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unWired Nov 2013

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unWired is MarketSimplified's monthly newsletter covering the latest accomplishments in Mobile. Don't miss out on the articles of the month and engage with Market Simplified to develop leading edge mobile apps. Click here to Read:

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unWired Nov 2013

  1. 1. UNWired P1 Spotlight Mobile app playing a role of an intelligent friend P3 Product Showcase Virtual Brokers goes live with Mobile Application NOV 2013 P3 Insight Simplify Money Management with Mobile Mobile app playing a role of an intelligent friend “A mobile without SMART apps is like a body without a soul.” A Mobile is your Best Companion in the new era. This is a universal idea that transcends all ages and geographies. Ever since mobile phones were invented in modern civilization, human beings have been using mobiles to share their emotions and their experiences, their fears and their joys, and to advance knowledge. We tried ‘introducing the best user experience’ to people in the financial world and the results were amazing. Now, we envision world at large to benefit from a smart phone app that is SMART. CONT…
  2. 2. Mobile app playing a role of an intelligent friend Today, mobile has automated every aspect of our lives. Mobile apps are now guiding where to shop, telling us when & where to travel and also educating individuals of all ages. Using the ability of a smarter mobile app giving you intelligent analytics to monetize at every step of your spend cycle and also guiding you to reach your financial milestones is a compelling need today. Commercial venues where individuals use muscle of mobility are shown below; Source: 2013 Mobile Growth Statistics| Supermonitoring We live in a “Truly Mobile Era”, Can a smart mobile app act as an intelligent companion? Click Here to Express your Opinion
  3. 3. Virtual Brokers choose Market Simplified Stay connected to the market and accounts with Virtual Brokers stateof-the-art Power Trader Mobile Apps. It is user-friendly, fast, secure and reliable. Designed & Developed by Market Simplified SmartDecisions. Simplified Mobile applications and sites can be marvelous means for spending your money more prudently. With growing sophistication among money tools, track spending & savings, investigate product quality, store coupons & loyalty cards, scan bar codes, geo locate nearest store & offer and many more. Can you imagine all of these in one single mobile app that simplifies the way you manage money? COMING SOON FROM MARKET SIMPLIFIED
  4. 4. Share your Idea Contribute your ideas to transform the way we Spend Smart & Save Smart with a mobile app. We invite you to share your ideas here to make it better. NEXT ISSSUE: CONNECT WITH MARKET SIMPLIFIED ON Linked-in | Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus | Pinterest - Stay smart with your money - Automate your everyday financial events gomobi l e@marketsi mpli fi | + 91 044 3090 3090 | W W W .MARKETSIMPLIFIED.C OM