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Le Wagon - Bootcamp in Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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Le Wagon brings coding skills to creative people and entrepreneurs. More than a tech accelerator, it's also a great community of talents in Europe.

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Le Wagon - Bootcamp in Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  1. 1. ?So frustrating, I… Have no tech skills to build my ideas Have no autonomy on my projects Can't challenge my team & developers
  2. 2. Le Wagon brings technical skills to creative people
  3. 3. Build your product Land your dream job Re-invent yourself
  4. 4. 1 bootcamp, 9 weeks, 360+ hours of code New skills | New mindset | New opportunities
  5. 5. 300+ challenges | 45+ lectures | 50+ live code Custom tools & pedagogy
  6. 6. Ruby basics, command line & git Software engineering Database & SQL HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap Rails, Heroku Github flow Program outline
  7. 7. 300+ products built by our alumni
  8. 8. 75+ startups raising up to 1.5M
  9. 9. Before Business school student (ESCP) Now Backend developer, Save Alice Clavel
  10. 10. Before Business school student (HEC) Now Seeding 1.2M+ with Kudoz Olivier Xu
  11. 11. Before Business school student (ESSEC) Now Country Operations, Stripe Olivier Godement
  12. 12. They hire our alumni
  13. 13. Europe’s most impressive coding bootcamp
  14. 14. 16 Wagons around the globe
  15. 15. 2 months of tech acceleration An amazing community for life
  16. 16. Made with love by Boris Paillard CEO Romain Paillard COO Sébastien Saunier CTO
  17. 17. One more thing