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  1. 1. MY DIARY
  2. 2. My name is Eleonora
  3. 3. …remember that very little is needed to make a happy life. (Marco Aurelio) I’m an happy girl and I have an happy life! I’m tall 141 cm. I have blue eyes and I have light brown hair…
  4. 4. … but I’m not her! I think to be better
  5. 5. I was borned in Rome on 20th October 2003. Rome is my heart. For me, It’s the most beatiful city of the world,. My grandparents live in Rome too.
  6. 6. Now, I live in Termoli, in Molise. Termoli is a beatiful town on the coast and It’s very old. The food is very good, expecially fish. COME HERE!
  7. 7. Italy is my country. It’s very beatiful. It’s a country with a very important culture. It has the most number of munuments in the world and, in my opinion, they are the best… Food in Italy is very good. My favourite dish is lasagna.
  8. 8. Italy is in Europe. It has a lot of magnificent city, for example: London, Paris, Madrid… THOUSANDS OF CULTURES IN JUST ONE PLACE!
  9. 9. I’ m a “normal” girl. I like sport and music. I love rhythmic gymnastic s. I play the violin
  10. 10. Grandad Enrico I Brother Enrico Dad Vincenzo Mum Maura Aunt Lorena Grandmum Maria Grandad Domenico Grandmum Paolina This is my family. It is fantastic.
  11. 11. This is my dad. His name is Vincenzo. He has blue eyes and black hair. He isn’t very tall and he is quite slijm for his age. He is very friendly but sometimes he get nervous. However I love him. He is a professional accountant and he always works with the computer.
  12. 12. This is my mum. Her name is Maura. She has blue eyes and black hair. She is kind and learned. She isn’t very tall.Her cake are delicious.
  13. 13. This is my brother. His name is Enrico.He has blue eyes and blond hair. He is kind but a lot of irritating. He isn’t vary tall and he love play violin.