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YOU ARE A BRAND: Social media and job market

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This slide show is tailored toward MPH graduate students and the academic job market, but can be useful for anyone who is interested in establishing a social media presence to improve their competitiveness on the job market.

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YOU ARE A BRAND: Social media and job market

  2. 2. YOU ARE A BRAND • Who is your audience? • What makes you “special”? • TAR HEELS are a special breed. OWN IT. • What are your big ideas? • What has been your process of growth and development? • Identify your personal skills and ownable attributes • What is your dream career/position 20 years from now? • Work backwards to identify a pathway to achieve that position • Be scrupulous about not accepting “just any position” out of desperation
  3. 3. DEFINING YOUR BRAND 1. What is your expertise? 1. Avoid establishing an expertise that's irrelevant to your mission, goals, and vision. 2. Establish a social media presence. 3. Generate brand awareness through networking. 4. Remember to be clear, consistent, and constant. 5. Get feedback from friends, family and experts in the field.
  4. 4. JOB SEARCH RESOURCES • Versatile PhD (UNC Subscription) • • • • • • University Employment Sites • Health Department Sites • • • UNC Public Health Professional Development and Career Services Site • • • CBPR Jobs Listserv (U of Washington)
  5. 5. NETWORKING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT • Go through your phone, Facebook, church directory, family photo album, etc. • Return to that old pile of business cards you collected over the years • Set up coffee meetings with people who are in your field or remotely related to your field • Ask for a list of contacts • Ask for advice on CV and cover letter • How did they get to their current position? • Do they know of any upcoming job openings? • ALWAYS follow-up with thank you’s and updates on job search progress • Send out CVs to everyone you know
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Professional head shots are a MUST Website: CV
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA 101 • Twitter – Periscope, Storify • Become familiar and be able to identify your strengths in using these platforms to network, build social media profile of various clients/organizations • Mostly reaches younger demographic, organizations & professionals • Facebook • Clear out all controversial photos, status updates, news links from your page • LinkedIn • Keep resume updated • Follow organizations you’re interested in working for