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Bqc open sports prelims answers-without_av

  2. 2. RULES • 35 Questions. 1 Point each. • Top 8 Teams in the Final • Scores from the prelims carry over the finals • Questions 16-20 are starred • If teams are still tied, we’ll start with a sudden death tiebreaker starting from Question 1 • We will cycle through the questions twice. • Please switch off all electronic devices. • Good Luck!
  3. 3. QUESTION 1 This former Indian cricketer from Maharashtra was a right-arm fast bowler, who also bowled off-breaks and was a useful batsman. He played more first-class cricket in England than in India. His Ranji career spanned one Trophy match for Bombay in 1951/52, one for Madhya Pradesh in 1954/55 and four for Saurashtra in 1962/63. After an early retirement from cricket, he became a prominent golf player. His father was a club cricketer, president of the Bombay Cricket Association and Vice President of the BCCI. In 1942, while studying in Wilson college, he was arrested in connection with the Quit India movement. Who is this cricketer? (Wankhede regulars will recognize his surname, which will suffice for points)
  4. 4. ANSWER 1 Ramesh Vithaldas 'Buck' Divecha
  5. 5. QUESTION 2 Margaret Ives Abbott was the first American woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal, in the 1900 edition. The event which she won was so poorly organized that she did not realize she’d participated in the Olympics, and spent her whole life thinking she’d won a little tournament in Paris. Name the sport, which is making a comeback in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics?
  6. 6. ANSWER 2 Golf
  7. 7. QUESTION 3 Which famous sporting nickname derives from the Italian for ‘Baby’? (Points only for nickname)
  8. 8. ANSWER 3 Bambino – for George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth
  9. 9. QUESTION 4 The Acorn Stakes, the Coaching Club American Oaks and the Alabama Stakes are horse races held annually in the U.S.A, that are open only to fillies. What evocative name is given to the three of them as a set, as they are the most prestigious of such races?
  10. 10. ANSWER 4 American ‘Triple Tiara’ of Thoroughbred Racing
  11. 11. QUESTION 5 If the cricketers Anthony Allom, Paul Dunkels and Will Jefferson were amongst the contenders to this ‘lofty’ record, who currently holds it?
  12. 12. ANSWER 5 Mohammad Irfan – Tallest ever cricketer
  13. 13. QUESTION 6 Heather McKay (in pic), is considered by many to be the greatest female player in the history of this game, and possibly also Australia's greatest ever sportswoman. (She also played field hockey in spare time well enough to be voted All-Australia in the sport twice) She lost only two matches in her entire career, and was unbeaten in competitive matches from 1962 to 1981, when she retired from active sport. Which sport did she dominate thus?
  14. 14. ANSWER 6 Squash
  15. 15. QUESTION 7 This tennis tournament held in June every year in the Netherlands is one of the few grass court tournaments played around the world, and derives its name from its principal sponsor. Name the tournament.
  16. 16. ANSWER 7 UNICEF Open
  17. 17. QUESTION 8 50 metre rifle three positions, as the name suggests, is an Olympic shooting sport where shots need to be fired by the shooter in three separate positions. Two of the positions are kneeling and standing. The third is a position where the shooter lies flat with the chest down and back up. The word derives from a Latin word which means ‘bent forward, inclined to’. What is the term?
  18. 18. ANSWER 8 Prone position
  19. 19. QUESTION 9 In October 2004, during qualification for the UK Championship, Jamie Burnett became the first snooker player to record what unique and historic achievement in tournament play? He commented: "I didn’t really know how to react afterwards. At first I thought it was no big deal, but then I realised I’d made history.”
  20. 20. ANSWER 9 Break of greater than 147 (He recorded a break of 148)
  21. 21. QUESTION 10 William Henry Ferguson (1880 – 1957) is one of the best known cricket scorers. For 52 years from 1905 until his death, Ferguson acted as the scorer and baggageman for Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa and New Zealand in 43 tours and 208 Test matches. He is often credited with many revolutionary innovations in scoring. One such graphical innovation, is seen very commonly by cricket fans on television. What?
