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Gluten free for the holidays

Learn about how to successfully eat gluten free during the holiday season.

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Gluten free for the holidays

  1. 1. Gluten Free for the Holidays by AnnaLaura Brown
  2. 2. Prepare in advance Shopping lists What events will you be attending? Do you need to contact any event hosts ahead of time? Always keep some gluten free treats on hand to avoid temptation
  3. 3. Gather Recipes Pinterest Gluten free blogs Gluten free fridays Ask for ideas on facebook and twitter Look for facebook pages that focus on gluten free recipes Free kindle books from amazon
  4. 4. Use evernote Use a folder with documents on Google Drive
  5. 5. Create a Shopping List Include items that are on sale from your favorite store Plan meals out ahead of time and base your shopping list around your meals. Visit to get my simple gluten free shopping guide that can help.
  6. 6. Focus on what you can eat Avoid complaining and making a big deal out of what you cannot eat
  7. 7. Plan other activities besides eating Winter Sports Walking Movies Caroling White Elephant Gift Exchange Bowling
  8. 8. Gluten free holiday drinks Eggnog- you can make your own and it will be even better than the store bought kind Apple Cider Hot Chocolate
  9. 9. Gluten Free Holiday Dinner Recipes Stuffing with gluten free bread Mashed Potatoes Cranberries Yams Steamed or Stir Fried Vegetables Turkey or Chicken Fish roasted or Broiled
  10. 10. Gluten Free Holiday Dessert Recipes Cinnamon rolls with gluten free flour Pumpkin bread or muffins with gluten free flour
  11. 11. Tips to avoid giving in to cravings Find other things to do Keep healthy foods you can eat on hand Prepare ahead of time for when you know others will be eating foods that are not gluten free Dark Chocolate
  12. 12. Want Help? 30 Days to A Gluten Free Lifestyle