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15 web tools for administrators

  1. ls to Make Web Too 15 Life Easier Your Director MRVED Assistant ~ Brandon Raymo (Presentation) (List)
  2. Agenda ● ● ● ● See and hear about the tools Time to explore and try Ask questions Share your own tools
  3. Note ● Not all the tools will be for you! ● Some tools require registration ● Some tools may not be new to you.
  4. List ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Screencast-o-matic Diigo WeVideo TubeChop Print What You Like Infuse Learning Jing ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Livebinders Jog the Web IFTTT Google Analytics StickIt Join.Me Feedly
  5. Your Staff ourself and Protect Y
  6. Computer Only -o-Matic creencast 1. S
  7. hat is it? W ● ● ● ● Screen recorder Free 15 minutes of record time Records anything on your screen with voice over.
  8. s it work? How doe ● Press "Start Recording" ● Might have to install a plug-in ● Only works to record on computer (not iPad) ● Can install the program to run from your Start menu.
  9. now what? recorded, e I'v ● Personal preference: Put videos on YouTube ○ You can do it automatically after recording, or save as a file and upload on your own. ● You can also save the file and post on a website and not upload to YouTube or Screencast-o-matic.
  10. tional Uses Educa ● Record: ○ ○ ○ ○ Lessons Directions Feedback Newsletter
  11. Example
  12. hat to Do W Record Microphone & Sound Level Size of screen recording Show your webcam Close recording
  13. Recording After
  14. ploading U
  15. rainstorm B ● How can you use SCOM in your work? Room Number: 7008
  16. Computer & iPad 2. Diigo
  17. hat is it? W ● Social bookmarking website ● Access your bookmarks from anywhere with an internet connection ● Share bookmarks ● Access other people's bookmarks ● Join a network and have bookmarks sent to your email inbox
  18. Benefits ● Easily access your bookmarks anywhere. ● Bookmarks are not tied to a specific computer. ● Organization of websites. ● Easily share your specific bookmarks with people. ● Another stream of information.
  19. s it work? How doe ● Depending on which browser you use, install the bookmarklet or extension.
  20. ● Once bookmarked, it goes to your page.
  21. Examples ● Brandon's Bookmarks ● Brandon's Tech Tools Bookmarks ● Brandon's Social Studies Bookmarks
  22. d Foosball iPa
  23. Computer & iPad 3. IFTTT
  24. hat is it? W ● If This Then That ● Example: ○ If you favorite something on Twitter then send it to Evernote. ○ If it is raining send me a text. ○ Every day at 8:30 send a text that says _______.
  25. Benefits ● Automatically do tasks for you. ● You don't have to go to multiple places to do tasks. ● Set timed tasks.
  26. tional Uses Educa ● Parents can sign up to receive a text when you post to your blog. ● If the forecast calls for snow tomorrow, send a Tweet, Facebook, Blog Post, Email out to remind students to bring boots.
  27. y Advice M ● IFTTT is a service for the person that uses multiple online services in their classroom. ● Try it, even if you don't fully understand it. ○ If it is too much, try Google Alerts.
  28. Computer Only . Stickit 4
  29. hat is it? W ● Sticky notes for your computer
  30. Benefits
  31. y Advice M ● Requires a quick install. ○ Does not work on a Chromebook ■ There is a Chrome app for that. ● Easy to do. ● Eliminates clutter! ● Try it!
  32. n the Go? Always o
  33. Computer Only ubeChop 5. T
  34. hat is it? W ● Trim YouTube videos down to only the clip you want to show. ● Example
  35. Benefits ● ● ● ● Jump directly to the clip you wish to show. Link can be posted on a website. No advertisements Quick!
  36. Activity ● What has been your favorite web tool shared so far? Room Number: 7008
  37. Computer Only 6. Jing
  38. hat is it? W ● Screenshot and Screen recording tool. ● Free ● Do offer a paid version with more features.
  39. Benefits ● ● ● ● Free Quick Easy Annotate
  40. tional Uses Educa ● Create snapshots of websites with directions for your students. ● Provide specific feedback on students computer projects.
  41. Ice Cream? ealing Your omeone St S
  42. Computer Only 7. Vid
  43. hat is it? W ● Take notes while watching a video ● Notes are synchronized to the video ● Integrates with Google Drive
  44. tional Use ts & Educa fi Bene ● Able to save notes during the video in the correct spot in the video. ● Can be used effectively in a flipped classroom environment. ● Use it yourself to bookmark spots in a video you wish to show in class.
  45. Computer & iPad . Feedly 8
  46. hat is it? W ● RSS Aggregator ○ Collects news stories, blog posts, Twitter feeds, etc...
  47. Benefits
  48. Benefits
  49. Benefits ● Saves you LOTS of time. ● No need to check websites or blogs to see if they are updated. ● Everything in one spot!
  50. tional Uses Educa ● Use it to follow multiple blogs within your grade level or content area. ● Gather news. ● Students can use it to get updates from teacher blogs.
  51. r Charger Sola
  52. Computer & iPad reenleap & Sc 9. Joi
  53. hat is it? W ● Remotely see and control another person's computer. ● Chrome Remote Desktop is another example if you use the Google Chrome web browser.
  54. Benefits ● If you need help, someone can easily tap into your computer to help you. ● Different software on computers ○ Still can show someone what you have been working on.
  55. tional Uses Educa ● Students can use it to help one another if they struggle with something on the computer. ● Can have a student show their screen from their desk without having to log in to your computer.
  56. Computer Only t You Like Print Wha 10.
  57. hat is it? W ● Easily and effortlessly delete any part of a website for printing.
  58. Benefits ● Delete unwanted advertisements, graphics, or comments from a page. ● Saves paper!
  59. ike Stamps Like/Disl
  60. Computer & iPad Analytics 1. Google 1
  61. hat is it? W ● Allows you to track visits to your website or blog and see how people are interacting with your site.
  62. tional Uses ts & Educa fi Bene ● See if parents and/or students are really accessing your site. ○ If they are accessing your site, how are the interacting with your site? ● Integrates easily with Google Sites and Blogger.
  63. Computer & iPad ebinders & & 13. Liv 12 The Web Jog
  64. hat is it? W ● Collect and organize your resources. ● Add documents, links, and images.
  65. Benefits ● Organize resources by topic or chapter. ● Saves time for subsequent years. ● Everything in one spot. Livebinder Example Jog The Web Example
  66. Computer & iPad WeVideo 14.
  67. hat is it? W ● Online video editing platform.
  68. Benefits ● Editable on any device, anywhere
  69. tional Uses Educa ● Easily create and share videos from class events. ● Have students create videos. ● Used in a flipped classroom. ● Integrates with Google.
  70. Computer & iPad 5. 1
  71. hat is it? W ● URL Shortener
  72. Benefits ● Get people to where they need to go quicker. ● Track clicks
  73. f the Rest Best o
  74. ● Mint ● How to Search Google ○ ● ● ● ● ● ● CakeHealth PackageTrackr Metta Crocdoc Edcanvas The Mad Video ● ● ● ● QR Code Generator Socrative Infuse Learning
  75. Need to oda Cold? eep That S K