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Websites From G R I 2009

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Websites From G R I 2009

  1. 1. Websites from GRI 2009 – Remodeling costs Electronic Newsletters – Houston Area pc users-tips & advice – real estate bloggers/mentors – Virtual tours – autofill in passwords – allows to you to access your computer remotely – software to share contacts – access your pc remotely – website builder & SEO – SEO – fully customizable website builder – website builder – website builder – – looks for your domain name to help optimize placement on the web- Very cool – web page,drip mail campaigns & lead generator ( – email lists to advertise listings - $35/month Hot spot locator Hot spot Locator – Hot spot locator – Hot Spot Locator computer information site for comparisons – compare smartphones & other technology – Trend Micro Pc-cillin security software - site to compare internet security programs low cost .pdf creator as well as online back up – to purchase/support for all adobe products-Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional – online secure website for backing up data – 10gb for $9.95/ month
  2. 2. online secure website for backing up data- $49.95 for unlimited space – Txt message to add to your listings - txt messages on your listings get software at student rates-must have a student id – free recording software – Under real estate, use the Watch, Listen & Learn – Top 10 tips for taking photos – –domain registry-site submission-thru site – Search engine optimization plus more – Search engine optimization plus more – web sites emblems for car - great agent website in New York Blog websites – Blog websites –Online video for listings – Marketing-branding site
  3. 3. 1000’s of videos on how to do – Free txt/email reminder program – mapping system to add to your website power site for individual listings with individual domain virtual tour site Follow-me electronic receptionist Broadcast txt messages to people that have joined your network track visitors to sites- PODCASTing or – Range of real estate internet services & pulls it all together for you! More sites: - Add-on for Microsoft Outlook – for a single listing on the web –use your own photos to create internet presentation – Take a powerpoint slide show and post as a book on the web – Everyone’s an expert on something-sharing knowledge – Buy redneck gifts – Chat rooms, instant messaging windows on site – Stealth systems add-ons for websites – Capturing images and embedding in email – E-fax or digital answering service – Virtual tour program – Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant Anna’s other site PDF site – Video email messaging – Utility hook up – To purchase insurance for electronics
  4. 4. (to link your social networking together) (podcasting ideas)
  5. 5. - to give a fake number to someone