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Poetic devices

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iBook for English. Poetic devices, definitions, blackout poetry, etc.

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Poetic devices

  1. 1. Lorem IpsumBook Title
  2. 2. Breann’s Poetry Book1
  3. 3. Definitions1. speaker - A person who delivers aspeech or lecture2. diction - The choice and use of wordsand phrases in speech or writing3. imagery - Visually descriptive or figura-tive language4. allusion - An expression designed to callsomething to mind without mentioning itexplicitly; an indirect or passing reference.5. simile - A figure of speech involving thecomparison of one thing with another thingof a different kind2
  4. 4. 6. personification - The attribution of a per-sonal nature or human characteristics7. metaphor - A figure of speech in whicha word or phrase is applied to an object oraction to which it is not literally applicable.8. refrain - A repeated line or number oflines in a poem or song, typically at theend of each verse9. symbol - Something that represents orstands for something else, esp. a materialobject representing something abstract.10. stanza - A group of lines forming thebasic recurring metrical unit in a poemsuch as a verse.3
  5. 5. Black Out PoetryBlack out poetry is when you find astory in a newspaper and cross out linesso the words that aren’t crossed outmake a story of your own.4
  6. 6. 5
  7. 7. Haikusitting in your roomlistening to the musica place to relax6
  8. 8. I AM PoemI am energetic and niceI wonder why people are so quick to judgeothersI hear people talkingI see peopleI want a baby brotherI am energetic and niceI pretend I am happyI feel sad for people that have nothingI touch the floorI worry about losing the people I loveI cry when I lose something I care aboutI am energetic and niceI understand why life is how it isI say always be yourselfI dream about lifeI try to be happyI hope I get tallerI am energetic and nice7
  9. 9. Songs for Poetry8
  10. 10. SonnettA poem of fourteen lines using anyof a number of formal rhymeschemes, in English typically havingten syllables per line.9
  11. 11. Italian Shakespearianboth14 lines both withrhyme schemesdivided intotwo sections bytwo different groupsof rhyming soundshas the sim-plest and mostflexible patternfirst 8 lines iscalled the octaveand rhymesboth iambicpentameter3 quatrains ofalternating rhymeand a couplet
  12. 12. 11During the summertime every year,all of the students get out of schoolthe sun comes out and begins to shinethe air gets warmer and the days get betterthe nights get longer and friends come togetherpeople lay outside and try to get a taneveryone no longer wear jeans and long sleevesshorts and tank tops come back into stylegoing to the pool, swimming, hanging with friendsgoing to the lake, boating, fishinggoing on vacations around the worldspending time with your family and friendsno stress, just a time to lie back and relaxeverybody enjoys summertime
  13. 13. Concrete PoemConcrete poetry or shape poetry is poetryin which the typographical arrangement ofwords is as important in conveying the in-tended effect as the conventional elementsof the poem, such as meaning of words,rhythm, rhyme and so on.12
  14. 14. Acrostic PoemSuns shiningUnder the sun all dayMany friends aroundMemories last foreverEverybody loves itRelaxing all day13
  15. 15. Free Verse & Parody PoemFree Verse definition: Poetry that does notrhyme or have a regular meter.Example: Summer is when the school yearends and the sun starts to shine.Parody definition: An imitative work cre-ated to mock, comment on or trivialize anoriginal work, its subject, author, style, orsome other target, by means of satiric orironic imitation.Example (Parody of the Cat in the Hat):the sun shone through the was too nice out to be in we played outsideall that warm, warm, nice day.i ran around with friends.we played games, all 5 of us.and i said, how glad iam that we didn’t go to school today!too nice to be insideand too nice to do we sat outside.we played all day.Ode definition: A lyric poem in the form ofan address to a particular subject, oftenelevated in style or manner and written invaried or irregular meter / a poem meant tobe sung.14