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The Path to $1M: How to Get to 7-Figures Commerce Revenue

by Lauren Newman

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The Path to $1M: How to Get to 7-Figures Commerce Revenue

  1. 1. The Path to $1MM in Commerce Revenue Lauren Newman Affiliate Summit West 2020
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Commerce Content Opportunity 3 A revenue stream that can contribute up to 25% of total revenue 1MM monthly unique users on a shopping site can generate $20M revenue line The best commerce content publishers are making 2000x more revenue
  4. 4. What is Commerce Content? 4 Reviews DealsComparison Guides
  5. 5. The Path to $1MM: Best Practices to Get to 7-Figures
  6. 6. Lifetime Value Of Commerce • 57% of commerce revenue is earned in the first 3 months of an article being published • But despite a drop-off after 3 months, revenue consistently delivers over a 12-month period for each article and never stops converting 6
  7. 7. Value of Evergreen 7 • Revenue from evergreen articles will continue to make 20% of its 1st quarter revenue every subsequent quarter • 50% of yearly revenue for top Publishers is coming from evergreen articles that were published the year prior • 65% of quarterly revenue for top Publishers is coming from evergreen articles that were published in previous quarters
  8. 8. Best Time To Publish • Wednesdays at 8AM has, by far, the highest conversion rate, followed by Fridays from 12pm-4pm • Weekends are lowest converting days of the week 8
  9. 9. The Top Converting Articles cover articles that have an Average Order Value of $200, representing 30% of total revenue. 71% of revenue comes from articles with an Average Order Value of $200 or less. Commerce revenue broken down by AOV: • $200 or Less: 71% • $300-500: 16% • $500-1,000: 8% • $1,000+: 6% Average Order Value Per Article 9
  10. 10. Best Performing Article Type Comparison Articles account for 36% of all commerce revenue, driving an average revenue per article of $91.02 Deals outperforms ALL with an average revenue per article of $167, but are under- represented with only 21% of total revenue featuring Deals. Reviews and Guides both have equal share of 4% of all commerce articles, but drive $85.10 and $62.59 per article respectively. 10
  11. 11. While Publishers often write commerce content featuring one single product which drives high Average Order Value and EPC, Multi-product articles outperform them on a Revenue Per Article basis. Best Performing Article Type 11 AOV: $116.18 EPC: $.31 Revenue Per Article: $30.66 AOV: $75.40 EPC: $.19 Revenue Per Article: $73.05
  12. 12. Best Performing Promotions 12 The data we see through our Platform shows that performance increases when a commerce content article includes a promotion or offer. Coupons, Free Shipping and Sales all perform well, but don’t forget about Hot Products for a high AOV: the trending products like a sellout dress or a new smartphone. Offer/Promotion T&Cs are in the Publisher Hub.
  13. 13. Volume: ● Hire a 5-Person Commerce Team ● Write 100 New Articles Per Editor Per Month ● Publish Articles at 8AM on Wednesdays The Path to $1MM in 15 months 13 Article type: ● Focus on Multi-Link Articles to get the Highest Revenue per Article ● Push Evergreen Content to extend the Average Lifespan of an Article ● Heavily Promote New Commerce Articles in the first 3 months of being Published Price point: ● Promote Products that are $200 or less in Value ● Prioritize Deals Content and Comparisons ● Highlight Offers with Free Shipping and Newest Products ● Push higher-priced products on desktop vs. mobile to increase total AOV
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