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Thesis Defense Presentation

  1. Strong intermolecular interaction
  2. Very low vapor pressures
  3. Easy to recycle due to phase separation
  4. Can be modified for specific properties by changing cation or anion combination
  5. Low vapor pressure solvent: Easily contained & recovered
  6. Excellent solvent for dissolution of cellulose in monohydrate form
  7. Environmentally friendly UN award for green process
  8. Initial reaction rates are higher in cellulose suspended and AA buffered solutions
  9. Higher cellulose loadings could not be prepared in batch method mixing
  10. Higher cellulose solutions produced a gelatin-like formation  Poor mixing
  11. The enzyme active site extends over 3 glucose monomer links
  12. This allows for multiple breaks per a single absorption
  13. Long duration increases equipment cost
  14. Also occurred in extruder
  15. One order of magnitude increase in hydroxide ion concentrations
  16. According to Genencor, the recommended pH range for AcceleraseTM 1000 is 4.8 to 5.2.
  17. Sometime between 12 and 24 hours, high pH may cause inactivation of the enzymes
  18. Some inhibition occurs
  19. May be due to an increase in ion release during the reaction causing enzyme deactivation earlier
  20. If only the substrate inhibited enzyme activity
  21. Particulate matter was seen settling on the base of the sample vial in higher Cellulose Loading samples
  22. Reducing sugar yield does not plateau
  23. High reducing sugar yields produced

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  1. The first step is to develop an assay to see if sugars are released. Started of by miller in 1959.