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Fast Track Your Content Marketing Plan

  1. ContentMarketingPlan Fast-TrackYour
  2. Mostcompaniesdon’thave
 acontentmarketingplan. Mostcompaniesdon’tsucceed
 withcontentmarketing. You can connect the dots.
  3. Here’sasolidplanforcreatingasolid contentmarketing PLAN. Soundslikea
  4. Theideaisto documentastrategy. Theplanningshallhereby commence.
  5. Establishyourmainobjective. Theobjectiveofourcontentmarketing planisto generate leads establish greater authority build community increase retention Select ONE as your main objective. Add secondary objectives if you plan to measure them. (Your objectives can differ from the examples listed.) . 1
  6. Defineametricforyourobjective. Lead= an email opt-in. Authority = X Community = Y Retention = Z Adjust per your needs and analytics capabilities. . Align each of your objectives to at least one metric.
  7. Document howyou’llkeepscore. Wewillmeasure andrecorditwith every tool Create a list of: • Top objectives • Reporting tactics • Intervals . objective, with metric time interval For example:
 We will measure leads, with opt-ins, 
 and record them with MailChimp reports 
  8. Theplanisbeginningto takeshape. Nextup... targetmarketpersonas.
  9. Createpersonas. 2
  10. Name Job/role Most pressing needs Responsibilities Pains, pleasures Role in decision Influences Media Fillintheblanks. Createafictional customer. *Add and subtract fields as needed. **B2B and B2C personas will differ. ***Create multiple personas as needed. but realistic >
  11. STORY? What’syour We’lldocumentthisnow.
  12. Establishyour uniquevalue
 proposition Why do people do business with you? The answer is probably not the thing you sell. Delve into the who, what, when, where and why 
 and uncover something magical...
 Anemotion. 3
  13. Uniquevalueproposition Afictitiousexample... SayHeyPayDayputsemployers’ mindsateaseknowingthey don’thavetofusswiththe tedioustaskofissuingpaychecks. Note the emotional appeals above. Document your value proposition now.
  14. contentmarketing
 mission 1. Articulate your approach to the content and industry 2. Clearly define whom the content is for 3. State how the content will satisfy the needs of those that consume it (Mission statement definition by Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute) 4 Establishyour
  15. Contentmarketingmission Afictitiousexample... SayHeyPayDaypublishesablog andinformationresourcesfor employersof5-5,000peopleto teachthemwaystocreateahappier
 andmoreproductiveworkplace. Did you cover Joe’s 1, 2, & 3? Document your content marketing mission.
  16. Younailedyourstory.
 willtoo. Writeitalldowninyourfast-evolvingplan. content
  17. Examineyoursalesfunnel. Thetop... Atthetopofyoursalesfunnelastrangerdiscoversyourcompany. You’ve achieved awareness.
  18. In the middle of your sales funnel a prospect demonstrates interest. He or she is doing research. You are challenged to help them with evaluation. Examineyoursalesfunnel. Themiddle...
  19. At the bottom of your sales funnel you are 
 attempting to drive action. Your content should inspire a purchase. Examineyoursalesfunnel. Thebottom...
  20. Here’sanexample. Contenttypesatthreelevels.
  21. Createamatrix. Contenttypesatallthreelevels. Awareness Evaluation Purchase Plug in content types. What do you have? What do you need? Make a buying cycle matrix to cover all the bases. Think big. It’s useful to create a matrix per each customer persona. 5
  22. Youdefinedpotentialcustomers. Youdecidedwhypeopledobusinesswithyou. Youlistedyourcontentproductionneeds. Nowit’stimetosatisfythem. Youstatedyourcontent’spurpose.
  23. Consideryouroptions. • Blogs • Newsletters • Social media • Events • Case studies • Videos • Podcasts • eBooks and white papers • Presentations • Infographics • Webinars • Research reports • Microsites • Apps Popularcontentformats.
  24. Createan editorialcalendar. Get a sample editorial calendar template, which you can download and customize to your team’s specific needs. Courtesy of Content Marketing Institute. 6
  25. Nowyoushouldplanfor distribution. Youwant toamplify yourreach.
  26. “Contentisfire. Socialmediaisgasoline.” ~ Jay Baer, Convince and Convert
  27. Consideryourresources (andofcourse, youraudience) andmakesmartdistributionchoices. • Socialmedianetworks • Advocacyprograms • Email • Search • Paidsearch • Advertising • Sponsoredcontent(onblogsandsocialnetworks) • Guestposts • PR 7
  28. Mapyourpromotionalstrategies. Yourplanisgettingprogressivelypowerful. We’ll promote our blog via 
 (Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook).
 We’ll promote our webinars via our (eNewsletter and PPC ads.) Again, adjust to your needs. ~ Examples ~
  29. Measurewhatmatters. Theobjectivesyou’vedocumentedinform
 themetricsyou’lluse. Make a short list of the most meaningful metrics 
 that indicate your progress and create a 
 simple dashboard for tracking them. 8
  30. Andthat’syour contentmarketing PLAN. Accomplished marketers understand the content marketing plan is the foundation of a successful content marketing program.
  31. StepstoFast-TrackYourContentMarketingPlan Objective(s) Personas Uniquevalueproposition Contentmatrix Editorialcalendar Measurement Measurement Contentmarketingmission Contentdistribution 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8
  32. Wanttobeefupyour contentmarketingplan? Consider adding the following: • Competitive overview • Current metrics • Keyword strategies • Lead capture and lead nurturing ideas • Content sources for subject matter expertise • Roles and responsibilities • Budget(s)
  33. Additionalcontentmarketing planningresources. Just click. This presentation is based on a blog post, “The Content Marketing Plan that Quadruples Your Leads.” http://feldmancreative.com/2014/11/content-marketing-plan-quadruples-leads/
  34. FeldmanCreative Fast-TrackYourPlanWith feldmancreative.com