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enSYNC Strategic Assessments for Nonprofits

enSYNC will help you identify the gaps, barriers, pain points, and needs of your association or nonprofit. CAE-led, 20-years in business. We know associations and what makes them work. We'll help you plot a path for where you need to go.

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enSYNC Strategic Assessments for Nonprofits

  1. 1. enSYNC Strategic Assessments Actionable Insights. Amazing Results.
  2. 2. We know associations. And we advise on. . .  Technology infrastructure  Data management  Membership and dues processes  Communications and website offerings  Hardware comparisons  Convention and meeting registration services  Organization-wide process improvement  Data analysis and tracking  Finance and accounting procedures  Strategic planning  Succession planning
  3. 3. See your way clear It’s a forest-and-trees kind of thing. Messy processes entrenched and adopted throughout your organization. Unclear business rules you’ve lived with for years. Technology decisions that need to be made NOW. Let us help you cut through the doubt, indecision, and cobwebs that strangle your routines.
  4. 4. Scope of our project We can design it to meet your needs, but generally it includes interviews, analysis of processes and procedures, data audits, web audits, and recommendations for improvement.
  5. 5. Evaluations and interviews are conducted onsite in. . .  Executive team consultations  Group staff meetings  Department huddles  Deskside, one-on-one workflow assessments  Data inspections  Technology evaluations
  6. 6. Our deliverable
  7. 7. A final report that provides you with. . .  Gap analysis  Review of data anomalies  Opportunities for expense reduction and revenue enhancement  Recommendations for workflow improvement  Executive insights
  8. 8. Give us 10 minutes to tell you how we’ll make a difference.
  9. 9. Get in touch! enSYNC Corporation Cindy Peebles 817-349-7060