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4 Garage Door Repairs You Shouldn't Attempt Yourself

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Read before trying to repair your garage door at your own. Airdrie Garage Doors provides 4 garage door repairs that you should not attempt yourself. Call at 403-744-5335 for garage door repair services in Airdrie.

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4 Garage Door Repairs You Shouldn't Attempt Yourself

  1. 1. Perhaps, many homeowners enjoy DIY projects at home. Garage door repair is one of them and mostly homeowners try to repair their garage door at their own. If you have any minor problem with your garage door, then it can be fix it easily. But if there is any major problem with garage door, you can't fix it yourself means you need to call a garage door repairman or professional. Routine maintenance you can do at your own like oiling and painting the door but there are some major issue you should not do yourself. Below are some repairs that you should not attempt yourself. 1. Repair Broken Garage Door Spring: If you have any broken garage door spring problem and need to replace it, you should call a garage door professional. Oiling of spring is very easy to do but replace an old spring with new one, is very complicated and difficult. To replace a garage door spring you need a special equipment and knowledge to handle them. If you don't have knowledge about these equipment, may be you face any problem. As per experts, in such situation you call a professional. 2. Replace Rollers: If you have a garage door that uses rollers and you hear some noise in rollers when you open and close garage door. It may be the result of aging rollers. The replacement of rollers seems very easy and simple but actually it is not. If you try to fix it with yourself may be the result is not in your favor. Rollers required heavy lifting work that is why highly recommended you call a professional.
  2. 2. 3. Install Or Replace Panels: May be it seems very easy but in reality it is not. To install a new panel or replace an old panel, you need to remove all garage door spring and disconnect them from the hings. This task is very hectic and also a dangerous. The safe and easy way to replace panels to call a garage door technician and leave panel replace task on him. 4. Replace Garage Door Cables: Garage door cables function properly if these cables are fix properly. Worn out cables can cause of any accident or injury. You need highly trained garage door professional to repair and fix them. Airdrie Garage Door Service delivers the high quality garage door repair at very affordable price with no hidden price. If you need any kind of help and have any question or query regarding your garage door, you can concern with us in Airdrie.