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Architecture for the API-enterprise

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What is an API-first enterprise? Where do APIs fit into modern application architecture? Are they just new terms for SOA? Presentation from Apigee's City Tour in Paris 23 June 2016.

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Architecture for the API-enterprise

  1. 1. Architecture for the API-first enterprise Geir Sjurseth, Sales Engineering, Apigee
  2. 2. API CITY TOUR 3 What do we mean by APIs?
  3. 3. API CITY TOUR 4 Monolithic web app Web apps App server Backend services
  4. 4. API CITY TOUR 5 The A in API is for apps Rich clients (Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.) Thin clients (Web Applications) Rich clients (Mobile Apps)
  5. 5. API CITY TOUR 6 App
  6. 6. API CITY TOUR 7 HTTP App Internal External Browser
  7. 7. API CITY TOUR 8 App
  8. 8. API CITY TOUR 9 Modern server-side app • Often runs in an app server • Monolithic presentation and business logic • Hosted in an environment (often a virtualized container) • Increasingly lightweight
  9. 9. API CITY TOUR 10 Backend API App
  10. 10. API CITY TOUR 11 Apps need resources • Databases and storage • Email services • Sometimes integration-based, but increasingly API-based
  11. 11. API CITY TOUR 12 APIs are not SOA++
  12. 12. API CITY TOUR 13 Cloud business services • Database-as-a-Service • Storage-as-a-Service • Email-as-a-Service • MQ-as-a-Service • All are already in widespread use …
  13. 13. API CITY TOUR 14 Internal resources • Many new resource services already are API-based • Developers prefer to use APIs even with the added work of learning APIs versus ESB approaches
  14. 14. API CITY TOUR 15 Mobile API architecture SDK API Device-side app logic Server-side application logic & infrastructure
  15. 15. API CITY TOUR 16 Sometimes apps talk to other apps
  16. 16. API CITY TOUR 17 API Backend API App APIAPI AppApp Internal External Front end
  17. 17. API CITY TOUR 18 App-to-app • API-centric: app developers expose their own APIs and learns others’ APIs • Integration: normalized data interchange • Agility trade-off
  18. 18. API CITY TOUR 19 API Front end Backend API App Partner App 3rd Party App Internal External
  19. 19. API CITY TOUR 20 Okay, we have to talk about microservices
  20. 20. API CITY TOUR 21 Internal API Front end Backend API APIAPI AppApp Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service Service APIs APIs Microservice architecture External
  21. 21. API CITY TOUR 22 Microservices • Components are services, not in-process objects • Allows polyglot programming • Easier to scale component services individually
  22. 22. API CITY TOUR 23 Evolving toward API-first
  23. 23. API CITY TOUR 24 Monolithic web app Web apps App server Backend services
  24. 24. API CITY TOUR 25 API-adapted Web Apps Consumption-focused Web Apps App Server Backend Services Other apps API
  25. 25. API CITY TOUR 26 API-adapted SOA Exposure-focused Web apps App server Internal services Other apps API ESB
  26. 26. API CITY TOUR 27 API-first enterprise Web apps App servers Backend services ESB Mobile apps API tier All apps Security AnalyticsPersistence Orchestration Other apps
  27. 27. API CITY TOUR 28 What comes next?
  28. 28. API CITY TOUR 29 API mass customization App “B” App servers Backend services ESB App “A” API Tter App “C” API “B”API “A” API “C”
  29. 29. API CITY TOUR 30 API tier analytics All channels API Tier All backends All interactions Analytics Correlations Cohorts Conversions Segmentation A/B & multivariate
  30. 30. API CITY TOUR 31 API tier with analytics • API adaptations needed for apps • Enable developers for business • Security for app-to-API • App and behavior analytics • APIs architected for abstraction • Enable developers for API use • Security for API-to-backend • API analytics APIAPI App consumption API exposure App server ServicesApp Analytics
  31. 31. API CITY TOUR 32 Summary • “A” is for Apps • APIs are not SOA++ • Microservices? • How to get to an API-centric architecture
  32. 32. API CITY TOUR 33 Thanks Q&A