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10 Facebook Tips For Your Business Page INFOGRAPHIC

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Infographic giving you 10 tips for your business Facebook page. This will help you with setting up your Facebook page, what you should and should not include on your page. How you should go about content, your fans, your brand. It talks about interacting with your audience and what you should share.

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10 Facebook Tips For Your Business Page INFOGRAPHIC

  1. 1. Make sure you add enough contact details to your Facebook header. You should at least include your company URL and email details. Local companies should also include their addresses and phone numbers. So you have a Facebook page, now what? Engage with your audience. Share posts, ask them questions, run polls, competitions. If people offer good suggestions, let them know on the page. Interact and engage with them – these are your fans! Its no secret that Facebook users like images. These are the most common thread when it comes to sharing. Use captivating and stimulating images where you can. This will generate shares, likes and comments. Something every business page wants. Arguably the quickest ways to attract more likes to your business page is by using Facebook’s paid advertising service. You can set up a campaign in minutes, get approved and have likes coming to your page at very reasonable rates. Just watch your audience grow. Make sure your posts have share appeal. Organic likes are great and often these will come from a post or picture that has been shared by others. Use captions like “Please share if you agree” for example above the picture. Share your business page through all your other channels, such as your Google+ page, your Twitter page, your blog etc. Get it out everywhere you can. Put the URL on your business cards too. Sign up to and shorten and track your links. This will give you useful statistics showing you best times to post, geographical data and much more. Also, split test your ads by running multiple versions with different pictures and text to find best results. Use the scheduling tool to set up posts throughout different times of the day. Getting up to post an update to your audience in a different time zone is not really practical so this is where the scheduling tool comes in handy. Take the time to learn about reach, likes, fans, unlikes, impressions, page views, unique page views. Knowing your numbers will help you build a successful business Facebook page. Promotions, offers, sales, discounts codes and competitions are a great way to get some interaction. People love deals, and Facebook is a great way to get the message out about your offers.