  22. 22. ANSWER 10 Wagon Wheels
  23. 23. QUESTION 11 Which stadium gets its name because the football club that plays here used to play in another stadium (in picture) before it shifted ?
  24. 24. ANSWER 11 Camp Nou (Literally ‘New Field’. FC Barcelona used to play in Camp de les Corts earlier)
  25. 25. QUESTION 12 The Czech Athlete (in pic) set a world record in an event in 1983, which is the longest standing individual world record in Track and Field. Which event was this record set in?
  26. 26. ANSWER 800 m; Jarmila Kratochvilova
  27. 27. QUESTION 13 A common way to distinguish between the winter sports of Luge and Skeleton is based on the configuration of the riders. What is the difference?
  28. 28. ANSWER 13 Luge – Feet first ; Skeleton – Head first
  29. 29. QUESTION 14 Id the sportsperson (play video). What is the nickname given to the national football team?
  30. 30. ANSWER 14 Ellyse Perry; The ‘Matildas’ after ‘Waltzing Matilda’
  31. 31. QUESTION 15 Id this hockey legend. He wears a jersey number of 14 as a tribute to which other sporting great from his country?
  32. 32. ANSWER 15 Teun de Nooijer; as a tribute to Johan Cryuff
  33. 33. QUESTION 16 ** This basketballer was nicknamed X by his friends because he had to bend his head while walking through doorways. When he bought a sprawling estate in the ultra-elite Bel-air neighbourhood in California, he named it Y as a nod to his nickname X. X and Y?
  34. 34. ANSWER 16 X: Big Dipper (Nickname of Wilt Chamberlain) Y: Ursa Major
  35. 35. QUESTION 17** This condition, which is most common among boxers, wrestlers, mixed martial artists and forwards in rugby union, occurs when the external portion of the ear suffers repeated blows, resulting in blood clots. As a result, the outer ear becomes permanently swollen and deformed, resembling a _____________. What is the common name of this condition? (________________ ear)
  36. 36. ANSWER 17*** Cauliflower ear
  37. 37. QUESTION 18** Sussex’s Arthur Watson (1925), West Indies’ Learie Constantine (1928) and Carl Hooper (1992) and Middlesex’s Jim Smith (1939) are believed to be the only four to have done what at the St. Lawrence cricket ground?
  38. 38. ANSWER 18** Hit a six over the tree in the ground
  39. 39. QUESTION 19 What happens after the 0:42 mark in this video? tTCB5sjd-Y
  40. 40. ANSWER 19
  41. 41. ANSWER 19 Courier jumped into the Yarra. (Need Yarra for full points)
  42. 42. QUESTION 20 He was one of the star footballers of the 1900s, losing his best years to the First World War. He had stints with Newcastle, Stoke and Arsenal FC and still holds the record for being Arsenal’s oldest ever outfield player (41). He also managed Stoke for a brief while. His Great Grandson shot to global fame on ‘Super Saturday’ at the London Olympics. Identify him or his grandson. (Second name will do)
  43. 43. ANSWER 20 JOCK RUTHERFORD GREG RUTHERFORD, the Olympic Long Jump champion is his great - grandson
  44. 44. QUESTION 21 The William Hill Sports Book of the Year is an annual British sports literary award sponsored by bookmakers William Hill. The award is dedicated to rewarding excellence in sports writing and was first awarded in 1989. If Lance Armstrong won the 2000 award for "It's not about the Bike", which former US Postal Services rider won the 2012 award for his book “The Secret Race”, an expose on doping in cycling?
  46. 46. QUESTION 22 This Australian athlete was one of the few Olympic Champions from 2012 to make an appearance at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. She was initially declared the winner in the women's 100m but was later disqualified when the English team complained about a false start. She was also a controversial inclusion in the Australian 4x400 relay team despite not having trained for the event. After running the anchor leg, she vomited and collapsed on the track as she wasn't used to running longer distances.
  47. 47. ANSWER 22 SALLY PAERSON ( 110 M World Champion)
  48. 48. QUESTION 23 Due to changes in design regulations in 2012,many F1 teams modified their front wing designs to the ones shown in the image below. What derisive nickname did fans and teams bestow on this design?
