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Successful ChaRM Implementation

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Successful ChaRM Implementation

  2. 2. Key Learnings Learn functions of SAP Solution Manager Understand ChaRM (Change Request Management) ChaRM in a Validated Environment Work Center for ChaRM Introduction to RunSAP Methodology List of some of the key challenges What are the key benefits and ROI2
  3. 3. About Alpha Sirius Inc.Alpha Sirius Inc Facts: Our core competencies lie• Founded in 1998. in several areas of SAP ® :• Expertise in project management, portfolio management Operations Optimization Program Management• Provides end-to-end solution development Portfolio Management caused by disparate functional and Application Life Cycle Management technical implementation processes. Change Management• Delivers value by bridging this gap by Training & Development providing consulting services and Systems Management implementation assistance with tools such as Solution Manager. Offshore Support/Development• One of the first certified partners with SAP for Run SAP Methodology
  4. 4. About Alpha Sirius Inc.Who are we?• Headquarters : Jersey City, N.J.• Branches and affiliates in Texas, California, Germany. Denmark and India.• Global IT and Project Management Consulting Firm• SAP Partnerships • Run SAP partners • SAP Services Partners 1st consulting partner to successfully meet the consulting requirements for the Run SAP partnership
  5. 5. You provide the best tools foryour businessShouldn’t you have the best torun your business?ANSWERSAP SOLUTION MANAGER
  6. 6. Learning Points• Learn how a pharmaceutical company enhanced their Change Management process in a validated environment by eliminating manual processes and implementing Solution Manager ChaRM.• Understand how detail processes were adapted for Normal, Urgent and GxP changes.• Find out how ChaRM helped SAP COE and business teams by providing comprehensive change and traceability information and enabled them to focus on innovation rather than support.• Get a peek into new and additional functions the customer is planning to implement to enhance and optimize their SAP Solution.• Get a comprehensive look on the vision, strategy and experiences of SAP COE at the customer for enabling Solution Manager.
  7. 7. More To Come…. Current SAP Solution Management What Is Solution Manager? Uses of SAP Solution Manager Solution Manager Experience Change Request Management – ChaRM SAP Solution Manager for Change Management What does ChaRM offer? Case Study — ChaRM in a validated environment Key changes – Extensions The ―Run SAP‖ Methodology
  8. 8. Want to know more about our products? SAP Standards for Solution Operations cover all support processes Change Management Work Center Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+) Additional Functions. Key Challenges Key Program Benefits Sneak Peek … Next Steps ALM - Application Life Cycle Management Solution Manager 7.1 Key Points
  9. 9. Questions? Comments? Email us for complete presentation 1 Independence Way Suite 404, Jersey City NJ 07305 Telephone - 201-822-1ASI Fax - 877-496-9985 We are happy to help you!
  10. 10. CopyrightsNo part of this document can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of AlphaSirius Inc. The information cannot be changed with our notifying Alpha Sirius.Some software products, services and names marketed by ASI which belong to other companies contain proprietary information ofthose companies.SAP is licensed software by SAP- AG and its affiliates and it’s the registered trademark of SAP.Microsoft, Windows, Outlook, and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.RBE Plus and RBE are copyrighted and licensed tools by IBIS-THOMEAll other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this documentserves informational purposes only. Alpha Sirius is not responsible for any changes and variation in the information provided.