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The HE Bulletin will inform you of opportunities available to you as a HE student and will...
2 Air Your Views and Speak
opportunities for
HE students
Student Representatives
Being a S...
What are they?
HE Student Surveys are designed to capture your
feedback about your exp...
4 Air Your Views and Speak
RESOURCES for HE students:
The Library has invested...
RESOURCES for HE students:
BLACKBOARD and workshops
Bridgwater College is pleased to announce a series of HEADstart Skil...
6 Air Your Views and Speak
Our annual graduation saw over 1...
The guest speaker and award presenter was Mr Paul
Inman, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University,
which is one ...
8 Air Your Views and Speak
Early Years students visit
China on a trip of a lifetime
Six st...
Art and Design students raise
money for alzheimer’s charity
Bridgwater College art students attended a charity book laun...
10 Air Your Views and Speak
Former motorsport student
secures Bentley placement
A former M...
Your feedback is vital in helping us improve how we work with you to provide the best
experience ...
12 Air Your Views and Speak
air your views and SPEAK OUT...
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He Bulletin Autumn 2012

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He Bulletin Autumn 2012

  1. 1. HE BULLETIN AUTUMN EDITION 2012 The HE Bulletin will inform you of opportunities available to you as a HE student and will celebrate some of your peer’s success stories. If you are studying your first term of higher education, we hope you are settling in well, but if you are a second, third or fourth year student, welcome back! CONTENTS Page 2 Opportunities for HE students Page 3 HE Student Surveys Page 4 - 5 Resources for HE students Page 6 - 7 Gowns and Mortar Boards Donned Page 8 Early Years students visit China Page 9 Art students raise money for Alzheimer’s UK Page 10 Motorsport student secures Bentley placement Page 11 You Said We Did Page 12 HE Students, Air Your Views and Speak Out
  2. 2. 2 Air Your Views and Speak opportunities for HE students Student Representatives Being a Student Rep is a great opportunity, one that is recognised by staff throughout the College and is also a great addition to your CV. A Student Rep provides qualitative feedback to staff throughout the year helping to ensure we are providing the best possible HE experience to our students and the courses are meeting the needs of those studying them. What does being a ‘Student Rep’ involve? Meetings: You will be required to attend all relevant programme team meetings and discuss your report with staff who teach on them, advising of any causes for concern. Reports: You will be asked to submit a feedback report for each meeting. The report is based on the feedback gathered from your fellow students and will reflect both your and their views. Feedback: After meetings, you will feedback to your fellow students advising of what happened and of any developments. Liaise: Student Representatives will liaise with members of staff within their programme team on an informal basis. Student Reps are also intended to act as a focus for feedback from students to the universities and where applicable, the Students’ Union on issues related to academic provision. If you would like to discuss this further, please call Jason Gunningham, Section Leader for Sports and Services on 01278 441853 or email Sports Internships Ask yourself the following questions? • Do you enjoy sport? • Do you want to work within the Sports Academy or Sports Enrichment programme? • Could you mentor and lead young people and be part of a Student Management team? • Would you like to gain coaching qualifications? From September 2012 we’re looking to recruit HE students to experience a Sport Internship to support our Sports Academy and enrichment provision. We also have opportunities to work within our Health and Fitness Suite and to help co-ordinate our College sports leadership, volunteering and officiating programmes, and lead a Student Management team. You don’t have to be studying a sports course at College, but you do need to have a keen interest in sport and in helping young people. Your responsibilities could include assisting Sports Academy Directors, supervising activities, officiating, coaching and leading students. This Internship will provide you with transferable skills and excellent work experience for your CV. You’ll have the opportunity to gain professional coaching qualifications, work alongside experienced staff and have the opportunity to work in a fast paced Sports section. If you are interested in becoming a Student Representative please discuss the opportunity with your Programme Manager.
  3. 3. HE STUDENT SURVEYs 2012/13 BE HEARD What are they? HE Student Surveys are designed to capture your feedback about your experiences as a HE student. There are a variety of surveys including the NSS (National Student Survey for final year students), the College’s own HE Student Survey and various others run by our partner universities. Why will I be asked to complete a survey? A big part of the HE experience is the opportunity you have to give full and frank feedback about your experiences. Student feedback is vital to ensuring we are providing students with the best possible experience of higher education. Your feedback allows us to continually improve the individual components that make up your programme and overall experience at College. It allows the College to find out where improvements need to be made and also, what we are doing right! Feedback isn’t just about what we can do for the future; it’s about what we can do for you! By giving us your feedback throughout the year it enables us to not only implement changes but implement them during the current academic year, improving your experience. When and how? The surveys are quick and simple to complete and normally in an electronic format. Most surveys start in the Spring term but you will be contacted when surveys relevant to you are open for completion. There is support available to complete all surveys and this is available via: • LRC – The LRC staff are extremely supportive in helping you complete surveys and will locate or book a computer for you at your convenience. • Groups – There will be opportunities to access computers and support to help you access your survey in pre-booked sessions that will be advertised during the Spring term. • Tutorials – Programme Managers can use tutorials for you to complete your survey. You can liaise with your Programme Manager about when this will be taking place.
