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Identifying and Analyzing a target audience with Analytics

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Boyana Staneva, Brandwatch

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Identifying and Analyzing a target audience with Analytics

  1. 1. #NYKLondon Identifying and analyzing a target audience with Analytics Use social Intelligence to Grow Your Business
  2. 2. #NYKLondon Session Agenda • The Business Case • The Use of Brandwatch Analytics • A Practical Example • Best Practices
  3. 3. #NYKLondon The Business Case
  4. 4. #NYKLondon Find Clients for your new products When Launching a new product or service for example, this can help you: • Find a list of potential new customers. For example – Pet owners who are interested in pet insurance. – Baking lovers, who watch the Great British Bake-off. – Football fans, who are looking for a new internet provider. • Create marketing content that is relevant to them.
  5. 5. #NYKLondon • Draw information in a matter of hours – No surveys to conduct – No focus groups to conduct – A virtually non-existent wait time • Know that your data is relevant and real time. Get Social Intelligence Fast
  6. 6. #NYKLondon Use Social Intelligence to Drive Business Growth • Shift from using social media intelligence as a monitoring tool, to a weapon of business intelligence. • Leverage the power of social media intelligence to reach your customers. • Use social media intelligence to find new customers and approach them the right way.
  7. 7. #NYKLondon Brandwatc h Analytics Comes in
  8. 8. #NYKLondon We’re launching a new product targeted at professionals who work in rough surfaces, such as: – Construction Workers – Welders – Electricians – Mechanics – Plumbers It would be nice to be able to find a list of these professionals’ twitter handles. And to know which type of content would be most effective for turning them into customers. If we were launching a new product...
  9. 9. #NYKLondon Analytics Methodology
  10. 10. #NYKLondon Finding your authors
  11. 11. #NYKLondon Extracting your authors
  12. 12. #NYKLondon Tracking those authors conversations
  13. 13. #NYKLondon Real Use Case
  14. 14. #NYKLondon • Launching a new Service to link up expats • Targeted only at English speakers • Software is ready to go… we need to find 200 expats to send pilot invitation to. Finding the Audience
  15. 15. #NYKLondon Applying the methodology
  16. 16. #NYKLondon Getting the data
  17. 17. #NYKLondon Backfill for a year
  18. 18. #NYKLondon A Bit of QA
  19. 19. #NYKLondon Evaluate Unique Authors
  20. 20. #NYKLondon How to find out what they talk about
  21. 21. #NYKLondon A recap
  22. 22. #NYKLondon A recap
  23. 23. #NYKLondon A recap
  24. 24. #NYKLondon How to find relevant content • We now have a list of expats to invite. • We now have a query that effectively tracks down EVERYTHING that these expats post on Twitter. • We can use Brandwatch Analytics to find marketing content that is relevant and appealing to them by using a few different dashboard components: – Twitter Insights – Topics Cloud – Entities (top hashtags, individuals, organisations)
  25. 25. #NYKLondon Topics Component
  26. 26. #NYKLondon Entities Component
  27. 27. #NYKLondon Twitter Insights
  28. 28. #NYKLondon Best Practices
  29. 29. #NYKLondon What to look out for • Watch out for sarcasm • Choosing authors who have posted few times about their profession or status • Exclude retweets (NOT raw: “RT @”) when trying to find your target population.
  30. 30. #NYKLondon Now You Know