaining, these are just the ones I am used to going to. When you get there, we usually help set up and wait for everyone to arrive. Once all the teams are there, the organizers will call groups of three at random. If your name gets called then you go to the selected table to meet your group. This group is called a round robin. In the round robin you decide which two players will participate first, the other player will score keep. After all three players have competed, you will take the recorded score to the judges. This is when you will be placed into the A, B or C category. If you won all the games you will be in the A category. If you won one game and lost one game, then you will be in the B category. If you lost both of your games, then you will be in the C category. For the rest of the tournament you will be in this category. You will continue to play people and give the recorded score to the judges. At the end of the tournament if you won enough games you will get a medal.
  4. History of Table Tennis History Table tennis originally came from England in the 1880s. It was made by Englishman David Foster. Table Tennis was used as a substitute for lawn tennis when it was too cold in the winter. It caught on as a game you could play for people who didn’t have a big lawn to play tennis in the summer. In 1901 the ping pong association was formed. This sport continued to be played in only England but by 1920s it was being played all around the world. By that time table tennis started to be taken more seriously as a sport. In 1921-1922 ping pong got its official name table tennis. Then, the first ever table tennis championship was held in London in 1926. Lastly, in 1988 table tennis became an olympics sport with singles and doubles. Table tennis continues to be enjoyed all around the world, both for fun, and competitive.
  5. How I got started I started playing table tennis regularly in the year of 2017. I remember the first time I ever played table tennis. Sheena Koops, one of my coaches and my auntie, set up a time to introduce some kids to table tennis. I remember we did exercises like: bouncing a ping pong ball up and down on your racket, hitting a balloon with your racket and blowing a ping pong ball across the table to improve your hand eye coordination. I do not exactly know what year this was, but it was much earlier than 2017. After that table tennis practice I didn’t start playing, but my older cousins and siblings did. It was 2017 when I started going to the practices. Then in 2018 I was in my first tournament. The tournament was in Fort Qu'appelle Elementary Community School, that is the school I go to. I didn’t win any metals but it was very fun. Later that year I won my first metal in Carry the Kettle, it was a bronze medal in the C category.
  6. Table Tennis Spins Table tennis is not only about hitting a ball on a table. Most advanced players put spin on the ball when they play to make the ball harder to hit back. You make spin by moving your racket a special way. This will make the ball move differently and confuse your opponent. There are lots of different kinds of spins, but I will just explain the three most basic spins. Because the ball has spin on it, it will move a different direction when it hits the table.
  7. Topspin backhand serve slow motion. Top Spin Top spin is a very important shot that is used lots, specifically in attack shots. When players use top spin, it prevents the ball from flying off the table. For example, if I were to hit a ping pong ball with top spin, it will most likely hit the table. If I were to hit the same shot at the same angle but this time with no spin, the ball will most likely miss the table. Follow these directions to learn topspin. First, get in your athletic stance. Place your racket tilting upwards beside your bent knees. When the ball comes wait until it is at a good height, then brush the ball forcing it to rotate forward. The ball will then hit the opponent's side of the table. Top spin example. Top spin forehand rally. Top spin backhand rally. Top spin slow motion serve.
  8. Back Spin Backspin is usually used as a defence shot. When someone has hit the ball with lots of spin you usually would hit backspin back to them. This shot is sometimes very difficult to return. If the player tries to block the ball, it will most likely fly of the table. To successfully use backspin in a game follow these steps. Start with your athletic stance. Secondly, have your racket slightly closed. When the ball approaches you, slightly extend your bent legs and move your racket somewhat upwards. Remember the more you brush the ball the more spin will be put on the ball. Backspin example Backspin rally Backspin serve
  9. Side Spin I don’t use side spin nearly as much as I use the other spins, but it is still very important. I usually only use side spin for serves, but some people use it in rallies and games. Side spin in made when you hit the ball so that it rotates to the left or to the right. This will make the ball move in a different direction when it hits the table. To make side spin start with your athletic stance. Your racket should be in front of you and slightly open. Hold the ball in your non dominant hand. Remember to have your hand open flat so that you are not holding the ball in a fist. Throw the ball up in the air and brush the ball to the side, while at the same time pushing it slightly forward. Hopefully this serve will help you win the point! Side spin example Side spin serve
  10. CanadianTableTennis Association The Canadian Table Tennis Association is a non-profit organization for table tennis in Canada. They are the reason Canada has table tennis games and tournaments. In 1929 the Canadian Table Tennis Association (CTTA) was formed.
  11. Table Tennis Canadian Ratings Everytime you compete in a tournament your rating gets higher. A rating is a number that you can look up on the internet. Usually people that are more skilled get higher ratings. You also get a higher rating if you do good in a game. Paul Noel Paul Noel is ranked 2nd in Saskatchewan in the men’s category. His rating is 1705. Ian Muirhead Ian Muirhead is ranked 30th in Saskatchewan in the men’s category. His rating is 652. Sheena Koops Sheena Koops is ranked 6th in Saskatchewan for the women's category. Her rating is 684. Emora Baggett Emora Baggett is ranked 35th is Saskatchewan in the women’s category. Her rating is 191 Table Tennis Canada Ranking / TTCAN Ranking / Canadian Ranking
  12. Videos Smash slow motion Smash Footwork exercise Cool table tennis shots watch?v=l_tzXQC4His watch?v=luQ7OP2Guwg Fun Facts Sometimes people use pips on there racket. Pips changes the spin that you put on the ball, so it confuses the opponent. The first ever table tennis racket was a cigarette box and the first ever ping pong ball was a champagne cork. Regular rubber Pips rubber
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