  4. 4. 4 Air Your Views and Speak RESOURCES for HE students: E-resources The Library has invested heavily in quality assured e-Resources for all our students and these freely available resources will be of particular interest to you as an HE student. In addition to the resources available through your partner HE institutions such as Bournemouth University, Plymouth University and Oxford Brookes there are some great online resources available to you through Blackboard (our Virtual Learning Environment) at the click of a button! Virginia Power, Resources & eLearning Manager has picked some of her favourite resources that will be useful for your studies; for more information and support please contact the HEADstart team via marking your email HEADstart in the subject line. Issues Online Why spend hours trawling the web when Issues Online provides articles, statistics, videos, e-books and links, right at your fingertips? The articles and statistics you’ll find on Issues Online are from a variety of different sources: newspapers, charity groups, Government reports, blogs, magazines, etc. Make sure you bear in mind the origin of the text you are reading, and think about why someone might have written it. Is an opinion being expressed? Do you agree with the writer? Is there potential bias to the ‘facts’ or statistics offered? At the end of each article you will find its source, and a web address that you can visit to carry out further research. New for September 2012: recently updated topics will now be accompanied by full-colour e-books that you can view on your computer. You will also find, for new topics, multimedia tabs that allow you to view recommended videos from charity groups, YouTube, etc Academic Search Elite Academic institutions worldwide depend on this database as their core resource of scholarly information. Nearly 150 journals have PDF images dating back to 1985. The database includes PDF images for the great majority of journals; many of these PDFs are native (searchable) or scanned-in-colour. Academic Search Elite is a scholarly collection offering full-text coverage of information in many areas of academic study including: animal science, anthropology, astronomy, biology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, ethnic and multicultural studies, food science and technology, geography, geology, law, materials science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, music, pharmaceutical sciences, physics, psychology, religion and theology, veterinary science, women’s studies, zoology and many other fields. With full text for more than 2,100 journals, 1,700 of which are peer- reviewed, this database will become the first point of call for all students seeking high quality information. Intered Intered is a unique online resource providing lesson plan ideas, news, reports and features for teachers and education professionals working in early years, primary and secondary education. JISC MediaHub JISC MediaHub is a multimedia platform offering a wealth of digital image, video and audio collections accessible from a single interface. The new platform offers access to free-at-the-point-of-use images, video and audio content licensed for educational and research use, via an easy-to-use interface, cross-searching across all the collections and the ability to source content from a wide range of content-providers through a thumbnail and search portal. From child development to computer systems there is something for everyone!
  5. 5. 5 RESOURCES for HE students: BLACKBOARD and workshops Bridgwater College is pleased to announce a series of HEADstart Skills Seminars for our HE students run by the Library HEADstart team. This term (Autumn 2012) we are offering sessions on Blackboard Basics (our Virtual Learning Environment), Referencing Essentials and an Introduction to e-Resources. Sessions take place at various times and days of the week at both Bridgwater and Cannington Centres and last for approximately 45 minutes. The seminars are highly participative – a typical session will involve an introduction by the HEADstart team followed by an opportunity to explore a particular task or search, with expert advice and guidance on hand. You will learn from other participants as well as from the session leader – most students report that they find the sessions useful, interesting and enjoyable. Participation in HEADstart Skills Seminars will give you that extra confidence in your assignment preparation and research. If you need further help or want more information contact Virginia Power, Resources and eLearning Manager at GEt a Headstart - Free Workshops We have a new site on Blackboard which contains policies and procedures relevant to you as a HE student. This is key to supporting your time here as a Bridgwater College student. There is a variety of information which is being added to this year and includes policies, procedures and other general information relating to the College and your partner University if applicable. We hope this will be a useful point of reference and are keen to hear if you think this can be improved upon in any way. If you would like to provide feedback on this resource please email The site is called ‘HE Information’ and is available on your Blackboard homepage. DECEMBER TIME WORKSHOP LOCATION Monday 3 12.30pm – 1.15pm Referencing Essentials CPD Suite - Library Tuesday 4 4.45pm – 5.30pm Intro to e-Resources CPD Suite - Library Thursday 13 4.45pm – 5.30pm Intro to e-Resources CPD Suite - Library DECEMBER TIME WORKSHOP LOCATION Wednesday 5 4.45pm – 5.30pm Blackboard Basics LRC IT Room Wednesday 12 4.45pm – 5.30pm Intro to e-Resources LRC IT Room PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS FOR HE STUDENTS Bridgwater Centre Cannington Centre BOOK A HEADSTART WORKSHOP… Log in to Blackboard, select LRC pages, go to the HE students tab and click HEADstart CPD. Select the session you would like to attend and click, then book – it’s as easy as that! Do it now, places are limited.
