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Can Cham Saigon Ontonix breakfast club presentation

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July 17th Saigon @ Canadian Chamber of Commerce - 5 minutes preview of why complexity is key to your business and better profits. Our biggest risk is our own organizations inability to control complexity and its hidden costs.

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Can Cham Saigon Ontonix breakfast club presentation

  1. 1. Canadian Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Club HCMC 17th July 2013 Getting To The Point! Managing Complexity Risks Alexander Kopriwa Ontonix Srl.
  2. 2. (C) ONTONIX 2 Existing New New Markets/Segments/Sectors Existing Products/Services/Technology Your Org today Complexity inevitably grows over time and must be managed so as to guarantee agility and flexibility
  3. 3. Value Chain Modelling Strategy Formulation Scenario Modelling Business Plan Creation Project Portfolio Organisational Design Performance Optimisation IT Infrastructure Supply Chain Global Economy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Multiple but independent sources of informationInformation sources are linked but number of dependenciesInformation sources are highly dependentInformation sources are highly dependent and uncertain 3(C) ONTONIX
  4. 4. Example of a Complexity Profile of a project The parameters which impact the profitability and exposure of the projects lie at the top of the Complexity Profile. € 4(C) ONTONIX
  5. 5. Production Business Process Financials The Winners are : 1. Employees 2. Stakeholders 3. Shareholders 4. Clients, Suppliers Excessive Complexity Reduces Profits & Employee Moral => Monitor & Manage Business Complexity 6 Business Complexity = A New KPI (C) ONTONIX
  6. 6. Alexander KOPRIWA VP International Development e-mail : Complexity News Letter e-mail to: 7(C) ONTONIX