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Rural social media presentation

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Rural social media presentation

  1. 1. Social Media and Your Business: A comprehensive overviewPresented by:
  2. 2. Its a Big DealThere are now more than 800 million active Facebook users, with over 200 millionadded in 2011.Twitter currently has 200 million registered users sending 1 billion Tweets perweek. Between 2010-2011, the number of Tweets per day grew 252%More than 133 million blogs have been indexed by Technorati since 2002, and56% of professional bloggers say it has helped their company establish apositioning as a thought leader within the industry has more than 40 million users uploading over 5 million photos every day
  3. 3. Seeing is Believing:The Stats "Social media accounts for one out of every six minutes spent online in US." ( "59% of adult Facebook users had "liked" a brand as of April, up from 47% the previous September. Uptake among the oldest users appears to have been a major factor in this rise." (eMarketer) "Users say theyre more likely to buy if a business answers their questions on Twitter." ( "Over 80% of all Americans use a social network." (Nielsen) "Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other" (Nielsen)
  4. 4. Conducting contests:This works with both products and services. It doesnt have to end quickly & the prize can be anythingyou choose; but do choose wisely, as you must entice people to enter-Collect emails with random winner- Photo Contest-Nominate a friend-Take a survey or poll to win-TriviaTo build a contest we recommend:- A designer who can help make the tab cohesive with your brand- An enticing prize-A reasonable duration- A goal you want the contest to accomplish for your businessWe recommend using the platform ShortStack to build your contests and Facebook promotions!
  5. 5. Post Valuable Information and Facts:-Articles you find online with your comments-Tips and tricks that provide your fans with useful takeaways
  6. 6. Facebook OffersCreate a Facebook deal to entice customers, offer reward, and have a measurable tool of your social media that is used specifically todrive foot traffic through your doors.
  7. 7. Twitter profiles exist to actively engage and inform in 140 characters or lessTwitter is a two-way street that requires a bit more consistent effort, but can result in great relationships, interactions, and attention. Twitteris a platform to listen and respond to customers, not just engage them. You can do that by:Providing quick and easy tipsAdd humor to anything you post; give the small amount of space a big personalityEasily share photosRe-Tweet (re-post/share) followers, businesses, and supporters TweetsCustomer communication
  8. 8. Other ways to utilize TwitterAnnounce when an appointment opens up during the day:Contests:Customer service:Twitter is a great platform to address customer issues, provide tips for using your products, and answerquestions. Many time you will find that although your business is not on Twitter, it is still being discussedon the platform.While Facebook can host more in-depth and long term contests,Twitter is best used for instant benefits. Simple giveaways can helpget people interacting, sharing Tweets, and more.If someone cancels last minute and there is a chance to squeeze anew appointment in, let your Twitter fans know!
  9. 9. A blog provides a business several things:-SEO value-Showcase expertise-Compelling content to share amongst other networksYou can establish a blog on the Wordpress platform and develop content ranging from:-video blog posts-guest blog posts-expert commentary-industry analysis-Tips and How-tos-Discounts, company news and announcements
  10. 10. A mobile photo sharing app built for iPhone and Andriod, connects to your social networksand allows you to take or upload photos, apply filters and borders, and post to multiple platforms.Connect all of your businesses social networks to to allow photos to post to multiple networksat one timeAuto creates a special photo folder on FacebookUse the Hashtag, just like on Twitter, to group photos. Use common phrases such as #Nevada, #jewelry,or #farming
  11. 11. While it may not technically be considered "social media", a newsletter can directly reach your audiencewith highlights of your businesss happenings and insights, as well as provide the public with informationon the topics that matter most to them.MailChimp is a great platform where your newsletter can be put together every month. It has the abilityto include links to the social networks and the companys blog and website.By connecting the public via email to the most up-to-date and interesting tidbits of information, yourbusiness brands it as an expert in its field, and takes advantage of one of the best portals to relaydevelopment, events, and insights to the public. You can also include discounts, special offers, andhighlight social media efforts to further the reach and impact of the newsletter.Using your contests to gather emails is a great way to populate your list. Have a sign-up button on yourwebsite as well.
  12. 12. ManagementThe best ways to manage all of these networks at once:Facebook Scheduling: Facebook now allows you to schedule posts in advance.Tweet Deck: Tweet Deck allows you to see all of your Twitter action in one place, as well as scheduleTweets in advance.Get support: Your employees are some of your best assets when it comes to social media marketing.Make sure you use them to gather content, give suggestions, and help spread the message of thecompanys social media presence.Gather content- tips, links, photos- in batches and have it ready for weeks to come, rather than trying todo everything day-to-dayRead articles on sites such as Mashable, Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, andBusiness2Community for ideasDont re-invent the wheel- put your own spin on anything creative or new big brands are doing