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10 Tips For Marketing Your Dental Practice On Facebook

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10 Tips For Marketing Your Dental Practice On Facebook

  1. 1. 10 Tips for MarketingYour Dental Practice on Facebook Easy Social Practice
  2. 2. About Easy Social Practice A division of Inovia Health Decades+ of dental experienceCEO Gus Kaloti is a best-selling author and dental entrepreneurESP is a creative team of social media fiends, communication fans, and tech wizards Boutique style service for distinguished dentists
  3. 3. Why we exist Because coming up with ideas for social media accounts is hard. It’s time consuming. And dentists are really beoversold and under-aided in this style of marketing
  4. 4. Why Facebook? 1 Billion plus users The average user is spending atleast 15 minutes daily on the site They have great click though rates
  5. 5. 1 Update Regularly Update Regularly m e!You absolutely, completely, 100% pdate uhave to update at a regular eal ly,interval. For most dental Rpractices on Facebook , 4relevant posts a week is fine, 5as well - but don’t do more thanthat. Too much is too much.
  6. 6. Make your photos count Make your photos countMake sure that you post interesting, attractiveimages on your Facebook page.You don’t need to get hung up on makingthem perfect.Gone are the days of stiff, formal head shotsas the only acceptable professional image adentist can use.Social forums are designed for informalphotos.Instagram’s wild popularity speaks to this. And 81K+ liked this quickif you’ve noticed, major brands like Starbucks snapshot on Starbuck’sand CocoCola use this style of informal photo page!on their social platforms.
  7. 7. Connect to your website Connect to your websiteIt might seem kind of obvious, but it is worthmentioning - make sure to link your websiteinto your Facebook.Your website is likely analytics tracked, andyou’ll be able to see how effect the links youpost on Facebook are.This can help above and beyond Facebook’s And share your Facebookown insights. on your site!
  8. 8. 4 Contests for Engagement Contests for EngagementIn early 2012 “Free iPad” came up on oursocial feeds about every five minutes. The THINK OUTSIDEgiveaway was everywhere because itabsolutely works.Just be original. There are many other thingsthat will entice your patients - including THE FREEdiscounted services, dental hygiene giftbaskets, or many others. Think non-dental -the iPADKindle Paperwhite, a WiiU. PLEASE!Check out the current best-selling items onAmazon for ideas. Use this for referral campaigns.
  9. 9. 5 Polls get answered Polls get answeredIf you aren’t getting much engagement, tryasking poll questions.Poplar topics always include what to have for A poll is focused sharinglunch, favorite vacation locations, are youready for the upcoming holiday. . .whatever isrelevant at the time.People like to use social channels to talkabout themselves. That’s why this works.
  10. 10. 6 Linking LinkingFrom a dental practice website, patients oreven potential patients expect to see somedental health advice.The site doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be thatexclusively, but there should be some.Linking to relevant stories on the ADA orAGD sites is great for this.Their articles are well written, you can trusttheir information, and it is easier to link to a This story ABOUT thestory than to write one yourself. mostPlus, you take any potential of “giving advice”or practicing online of the table. shared articles was shared 1900+ times
  11. 11. 7 Be Polite Be PoliteIf a fan engages, return the favor.Give them a shout out or like their content.Even better - send the a coupon and thankthem for caring about what the practice isdoing. Show some love!
  12. 12. 8 Video, video, video Video, video, videoWe repeated it three times because it is thatimportant. Video is key. More than 2 million people watched this,Post your videos on your own Youtube or and it isn’t that interestingupload them directly to Facebook. This is verybeneficial to your practice from an SEOstandpoint.Make the videos funny, interesting, touching -anything that resonates with your patients.The goal here is keeping them interested.Video is a great way to do this.
  13. 13. 9 Show your personality Show your personalityYour patients come to you in part becausethey like your personality and that of yourstaff. Use social media to tell the “story” ofwhat is going on in your practice. You becomethe main characters. The patients invest moreand more, and are less likely to jump shipwhen a practice done the road does a freewhitening promotion.
  14. 14. Tip 10 Show your BEST side Show your BEST sideDoes your practice give back?What charities do you support? Do you dooutreach at local schools?Facebook is exactly the place to herald thisactivity.It really shows the best of the practice, andhelps loyalty and retention.
  15. 15. Getting StartedMarketing your practice on Facebook doesn’thave to be scary. We’re here to help. Sign upfor our free trial of the easiest social mediaupdater EVER, created just for dentists.www.easysocialpractice.comWe even give free, 2 week trials to get yourpractice started.
  16. 16. Want to learn more? We have a blog you can visit too! g/