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Computer as an exposure.risk prevention.

  2. 1.MAGNETIC RADIATION  Computer and television screens, function on the principle where a beam of fast electrons sweep the fluorescent surface of the screen, where, point by point, it draws a luminous image. This would not be a problem if the energy from the electrons was limited to providing the image. But some of this energy escapes in the form of radiation at various frequencies, in particular VLF and ELF (very low frequency and extremely low frequency) fields. The spot of electrons which sweep the screen generates what scientists call PEMR (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Radiation) which, at close range, disturbs the balance of all living cells. It has been established that the harmful effects of PEMR exist all around the screen, especially in front of and behind the tube, effects which persist several hours after the computer or TV set has been turned off.
  3. magnetic radiation-around the computers or laptops on batteries is arround 300-350 while on mains it increases from 1500-1900 electric or magnetic radiation.  only way to know this emit higher levels of radiation is to measure them with an EMF meter. The problem with laptops is improper use.
  4. 2. radio frequency radiation, or RF radiation. More and more computers, particularly laptops are equipped with WiFi. This means we are being exposed to another layer of electrosmog from two sources. Firstly from the laptop itself; most laptops are configured by default to be in WiFi mode, so even if you are on a hard wired Internet connection your laptop is still emitting and receiving RF radiation. Secondly there is the RF radiation from the modem/router. 3.Artificial light from computer screens are another problem which effects the person generally.they tinker with brain chemicals that promote sleep.artificial lights lowers the levels of melatonin hormone which regulates our internal clock and plays a role in sleep cycle. It also raises the risk of obesity,diabetes mellitus.
  5. stress, disturbances.  headaches,  abnormal general fatigue,  irritability,  neuropsychological  insomnia, disorders,  eye strain,  increased absenteeism,  eyesight decline,  loss of productivity,  abnormal general fatigue,  declining ability to  decrease in productivity concentrate and to and in the natural memorise, resistance of the immune  aggression and scholastic system, problems in prepubescent  decline in libido, children,  disorders in the  predisposition to menstrual cycle dyslexia, and  , and hormonal  lowered spermatogenesis
  6. the best way to cut down on your exposure to magnetic radiation from your laptop is to use it on the battery instead of the mains power supply.  to replace your WiFi installation with a hard-wired connectionand make sure the WiFi function is disabled.  Not to use on knees or laps.  The monitor is usually the biggest problem, not the CPU, so sit a bit further from the computer screen. This will mean that you are exposed to less radiation, especially if you sit at least two feet from the screen – electromagnetic radiation exposure decreases significantly with distance.  Limit computer use before sleep.  dimming your computer screen as much as posible.
  7. If you are using a desktop you can use a radiation filter over the screen or better still purchase a degaussed screen.  NASA who discovered that cactus plants have the ability to absorb the electromagnetic radiation coming from the computer.  Salt crystal lamps supposedly help cancel out  the electromagnetic radiation  By simply washing your face after using the computer can remove the radiation that has settled there. Our faces are usually the closest part of our bodies to the screen, and the particles of radiation will attach themselves there.  Go wired; wired mouse, wired keyboard and wired peripherals. Even if you are using a laptop using a wired external keyboard will significantly reduce your exposure to the EMFs emitted by the electrical components situated under the keybaord of the laptop.  If you work in an office where there are several computers, make sure you are not in close proximity (a meter or two), to the back of someone else’s PC screen.
  8. The EMF-Bioshield® system, consisting of two mini- spheres of white polypropylene to be attached to the screen, uses the properties of electromagnetic resonance of rare earth elements (lanthanum, positions 58 to 71 of the Mendeleiev Periodic Table of Elements). As in acoustics, where it is easy to create silence by recycling the same sounds to be cancelled but reversed in phase, the elements contained in the EMF-Bioshield® mini-spheres oppose the biologically harmful screen frequencies with frequencies or the same form and amplitude, also reversed in phase. The result is called a counter-phase resonance, which eliminates all harmful biological effects. EMF-Bioshield® is thus the only protection system that works globally - guaranteeing the respect of the screen user's health at work or at home, irrespective of the position or size of the screen.
  9. In 1984, Professors Johansson and Aronsson (Sweden) established that after four hours in front of a cathode-ray tube screen, the normal curve of adrenaline (the stress hormone) excretion reverses itself Almost as if the body, under attack by the PEMR, was retaining its adrenaline to better face it. These researchers discovered that after several hours, a screen user is placed “under stress” by his screen and experiences a hormonal malfunction from the saturation of adrenaline. These studies were published by the WHO (World Health Organization) back in 1987.
  10. In 1986, Professor Mikolajczyk (Poland) established that the female personnel of the Polish airline company LOT exposed to the PEMR of VDTs had a 125% increase in miscarriages compared to the female personnel who were not exposed to the radiation generated by computer screens.  In 1988, the French magazine Le Point published a report on the work of Dr Marilyn Goldhaber from the Kaiser Permanente Institute of California. Her study followed 1,783 women for three years and observed a 100% increase in miscarriages in those who spent more than twenty hours per week in front of a computer screen or television. The article added that their children had 40% more genetic defects than the “normal” average of those who did not work in front of a VDT.
  11. In July 1990, the American magazine Macworld published 19 pages on the subject of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Radiation emanating from cathode-ray screens in the articles “Is Your Computer Killing You?”, and “The Danger of Magnetic Fields”.  More recently in August, 1998, a group at NIEH (National Institute of Environmental Health) in the USA studied the effects on health of very low frequency electromagnetic fields (PEMR ELF/VLF 50/60 Hz) at the request of the American Congress. They concluded that there were possible carcinogenic effects for human beings
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