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12 reasons to honor dad

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Father's Day

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12 reasons to honor dad

  1. 1. TIME FOR DAD!
  2. 2. Dada.Daddy.Dad.Father.Pops. No matterwhat you call him, themeaning is all thesame. In one simpleword is a powerful andinfluential man inmost peoples lives.Fathers are not just"dads" -- they arecounselors, coaches,advisors and friends.Theres no better timethan Fathers Day tohonor and thank Dadfor the impact heshad on your own life.Here we offer the top 12 reasons to honor Dad this Fathers Day -- and every day.1. He helped you learn to ride a bikeWhen youre a kid, there are some pretty scary lessons to learn. But Dads handon the back of your bike seat made you feel safe, secure and confident enough totry riding without training wheels.He helps you with your finances, even though youre an adultDads are great about doing certain things. Even though you know you shouldhandle things on your own, hes always there for you if you need a hand. There isgreat comfort in having a little help from Dad (even as an adult). Its kind of likethat hand on the back of the bike seat.2. He came to every dance recital, softball game and school function
  3. 3. As they grow, kids all get to the point where theyre embarrassed if parents makean appearance -- especially (gasp!) in front of your friends. Regardless, your dadsupported you through it all and was at every important function you canremember. Looking back, arent you grateful for that?3. He influenced your life in a major wayDad went to ASU, so of course you followed in his footsteps and graduated withhonors. He loves fly-fishing, so you can tie a fly with the best of them. Having aninvolved father means that you want to be just like him. That is perhaps that bestcompliment a father could receive.4. He can give you a "mans perspective" -- and a fathersSeeing something from a different point of view is crucial. When you ask yourfather for advice, you get a two-fer. Not only can he offer a mans perspective, hecan offer his advice from a fathers point of view -- which means he is looking outfor your best interest.5. He taught you how to love by exampleLove is a tough lesson to teach, and one that is taught best by example. Watchingthe way your father treated your mother may not have been something you wereaware when you were 5, 10 or even 20. But many important lessons dont have toinvolve a sit-down listening session while eating gourmet meals. When teachingvalues such as love and respect, Dad led by example, and that makes the biggestdifference.6. He showed you how to change your oil and fix a flatYou can thank dear old Dad for teaching you the practical and essential lessonsthat helped you become an independent adult. But its nice to know that if youneed him, hell still help you change your oil or fix your flat tire.7. He is the first man you learned to trust
  4. 4. Trust is a powerful thing, and as you were growing up, you could always count onDad. Need we say more?8. He provided for you the best he couldWhether you had a brand-new sportscar, sputtered along in an old jalopy orshared a family car at 16, Dad saw that you had wheels to drive, even if heinsisted you get a job to help pay for it.9. He took you to your first ball game, camping trip and Girl Scout meetingLook back on some of your "firsts." Do they include your dad? Yep, we thought so.Dads are the perfect tour guides through some of lifes most exciting andmemorable first experiences.10.He talked to you about the birds and the beesSure, there were some "uncomfortable" moments with Dad, but they were well-intended lessons. And as awkward as they were, arent you thankful for thoseembarrassing heart-to-hearts?11.He knows everything about you -- and loves you for who you areDad knows exactly how you got that scar on your left elbow; he rememberspatching it up and drying your tears. He knows about your first bad grade, yourworst breakup and even the time you lost your job. But he also knows that allthese experiences have made you who you are today -- the person he lovesregardless of your mistakes.12.Hes showing you how to be a great parentWithout even trying, Dad taught you the greatest lesson of all: How to be awonderful parent in your own right. Whether you do things just like him or inyour own special way, he has given you more insight than youll ever need... justby setting an example.