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  1. 1. FRONT COVER ANALYSISImage: The main image of Eminem iskept very simple demonstrating theoriginality and the importance of thewell-known artist. The main focusesare his tattoos and the chain aroundhis neck. He seems vulnerable andwithout gimmicks in this image andperhaps this is an affect used by thepublication to show the openness ofthe interview with Emineminside, again an exclusive feature.Text: There is no text, or left hand thirdon this cover perhaps to again stressthe honest and clear interview the rapstar. There is text in the backgroundwhich links to the artiststattoos, suggesting whilst being clearand honest he has influenced thechange in codes and conventions ofthe magazine in this particular issue ashe is such a significant star of thisgenre. This stresses the calibre ofartist that this publication can get onthere front cover which again booststhe status of the magazine.
  2. 2. FRONT COVER ANALYSIS Image: The fact that Obama‟s head has been pushed off of the page makes the suggestion about the high status of the magazine, even one of the most important men in the world is „not important‟ enough to grace the entirety of a Vibe front cover. Text: The colours of the American flag are used to show that the magazine is widely recognized by a whole nation. Text takes up the majority of the front cover and the left hand third is very wide. Obama seems to be making an attempt to gain more followers and therefore a lot of the page is taken up by a quote from him. This also boosts the magazines status. Language: The fact that Obama has chose Vibe magazine in which to make his announcement says a lot about the status of the magazine. Obama clearly has the view that Vibe magazine reaches a lot of people and therefore deemed it wise to give an “exclusive” to this publication. Vibe magazine call this specific issue “historical”. Suggesting an issue of there magazine will go down in history can tell us a lot about the high status as well as the calibre of the cover star. And to demonstrate the various contents of their magazine they have a footnote of “+ the best rapper alive revealed”, giving the impression of “and if all this wasn‟t enough..” also the “revealed” suggesting Vibe has all the answers.
  3. 3. Front Cover AnalysisImage: The image of Alex Turner isshowing him in thought, with the Qmasthead overlapping him rather thanhis head being on the top layer. Thisgives the effect of the masthead beinga thought bubble and that the entirefront cover was inspired by histhoughts.Text: There is no left hand third and theonly text is the small anchorage textbelow the main image and the writingover the background. This backgroundis used to reflect Alex Turners extensivecreative thoughts and the show how Qmagazine has the most creative starson its cover.Language: The small amounts of textreveal how exclusive the featuredinterview is “inside Alex Turners head”-Q magazine is the only magazineaccessing this information and it is“exclusive” to its devoted subscribers.