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Ramudroid, inspired by Bharat Swachata Abhiyaan, was invented ( v1 in 2015) to clean roads and gullies(lanes) for a cleaner environment.

Talk and demo includes the design and operation, being powered by solar energy, using camera's media stream to identify target garbage type and 3 brush design to lift up small objects like plastic cups, wrappers, leaves etc. Also discusses detecting obstruction to reroute itself and act autonomously. Last we also discuss how we can analyse data on garbage spotted and collected for segregation and spotting defaulter people or neighbourhoods who litter regularly.

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  1. 1. Altanai ( , +91 9871204072) Sanjay K Wepin
  2. 2. About Ramudorid #ramudorid Aimed at cleaning roads and gullies for a better and cleaner India. Inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
  3. 3. Littering and illegal dumping - Unsegregated waste - Bad for env - One visible piece of litter , encourages more people to litter around the same place - Img source : the logical indian
  4. 4. Img source : alamy Robot to pick up litter - Identifies garbage - Pick and collects into bin - Prevents garbage accumulation - Surveillance to nab the culprits
  5. 5. Ramudorid Initial versions
  6. 6. Ramudroid v5 #ramudorid
  7. 7. Ramudroid v6
  8. 8. Features Update Solar powered Garbage Identification and Tracking Larger Bin to body ratio Autonomous , extended range Webrtc Streaming #ramudorid
  9. 9. Circuit Depiction contd.
  10. 10. Ramudroid in the Making
  11. 11. Challenges 1. Limited Power by Solar Panels 2. Low Weight constraints
  12. 12. RoadMap 1. SLAM ( Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping ) 2. Idiot-proof 3. Sensors for e-waste
  13. 13. Analytics on Garbage Identification stats
  14. 14. Rs 3,265,00,00,000updated Wednesday, March 11 , 2015 BUDGET 2015: SANITATION AND THE SWACHH BHARAT MISSION source :
  15. 15. Rs 8000 Circuit , communication module , camera , motors , bin for garbage , brushes 6 monthsTo come up with a successful prototype! 2 member And a lot of feedback and support Cost of Making 1 RamuDroid which cleans 1 Km road in single charge
  16. 16. Swachh Bharat ! Altanai Bisht VOIP , Webrtc and Media Streaming engineer Sanjay K wepin Embedded and electronics engineer #ramudorid