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Pediatric pre school checkup pps

EduCure is one of India’s leading 'Health & Preventive Services' providers to students through various schools & educational institutes.


Having a PAN -India presence with more than 4 years of experience, Educure has served more than 250 schools across the country. Educure has covered more than 2.50 Lac students through the network of 5000+ experienced and qualified doctors & paramedics across India.

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Pediatric pre school checkup pps

  1. 1. Pediatric Pre-School Check up (PPS)
  2. 2. About Pediatric Pre-School Program (PPS) PPS is a comprehensive Health check-up and screening program to be conducted in pre-schools, it is focused on improving the overall physical, academic and nutritional wellness. Onsite Check-up : PPS Health Check-up Camps are conducted in school premises Overall Check-up : Physical, Dental, Nutritional and Eye Checkup is done in the PPS Program Program meant for : The PPS Program is for Pre-School children between the age of 2-6 years
  3. 3. Need for Pediatric Wellness & Prevention Allergies Ear Infection Growth & Developmental delay Early detection T oo th problemsSpeech Vision problems
  4. 4. Advantages of PPS Program Benefits to Staff • • Better ability to handle job stress. A higher level of general well-being • Healthy staff do a better job of teaching and create a better working and learning environment. Advantage Educure : • • • • • Comprehensive Health Analytics Experienced, Qualified & Specialist Doctors Four Year Experience In School Health PAN India Approach. 360 Angle Health Checks Benefits to Students/ Parents  Reduces school absenteeism.  Improves behavioural problems.  Improves student performance.  New levels of cooperation amongst parents, teachers, and organization.  Health Awareness made a part of children's lives.
  5. 5. PPS Program details General Physical Examination Dietary assessment Dental check up During Check-up Post Check- up School Health report Individual School report Eye Check-up
  6. 6. QUALIFICATIONS MEDICAL CHECK- UP EQUIPMENTS Pediatric Check up Pediatrician MD – Pediatrician / MBBS-DCH Derma check, Cardiac Murmurs, Respiratory problems , Developmental check up Stethoscope, pulse oximeter, weight machine, height chart. Eye Check up Ophthalmologist MS – Ophthalmologist / Optometrist Vision Acuity, Color Blindness, Eye Infection AR Machine, Ishara Chart, Refractometer Dental Check up Dentist MDS - Pedodontist Dental caries, Missing Teeth, Tooth Eruption Pattern, Stains, Calculus, Malalignment Disposable Dip-Sticks, Mouth Mirrors Nutritional Assessment Dietician MSc– Dietician/ Nutrition Body Mass Index (BMI), Daily Food Habits, Obesity Check, Nourishment Check BMI chart , Weighing Machine, Inch Tape This plan includes:- 1) Medical Report – a. Individual Report b. School Report 2) Goodie Bag PPS Checkup details
  7. 7. Other Services we offer • Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Check- up • Speech Assessment • Behavioral Assessment
  8. 8. Photos of Actual Camps
  9. 9. Why EduCure? • 4 Years of rich Experience in Health & Medical Space • 250+ Schools • 2.7 lac + student medical checkups • PAN India Company • Expert Psychological Team • Strong After Sales Support • Documented Process • Quality Service Assurance
  10. 10. India’s leading ‘Student Health and Wellness Program’ company with presence in more than 250 schools 9372152613/ 8356928929 The best way to fix a problem is to fix it before it is becomes a problem
  11. 11. Thank You !!