  6. 6. 6 Air Your Views and Speak GOWNS and MORTAR BOARDS DONNED Our annual graduation saw over 140 students don their gowns and mortar boards and line the pews of St. Mary’s Church in Bridgwater; more than 300 students completed their professional or university level qualifications this year. Over 500 guests attended the event, including staff, parents and governors, all keen to celebrate the success of the students. Included in the ceremony were Sophie Young and Robin Jones pictured below who both achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Computing. Robin, aged 28 from Minehead has also been nominated for the prestigious Bournemouth University’s Partner College Student Prize. Robin currently works for The Met Office, which sponsored his qualification, and he recently designed a project for his employers which took over 400 hours to complete. Robin said, “I am really proud of my nomination, the project took a lot of dedication to complete and I’m delighted my employer valued my ideas and has decided to develop them further.” Many of the students have plans to return to College in the coming years to either ‘top up’ their qualifications to degree level, or further their education in other ways. Rhys Erwood, pictured opposite, studied the Higher National Certificate in Electrical/Electronic and Control Engineering, said, “I am seriously thinking about coming back to Bridgwater College and continuing my studies in order for me to progress in my career.” Among the graduates was a number of staff from the College, including Student Support Manager Sue Marson, who achieved a Distinction in every single module on the Higher National Certificate in Business Studies, as did fellow student Charlotte Crandon pictured opposite page bottom right. Programme Manager Claire Tilley said, “We congratulate all students who have achieved their awards, particularly Sue and Charlotte who did especially well throughout the entirety of the HNC.”
  7. 7. 7 The guest speaker and award presenter was Mr Paul Inman, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, which is one of the College’s partner institutions. He talked of the challenges and changes the graduates may face in life and said, “I congratulate you all on your achievements to date. Enjoy the moment of graduating in these superb surroundings. Be gracious to acknowledge the efforts of others in this room who have helped you along the way.” The event proceedings were closed by College Principal, Mike Robbins, who reminded everyone how higher education students face numerous obstacles whilst studying, including balancing home and work commitments. He also praised the role of family and friends in supporting the students throughout their studies and of the staff, who he said “are key to motivating and assisting students for the duration of their course.” Guests enjoyed a reception afterwards at Bar 27. You can see more photos of the Bridgwater College Graduation 2012 on Flickr. In 2012 54% of students studying a BA/BSc (Hons) top-up Degree achieved a 1st or a 2.i Did you know...
  8. 8. 8 Air Your Views and Speak Early Years students visit China on a trip of a lifetime Six students took part in a study tour to Northern China in the summer, to further their understanding of different cultures and the impact this can have on early years practices. Students studying the Foundation Degree in Early Years and the BA (Hons) top up Degree in Early Years Care and Education went on a two week trip to Beijing and visited four kindergartens and a primary school, where they participated in professional discussions with staff and teachers. They also observed practical lessons with the children and then demonstrated a range of ‘messy’ play activities to Chinese practitioners and Beijing University staff. The Chinese staff were surprised at the effectiveness of the British teaching methods where children chose from a range of activities and were keen to introduce this within their own settings. The children also enjoyed the messy activities, which included playing with shaving foam, water and bubbles. The group also managed to fit in trips to The Great Wall of China (see picture below) and The Forbidden City, and celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in Tiananmen Square. They learned expert bartering skills in the silk market and even ate scorpions in the night market at Wangfujing! Early Years student, Emma Chant said, “It has been a fascinating insight into the lives of children in Beijing and has given me a real desire to experience other cultures. I have learnt that although the language barrier can make discussions between adults challenging, children can overcome communication barriers more easily when playing or singing.”
