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School clinic management scm

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School clinic management scm

  2. 2. SCM-School Clinic Management At EduCure the well being of our students is of utmost importance. We provide nursing services to students and staff members to maximize the general health and wellness. The fully air-conditioned school Infirmary is equipped with beds and all the necessary equipment and facilities to address the immediate health needs while in school. A qualified and experienced nurse is available on campus to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during school hours. In the event of an emergency requiring medical attention, the student will be shifted to the nearest hospital and parents will be informed of the same. A comprehensive medical record of each student is maintained by the school nurse. Basic first-aid kits have been made available in high risk areas such as the laboratories as well as on the ambulance available. Need/ Importance of Medical Room • Any illness/injury is addressed at School itself by an expert. • Maintenance of Health Records • Advantage for School as an additional facility for students.
  3. 3. ➢ Qualified Nurse stationed at School ➢ Medical Equipment (Bed, Wheelchair Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope etc) ➢ Medical Consumables ( Bandage, Cotton, sticking tapes, syringes, etc) ➢ Basic Medicines ( Antipyretics, Cold/ cough etc) ➢ First Aid Box and Training ➢ App Based Medical Records Management for School ➢ Quarterly Health Analytical Report to School Features of School Clinic
  4. 4. Trained & Qualified Nurse • Experienced and Well- trained Nurse • On- site during entire school hours • Assured & immediate medical care • Will provide first aid and basic medical help in emergencies • Liaison with doctors or hospitals in case of emergencies • Specialized Training in Child Care
  5. 5. Medical Equipments of School Clinic ✓ Stethoscope ✓ Wheel Chair ✓ Thermometer ✓ Stretcher ✓ Sphygmomanometer ✓ Ice Packs ✓ Weighing Scale ✓ Scissor ✓ Height Tape ✓ Percussion Hammer ✓ Torch ✓ Bed ✓ Kidney Tray ✓ Others
  6. 6. Consumables of School Clinic • Cotton • Gauze Pieces • Spirit • Waste bags • Band-aid • Apron • Syringes • Gloves • Needles • Forceps • Sticking Tape • Others
  7. 7. Medications of School Clinic • Antipyretics • Analgesics • Antiemetic • Cough medicines • Cold medicines • Anti-allergic • Anti-pyretics • Anti-septic • Anti-diarrhoeals • Burnol • ORS / Rehydration packs • Painkiller Sprays/Gels
  8. 8. First Aid Kit and Training The First Aid training session would help students to take care of themselves and help other students during minor injuries and accidents: ▪ First Aid Kit ▪ Basic First Aid Training Session ▪ Do’s and Don’ts ▪ Accident Information Protocol and Process ▪ Managing minor injuries ▪ Sprains ▪ Bleeding ▪ Dehydration ▪ Fainting
  9. 9. Additional Services ▪Doctor On Call ▪Ambulance onsite ▪Remote Consultation ▪Dental Chair ▪Health ATM Machine ▪Nutritionist Visits
  10. 10. App Based Medical Records
  11. 11. Actual SCM Set-Up
  12. 12. Why EduCure ? • 4 Years of rich Experience in School Health Programs • Successfully Implemented in 250+ Schools (Including 75+ Kidzee Schools ) • 2.7 lac + student medical checkups Conducted • PAN India Presence • 2000+ Experienced & Qualified Health /Doctor Team • Strong Care Support Post Service for any Health Query • Documented Process • Quality Service Assurance
  13. 13. India’s leading ‘Student Health and Wellness Program’ company with presence in more than 250 schools 9372152613/ 8356928929 The best way to fix a problem is to fix it before it is becomes a problem