  49. 49. ANSWER 23 Platypus Nose
  50. 50. QUESTION 24 This brand was founded by 17-year-old Jacob Golomb in 1910. An avid swimmer, he was dissatisfied with swimsuits of the time that barely lasted a season, and began making suits that he guaranteed would last for a full year. In 1917, a Jack Dempsey approached the company for custom equipment and the rest was history. Brand?
  51. 51. ANSWER 24 EVERLAST
  52. 52. QUESTION 25 After playing for FC Barcelona and Akasvayu Girona, this basketball player (X) was drafted to the NBA by the LA Lakers as a second round draft pick in 2007. However he never played for them as his rights were traded to the Memphis Grizzlies as part of a package that brought his brother (Y) to LA. This is probably the only recorded instance of a player being traded for his brother. Id X and Y for full points.
  53. 53. ANSWER 25 X- Marc Gasol Y- Pau Gasol
  54. 54. QUESTION 26 Beyonce’s Superbowl half-time performance appropriately started with a speech by this legend. Id. v=kKVorba5GLs
  55. 55. “Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is!” “Excellence must be pursued – it must be wooed with all of one’s might and every effort that we have. Each day there is a new encounter. Each week there is a new challenge. In all of the display and in all of the noise and all of the glamour and all of the color and all of the excitement and all of the rings and all of the money, these are the things that only linger in the memory. But the spirit – the will to excel; the will to win, these are the things that endure.”
  56. 56. ANSWER 26 Vince Lombardi
  57. 57. QUESTION 27 This nine-time World Champion rounded off a remarkable career by winning a Gold medal at the X-Games in LA in 2012.
  58. 58. ANSWER 27 Sebastien Loeb, the 9 time WRC champion
  59. 59. QUESTION 28 In which European city would you find this restored match clock, which commemorates one of the most famous matches in the 20th Century played here ?
  60. 60. ANSWER 28 Bern This commemorates the ‘Miracle of Bern’, when West Germany beat a heavily fancied Hungarian side 3-2 in the Final
  61. 61. QUESTION 29 This Amul ad was released after Ramesh Krishnan lead India to the Davis Cup final in 1987 after a win over Australia. Fill in the missing blank
  62. 62. ANSWER 29 Wally Masur
  63. 63. QUESTION 30 This World No.1 made his modeling debut for the Dutch clothing giant ‘G-Star Raw’ in 2010. Identify.
  64. 64. ANSWER 30 Magnus Carlsen
  65. 65. QUESTION 31 At which iconic motorsport circuit did Alex Zanardi win Gold at the Road Cycling event at the 2012 Paralympics?
  67. 67. QUESTION 32 After failing to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, this 26 year old Arjuna award winner decided to put his swimming career on hold and try his hand at Golf. Identify this Bangalore lad, whose uncle is Bollywood actor Boman Irani.
  68. 68. ANSWER 32 Rehan Poncha
  69. 69. QUESTION 33 After moving from Walsall to Swansea on a free transfer in 2003, he made an immediate impact at the club -The Swans lost just five of their final 19 games and avoided relegation from the Football League. He took over as manager in 2007 and helped Swansea climb from the fourth tier to the Championship. He is credited with introducing the patient passing game which has become the Swans' hallmark in recent years. He left for greener pastures in 2009 and was promptly dubbed “El Judas” by the fans He currently manages a side in the English Premier League. Id.
  70. 70. ANSWER 33 Roberto Martinez
  71. 71. QUESTION 34 Derived from the Latin for ‘Boss’, this Paralympic sport is one of three sports that is exclusive to the Paralympics (the rest have Olympic equivalents). Identify.
  72. 72. ANSWER 34 BOCCIA
  73. 73. QUESTION 35 This Bollywood director participated at the 1982 Asian Games in the swimming competition, which helped him bag the rights for this upcoming movie. The subject of the movie lost both his parents in the partition and the title of the movie comes from the last words spoken by his dying father. Id the Director and the Movie.
  74. 74. ANSWER 35 Rakesh Omprakash Mehra Bhaag Milkha Bhaag