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Chuinti13 matinez gomez

Iniciativa urbana Espíritu Santo. Una experiencia de regeneración social y urbana, con la participación ciudadana.

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Chuinti13 matinez gomez

  1. 1. INTI Conference Huelva 2013 21st-22nd November Social Innovation and new ways of governance for the socioecological transition Urban Initiative Espíritu Santo. A participatory experience of social and urban regeneration Rosa Mª Martínez Gómez Carmen María Verde Martín November 22th 2013
  2. 2. Context. The URBAN initiative The Spanish Ministry of Economy decided to get involved in the Regional Operational Programs 2007-2013 in order to reinforce local interventions to face the problems of deprived neighbourhoods in cities. The Urban Initiative acts on the framework of the Policy of Cohesion of European Union 80% of Urban Initiative is supported by the European Regional Fund (ERDF).
  3. 3. The project.URBAN Espíritu Santo URBAN Espíritu Santo is a project about the economic and social revitalisation of a deprived neighbourhood in Espinardo, located on the periphery of Murcia. There are 3.827 residents, of which 30% are gypsies.
  4. 4. The project.URBAN Espíritu Santo The project aims to revitalize the community with culture, creative innovation and citizen participation as key factors to boost urban development.
  5. 5. The project.URBAN Espíritu Santo The project aims to revitalize the community with culture, creative innovation and citizen participation as key factors to boost urban development.
  6. 6. INTEGRATED APROACH The project includes a set of measures to transform the current life conditions of the area, according to three essential aspects of community life : Rebuilding the physical space: ATTRACTIVE NEIGBOURHOOD Energizing social and cultural life: CREATIVE COMMUNITY Improving the economic environmment: CULTURAL DISTRICT Interacting at the same time.
  7. 7. ATTRACTIVE NEIGBOURHOOD: Rebuilding the physical space, with cultural, educational, social and quality business facilities
  8. 8. CREATIVE COMMUNITY Measures for social inclusion, Activities for boosting educational achievement, Arts education.
  9. 9. CULTURAL DISTRICT Measures to increase personal skills for employment, professional training programme, business laboratories.
  10. 10. Participation Development of the project with a participatory methodology, the creative force of citizenship as an engine for change. Through the forum of social participation citizens are involved in the entire project development process, including evaluation.
  11. 11. PARTICIPATION MECHANISMS PARTICIPATION MECHANISMS. The annual Meetings. The regular general meetings and Working Groups.
  12. 12. PARTICIPATION MECHANISMS Two key elements to involve citizens in the process Achieving participation of the most active citizens. Therefore Urban laboratories workin group was set up. Continuously communicating the neighbourhood transformartion process to everyone. So we designed an anual event: La Gala, performed by all the participants in the different activities.
  13. 13. URBAN LABS Is a reflective process on how to share collective space and how to improve community living together. The methodology of this action was to engage citizens in the process of analyzing problems and designing solutions for the future redevelopment of the neighborhood.
  14. 14. PATHS OF KNOWLEDGE. Cammino della Conoscenza • Is the first activity of URBAN LABS set up to analyse the actual space in order to draw up a map of perceptions. • The purpose of the activity was for the residents to participate with their thoughts and proposals in improving the habitability conditions of the neighbourhood in order to convert it into an attractive space.
  15. 15. Path of Knowledge. Itineraries • It consisted of neighbourhood walks following different itineraries and on different days and at different times. Groups of people were formed with photo cameras and notebooks to record the positive, neutral and negative aspects of the neighbourhood. Circles referring to physicalurban aspects: Triangles referring to socialperceptive aspects:
  16. 16. Paths of knowledge. Metaplan The group contributions were all based on two crucial moments: creativity and and awareness deepening. This involved brainstorming for territorial research based on individual ideas.
  17. 17. Path of knowledge. Presentation of results In order to share the results of the process with all citizens, an exhibition was held consisting of 9 explanatory panels on the entire process, the results and a visual flash.
  18. 18. Path of knowledge. Presentation of results
  19. 19. Building a square to live together • A public consultation for the implementation of participatory design to remodel Constitution Square, located in the heart of the neighborhood and the future new neighborhood center. • Three phases: Brainstorming and other consultation activities, Design, and presentations of results in an open session.
  20. 20. Building a square to live together Brainstorming. Consultation contents Regarding of the uses for the square What do we use - is the square used for? What could we use it for? Regarding the image of the square What can we see from the square upon entering or leaving? What could we see and not see?
  21. 21. Building a square to live together • Other consultation activities Artistics expressions Painting workshop: “The Dream Square” Storytelling workshop: “Stories from the square” Improvised music "The Square Song”
  22. 22. Building a square to live together
  23. 23. Building a square to live together Participatory journalism Citizens interview Video workshop Creation of a Blog:
  24. 24. Building a square to live together • Design phase, considering the opinion of citizens and presentation
  25. 25. Key Learnings • Reflexion as a key element in participatory methodologies allows for discovering the afective links which hold a community together, facilitating the search for an expression of the needs, desires and aspirations of citizens and empowering them as agents of change. • This metodologies are more effective when taking into consideration observation, intuition and perception as key points in understanding resistence to change and searching for news tools to boost it.
  26. 26. Participatory Communication strategy “LA GALA”: It’s an event designed to involve the most active participants in communicating the progress of the project in an accessible way to all. Objectives: Strategic approach to living space To develop culture through the different levels: physical, social, educational and economic.
  27. 27. Participatory Communication strategy Gala 2010 Objectives: To facilitate the use of the Cultural Centre as an educational and cultural space for everyone To transmit the importance of Arts as an educational and professional subject
  28. 28. Participatory Communication strategy
  29. 29. Participatory Communication strategy Gala 2011 Objectives: To bring the public school closer as a creative space of open learning To incorporate the arts in education to make education more attractive and catalyze the emergence of talent.
  30. 30. Participatory Communication strategy
  31. 31. Participatory Communication strategie Gala 2012 / II Participation encounter Objectives: To occupy the Constitution Square, new neighborhood center and the space in which conflicts are most intensely manifested. To incorporate arts in education an vocational training f as a vehicle to improve estándar of living. To comunicate how far we have progress.
  32. 32. Participatory Communication strategy
  33. 33. Participatory Communication strategy
  34. 34. Participatory Communication strategy Gala 2013 Objectives: To make headway in artistic education To introduce people in cultural industries Put the focus on the new facilites
  35. 35. Participatory Communication strategy
  36. 36. Participatory Communication strategy
  37. 37. Key Learnings • Holding these events has been important to finding a comon language to comunicate to the citizens the philosophy, objectives, and actions of the project. The artistic performance comunicates with the senses, emotions and creativity to encourage transformation of the neigbourhood as a open cultural area.
  38. 38. URBAN Espíritu Santo Thank you very much Rosa Martínez Mayka Verde European Programme Service City of Murcia (Spain)