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An Intelligent Decision | Case Study: Mahindra Finance

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Suresh Shanmugam, Head, Business Information Technology
Solutions, MMFSL opted for 1KEY Business Intelligence (BI) solution to take care of the vast data needs of the Rs 15,000 cr group.

An excerpts from the interview by N. Geetha, Executive Editor, ITNext and published in October 2011 issue by 9Dot9 Media

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An Intelligent Decision | Case Study: Mahindra Finance

  1. 1. BI | COVER STORYEnlighteningWITH Intelligence IT managers grapple with the challenges of empowering their organisations through business intelligence solutions BY N GEE TH A I MAGI NG BY ANI L T O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1 | ITNEXT 15
  2. 2. COVER STORY | BI CASE STUDY: MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD Decision Suresh Shanmugam, Head, Business Information Technology Solutions, MMFSL opted for a Business Intelligence solution to take care of the vast data needs of the Rs 15,000 cr group F inancial services organisation, Rs 15,000 crore group Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Ltd (MMFSL), which deals with over 10,00,000 customers has increasingly leveraged IT to drive operational efficiency. The growth expansion created a need for improving performance at the business level, which enabled the management to meet the future targets. This provoked Suresh Shanmugam, Head, Business Information Technology Solutions, MMFSL, to review a comprehensive BI (Business Intelligence) solution that helped to analyse business, improve data collection and performance and meet future targets. “BI is supposed to project a clear picture, to define the PH OTO G RAPH Y: J ITE N GAN DHI corporate strategy and drive i profitability for the company” m —Suresh Shanmugam, Head, Business Information Technology Solutions, MMFSL26 ITNEXT | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1
  3. 3. BI | COVER STORYNeed for BI within the team as well as across zonal teams, which wasIncreased transactions required MIS reporting and data hitherto done based on backdated information.analysis solution, which generated and scheduled reports,helping the management track the performance and day- Creating a PoCto-day operations. BI was considered an appropriate tool to Before developing a proof of concept (PoC), the initial chal-draw the required information to be observed in real time. lenge for the team was to rope in the top management intoThis is expected to help in bringing productivity gains. the BI arena. “As this was a Greenfield project, both the busi- ness users as well as the development team did not have anChallenges idea of what the end product would look like,”The challenges were immense for Shanmugam, as the top The management was not convinced about investing inmanagement’s expectations were huge. BI was supposed to technology during such cash crunch times. The IT teamproject a clear picture, to define the corporate strategy and took a decision to do a PoC to generate reports from variousdrive profitability for the company. “The top management businesses and back-office applications, which could helpunderstands that data they received through the system understand the data in terms of sales collection. The outcomewould enable them to understand the market pulse, identify of this had positive impact on the management.strengths and weaknesses, while measuring the progressof the company from time to time,” says Shanmugam. An Implementation Planautomated email was of prime importance. While the Implementing 1KEY BI was done with certain objec-IT team had initiated a SMS solution, this was tives in mind, which included, providing busi-restricted to providing summary and not ness users with clear opportunities to improvedetails. The details were sought as part of their business performance through infor-spreadsheet driven reports. mation delivery. The information was reflective of the business communities’Selection Process processes and their outcomes; and pro-This was the toughest of all tasks for productivity vide appropriate levels of formatting,the IT head, as BI as a technology is timeliness, history, detail and quality asstill in the nascent stages. The market is increase at the per project specifications.invaded by a plethora of solutions, each business user As per the plan, we hired twovendor vouching to have the best solution. level due to BI’s professionals, one with technical knowledgeAfter a detailed evaluation process, MMFSLwent ahead to deploy 1KEY Scheduler and multi- user-friendly theto implement, and another to impart training to business users and IT software group. Duringdimensional data analysis tool from MAIA, pri- interface the implementation process, certain reports’marily for its mass mailing feature. According requirements got easily resolved, while a few wereto Shanmugam, the automated mailing system complex and time consuming. It was done in a phasedadded predictability to the AIS (Automated Identi- manner to observe the impact and consequences therefication System) environment. of. The project team delivered the best through 1KEY Scheduler where mass mailing was made possible toProduct Evaluation Criteria convert the information into reports.Budget not being a constraint for MMFSL, theamount allocated for BI was to the tune of Rs 50 lakh. Business BenefitsShanmugam and team based their evaluation around ser- According to Shanmugam, the success of existing 1KEYvice level capabilities of the vendor, extent of customisation BI implementation boosted their confidence to procure therequired, security features, technology fit, performance, newly launched 1KEY Touch, an interactive dashboardnumber of installations, existing customer reference, cost, based on the RIA (Rich Internet Application) and services of the vendor, flexibility, scalability, Implementation of 1KEY has resulted in 30 to 35 per centmigration capabilities to another platform and hardware productivity improvement at the IT level in terms of meetingand software requirements. the users’ reporting analysis needs. “We observed 20-25 per cent productivity increase at the business user level due toWhy 1KEY user-friendly interface of the solutions and its capabilityWe found the 1KEY Touch BI tool possessed the ability to provide on-the-fly ad hoc reporting analysis”, saysto create a single dashboard using reports from disparate Shanmugam. Some of the other advantages that MMFSLsystems, which is an added advantage, besides other speci- saw were faster decision-making owing to the interactivefied prerequisites. The business agility feature enabled the graphics, gauges and filters and deeper insights into theoperational managers to monitor the productivity on real- business user pay out scenarios. Shanmugam intends totime basis and make tactical decisions on resource allocation implement BI at the finance level now. O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1 | ITNEXT 27