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Computer answer-machine-04

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Computer answer-machine-04

  1. 1. I was sick and tired of the problems that people were always having with our normal phone answering machine. It seemed like such a simple device to operate, but something was always going wrong with it. People were always accidentally erasing calls, the memory was filling up before people got their messages, or every once in a while someone would trip over the cord, unplugging it and losing all the messages. It seemed like we had to replace it every six months anyway, and I was sick of paying the extra costs. I wanted to try something else. That is why I set up a computer answer machine. I had been scared away by computer answering machines in the past. You see, I am a big believer in the principle that, if it isn't broke, you shouldn't fix it. I figured that a computer answer machine would only complicate the process, replacing a good old-fashioned, straightforward device with complex computer programs I didn't really understand. Once I downloaded some computer answering software, however, I realized how easy it was to use. It was a snap to operate. The basic features were set up right away. Learning how to use the more advanced features wasn't very difficult either. The great thing about a computer answer machine was that it had a lot of features the normal answering machines don't. For one thing, I could check my phone messages online. I could be on a computer anywhere and have it automatically alert me, telling me when an incoming phone call had registered. I have several different offices, and also do a lot of my work in a coffee shop, so this is a really helpful feature. There are a lot of business contacts who I don't want to give my cell phone number too, so the computer answer machine lets me keep up-to-date on any messages they send me without having to constantly be on the phone. Of course, computer answer machines require a reliable computer. If you have a computer that frequently crashes, you should probably use something else. Also, if you want your computer answer machine to be useful, you have to make sure that your computer is always on. Even sleep mode can sometimes stop the answering machine from working properly, so you might have to change a few system settings. A lot of people are scared off by this, but it is actually pretty easy and straightforward.