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Us Bus Utah Presentation and Learn about US Bus Utah Salt Lake City Sightseeing Tours Company.

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Us Bus Utah Presentation

  1. 1. US Bus Utah and
  2. 2. About US Bus Utah Established in 2012 Owner has been in the tour business for over 30 years and run 4 different sightseeing tour companies Salt Lake City’s only hop on hop off sightseeing tour company Main tour season as of right now is May- October
  3. 3. Our main way of making money Hop on hop off sightseeing tours 6-7 runs per day 7 days a week Start and end at the Salt Palace 19 mile loop of Salt Lake City
  4. 4. 2nd Way We Make Money- Private Charters Weddings Parties Bar-Hops Birthdays Family Reunions Private City Tours Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake
  5. 5. Third Way- Double Decker Bus Conversions
  6. 6. Double Deckers as Restaurants
  7. 7. Double Deckers as RVS
  8. 8. Double Deckers as Food Trucks
  9. 9. What We Need and Want: Referrals for anyone looking to open a restaurant, bar or food truck, buy a RV or mobile home. People who have 1 or more rooms in their house on AirBNB or who work at or own a bed and breakfast Travel agents in states other than Utah or other countries Wedding and Event Planners Caterers Birthday party planners or people who do a lot of them- magicians, clowns, party venues etc.
  10. 10. Client Loyalty Program Purchase cards in packs of 10 or more Each card is $30 and is good for 2 people for 2 days Give to your clients or customers as a unique Thank You gift.
  11. 11. We also have ad space available on our buses 1 back 6 feet wide and 13 feet tall 8 side panels- each panel is 8 feet wide and 12 feet tall 2 year contract Email me for a copy of our media kit- Tour route, schedules etc at