  9. 9. 9 Art and Design students raise money for alzheimer’s charity Bridgwater College art students attended a charity book launch at the beautiful Wigborough Manor near South Petherton, which included a silent auction of artworks. Nina Giles, a student on the Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media at Bridgwater College, raised £100 for Alzheimer’s Research UK by donating her work to the auction. Seven students contributed their art works to the book. The ‘Forget Me Not’ memory book was been developed by Angie Cox, who was inspired by her family’s heart-breaking experiences of her mother in law, being lost to them due to the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. She said “All contributions are real stories that will make you laugh and cry as you are taken through a remarkable collection of anecdotes covering topics as diverse as marriage, travel, life changing experiences and dreams achieved. We all have a back catalogue of fascinating memories even if we have lived a relatively mundane life.” The students’ illustrations are as varied as the stories themselves. Some of the illustrations are simple line drawings, such as Maja Kaminska’s depiction of a choir, Arthur Dickson-Bell and Zahra Hoccom’s etchings of chaotic scenes and Lizzie Beresford’s fuzzy monoprint of a cow. Other students chose a more colourful approach from Emily Rowland’s painted helter skelter, Issy Bryant’s screen print of a helicopter rescue to Nina Giles’s watercolour of toes testing the water. Mark Bunce, Programme Manager for Art and Design at Bridgwater College added, “The students were really moved by this project and it’s been a great opportunity to contribute to a really worthwhile cause. It’s also great to see recognition of their talents beyond their grades. They are rightly proud to have their work published and to support this charity.”
  10. 10. 10 Air Your Views and Speak Former motorsport student secures Bentley placement A former Motorsport student has been chosen from hundreds of other applicants from around the UK for a sought-after work placement with one of the world’s most iconic companies. Darren Greenway, 22, from Langport will work within the chassis engineering department of Bentley Motors for the next 12 months. He will gain valuable practical work experience and will take part in a number of projects covering academic research, concept selection, system design and validation at both component and vehicle levels for a number of chassis related systems. Bentley Motors has been named as a Top Employer for 2012 by an independent research company, CRF Institute. Bentley has also been recognised nationally for its apprenticeship scheme which along with the industrial placement and graduate programmes underlines its commitment to the development and training of its employees. Darren is thrilled with the opportunity and said, “I am so pleased and excited at this fantastic opportunity. I’m really looking forward to the placement and what my future career prospects may hold.” Foundation Degree Programme Manager for Motorsport at Bridgwater College, Josh Smith said, “Many congratulations to Darren. His previous studies at the College have given him essential motorsport engineering skills which will provide him with the best chance possible for the future.” Darren graduated with Distinction in 2011 and progressed straight on to the second year of the four year Master’s course in Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University. He plans to return to university after this placement to complete the Masters.
  11. 11. 11 YOU SAID... WE DID... Your feedback is vital in helping us improve how we work with you to provide the best experience possible. Student feedback is collated in a variety of ways including termly HE student forums and programme meetings, surveys and via Student Representatives. Student feedback is always taken into consideration and efforts are made to ensure suggestions are followed through where possible and within the current academic year. The HE study rooms at the Cannington Centre could benefit from some improvements, particularly the internet connection. Over the summer period we have renovated many of the facilities within the main site at our Cannington Centre and decided to provide our HE students with a dedicated study room and tea making facilities. The space is much better equipped to meet the needs of HE students and we have also improved the internet connection and speed. Students requested a dedicated HE room to socialise within. We have organised for our HE Study Room, located within the LRC at the Bridgwater Centre, to be used as a social area where HE students can drop in at the end of each month. We will provide a tea and coffee machine for students use. Students would like support to be available in the LRC after 5pm. We have arranged for online support to be available from the LRC until 7.30pm, this service will assist HE students with any queries relating to resourcing, referencing and any other related issues. To access, just ask in the LRC. It would be beneficial for induction activities to be organised for individual programmes to help bond the group and build relationships. This year we organised for all our HE students to attend an Induction event at either our Bridgwater or Cannington Centre, with the hope that you would meet other HE students from across the College. We have also requested that Programme Managers arrange for induction activities to take place for each course, allowing you to become more familiar with the other students on your course. Our Cannington Activity Centre proves to be a favourite when it comes to team building activities.
  12. 12. 12 Air Your Views and Speak HE STUDENTS air your views and SPEAK OUT... We have created a confidential email address (see below) especially for you where you can voice your opinion and make comments upon successful elements of your course and to highlight any particular issues you may have. We are particularly keen to hear from you about: • What you do and don’t enjoy about studying at Bridgwater College • Items that are going well and less well for you • Feedback on your assessed work and turnaround times • Exam and lesson timetables • Queries in relation to the publication of end of year results • The opportunities available for HE students • Any other points you wish to raise. We will aim to respond to your email within three working days, please note this will not always possible, but we will try our best. We will treat all emails in the strictest confidence and will resolve issues to the best of our ability. We rely on your feedback to enhance the service we provide to our higher education students, so please help us and email us. We look forward to hearing from you.