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Blockchain Spain - Andrés Sánchez

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Ledger es un Venture Builder subvencionado por la Comisión Europea que financia hasta 200.000€ proyectos en tecnologías descentralizadas, así como la participación durante 12 meses en un Venture Builder Programme.

La segunda Open Call abrirá en noviembre y seleccionará 16 proyectos que proveen soluciones para ayudar en la devolución del control de los datos a los usuarios y tener un impacto directo y favorable en ellos.

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Blockchain Spain - Andrés Sánchez

  1. 1. Proof of Authority Aura Proof of AuthorityOrganiza Financiando tecnologías descentralizadas para construir un Internet más humano Andrés Sánchez, FundingBox
  2. 2. The Venture Builder for Human Centric Solutions Blockchain Spain II edition Madrid– 22th October 2019 Andres Sánchez Sandaza – Director at FundingBox Communities
  3. 3. ● #FundingGrowth, supporting Startups and SMEs in the growth ● A community of over 22k makers, innovators and entrepreneurs ● Specialists in Cascade funding, Community Building, Tech Transfer ● 60 professionals working around 3 Hubs ● Non-for profit software house based in Amsterdam ● Community of researchers and developers ● 8 years of experience in DLT ● Member of D-CENT, DECODE and PIE News ● Global Open innovation accelerator, Deep tech and Digital ● Community of 60 000 contacts focused on industrial players and covering 24 different vertical business
  4. 4. LEDGER Mission Citizens retain control over their data LEDGER promotes alternative models where data is a common good owned by citizens and wealth created by data-driven platforms is equally distributed.
  5. 5. LEDGER Goal To empower people to solve problems using decentralised technologies such as blockchain, peer to peer or distributed ledger technologies
  6. 6. LEDGER is funding 32 projects building MVPs where privacy by design, open software and data sovereignty are at the core of the proposition
  7. 7. Up to €200k equity free A venture programme of 12 months Researcher in residence & business mentors Access to market and support to raise further investment The Programme
  8. 8. 6 verticals
  9. 9. LEDGER Project Principles 1- Build solutions to concrete problems according to decentralization principles. 2- Requirement for large scale impact in real- life scenarios. 3- Radical innovation balanced with a realistic business validation and sustainability of MVPs. Focus: On advanced and applied research that is linked to relevant use cases and that can be brought quickly to the market
  10. 10. LEDGER Projects iGive2, which decentralises chronic disease management with a community- based human centred platform that motivates healthy living & self-care Food Data Market, an inclusive data marketplace for sustainable food production, equal distribution of gains and digital sovereignty of citizens and farmers eReuse, which extend the life-span of electronic products and ensure final recycling to improve their lives and the environment.
  11. 11. Applicants from 38 Countries
  12. 12. 2nd Open Call 1st November 2019 Join the community to be up to date
  13. 13. Thanks! Andrés Sánchez Sandaza 16 @LedgerEu