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  1. WSP VS ERP (STIMULUS PACKAGE 3.0 ) Prepared by : Hadey and Chris
  2. Wage Subsidy Program (WSP) 薪水补贴计划 Employment Retention Program (ERP) 就业保留计划 Definition financial assistance to employers to retain employees financial assistance to employees who agree to take unpaid leave Effective from? 1st April 2020 1st March 2020 Amount? RM 600 per month How long? 3 months 1 to 6 months For who? Company Employee Who to apply? Company Company on behalf of employees Term and condition • Business revenue drop more than 50% (compare the sales in Jan 2020 with following months) ; >>> NOT applicable for company with less than 75 employees • For employee who has salary ≤ RM 4,000 (maximum 200 employees); • Employer and employee are registered or contributing to SOCSO; • Company must operated and registered with SSM/Local Authorities before 1st Jan 2020; • Within 6 months from the date of receive the subsidies, the employer:- ➢ Cannot dismiss the employees ➢ Cannot reduce employees’ salaries ➢ Cannot require the employees to take unpaid leave • For employee who has salary ≤ RM 4,000; • Employee who are registered or contributing to EIS; and • execution of notice of unpaid leave for at least 30 days from 1st March 2020 (with the consent of the employee and employer) When to receipt the payment? The payments will be credited directly into the employer's account within 7 to 14 days from the date of approval The ERP payments MUST be credited to the employee through the employer within 7 days of receiving payment from SOCSO How to apply? Start apply from 9th April 2020 (until 15th Sep 2020) 1. Go to to apply (Online application) *** Kindly refer to our Telegram post on 01.04.2020 for the details Start from 20th March 2020 1. download Form ERPC-19 from 2. Fill in the form and prepare the documents required in the form 3. Email to *** Kindly refer to our Telegram post on 31.03.2020 for the details Size of company Amount per month > 200 employees RM 600 per employee 76 – 200 employees RM 800 per employee ≤ 75 employees RM 1,200 per employee
  3. FAQ
  4. 1. When WSP started and when does it end? Ans: WSP application started at 1st April 2020 and ending at 15th September 2020 2. How to apply for the latest WSP? Ans: The application must be submitted by the employer through web page access starting on 9th April 2020 FAQ
  5. 3. Who is NOT eligible to apply for Wage Subsidy? - Employer or company that registers and operates on or after 1st January 2020 - Employers and employees who does not registered or contributed to SOCSO - The same employee who has received financial assistance Employment Retention Program (ERP) in the same month - Foreign workers, retired workers, self-employed (with no employer) included freelancers are not eligible to apply FAQ
  6. 4. Which documents are required to apply for WSP? - List of employee - Employer's bank account information (Copy of Bank Statement cover only) - Business Registration Number (BRN) information registered by employer at the time of creating the bank account. - A Copy of SSM / ROS / ROB / Service authorities for Scientific or Technical/Business License - PSU50 Declaration - Supporting documents such as financial statements or sales reports that has been verified by management or other documents related. (For company's employee more than 75 person) FAQ
  7. 5. The employer had submitted application for one month. So, does the employer need to submit for subsequent month? Ans: Employer do not need to submit new application to second and third claims. However, the employer is required to update the information changes for the second and third claim if there is any change in the number of eligible employees through the system. Failure to report will be subject to law action. FAQ
  8. 6. How to check whether the WSP application has been approved or rejected? Ans: The employer will be notified the status by email. FAQ
  9. References FAQ_penambahbaikan_PSU_dan_soalan_tambahan_JKKP __7.4.2020.pdf