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AJS budget presentation

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Successful retailers have one big thing in common: They all have a marketing plan. And, this marketing plan starts with knowing your budget, understanding your unique selling proposition, and concentrating on those areas which can provide you with the greatest ROI. In this session, we'll review the proper way to build an actual budget, the questions you need to answer prior to that build, and best tactics for acquisition and retention marketing.

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AJS budget presentation

  1. 1. Building a Marketing Budget Ellen Fruchtman, Angie Ash, Shane O’Neill
  2. 2. Once you access the document, go to File and select Download as Excel. Then save to your laptop desktop. Building a Marketing Budget Shareable Link to Budget Template:
  3. 3. Every great budget begins with a few simple rules. RULE #1: Define your marketing goals On paper or on your laptop, right now, write down your top 4-5 marketing goals. Building a Marketing Budget
  4. 4. RULE #2: Determine your annual budget General rule of thumb: 5% - 8% of gross sales Building a Marketing Budget
  5. 5. RULE #3: Review your monthly sales numbers Building a Marketing Budget
  6. 6. Building a Marketing Budget Take the :30 Budget Test
  7. 7. 4-6 points: 5% 7-9 points: 6% 10+ points: 7-8% Building a Marketing Budget What Should Your Budget Be?
  8. 8. RULE #4: Consider your marketing channel options Building a Marketing Budget Facebook Digital Display Retargeting Google Adwords Cable Network TV Satellite Radio Terrestrial Radio Billboards Print Publications Billboards Direct Mail YouTube
  9. 9. RULE #5: Consider what you’ve been doing Building a Marketing Budget
  10. 10. RULE #6: Acquisition and Retention Building a Marketing Budget
  11. 11. Acquisition Items: Diversify. See your customers out where you may not have previously looked. TV Paid Search/Google Adwords Billboard Radio Facebook/Social Advertising Print Events Digital (display/geofencing, etc) Word-of- mouth Sponsorships Building a Marketing Budget
  12. 12. Retention Items: Diversify. See your customers out where you may not have previously looked. TV Paid Search/Google Adwords Billboard Direct Mail Radio Facebook/Social Advertising Print Loyalty Program Events Digital (display/geofencing, etc) Word-of-mouth Sponsorships Email Marketing Building a Marketing Budget
  13. 13. ALLOCATE THE DOLLARS Building a Marketing Budget
  14. 14. RULE #7: Measure. Measure. Measure. Customer Aquisition Costs Cost of Marketing : # New Customers Example: Spend $5,000 on an event that attracted 500 customers. Your CAC is $10* *Have to account for everything that went into that event such as overhead. This is merely your acquisition cost. You have to measure all marketing as it relates to sales and GP! Building a Marketing Budget
  15. 15. RULE #8: Remember, marketing is not an exact science. It requires: Patience Consistency of Message Trial and Error Planning Building a Marketing Budget
  16. 16. Thank you! Building a Marketing Budget Q & A