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Social Media Overview (Women Business Leaders)

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Social Media Overview (Women Business Leaders)

  1. 1. Caroline Cummings’ Social Media Presentation July 9, 2009 | Hilton Hotel, Eugene, OR
  2. 2. The Social Web transforming traditional outreach Caroline Cummings
  3. 3. Ubiquitous
  4. 4. The Evolution of the Web… Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 get noise make noise filter noise • read content • user generated • contextual info • paid content • interactivity/sharing • less clutter • move to digital • connectivity • ads as content • static sites • pull content/free • …TBD… • push content • social networking • eCommerce • streaming audio • streaming video
  5. 5. What is Social Media? The use of electronic tools for the purpose of sharing and discussing information and experiences with others… social interaction pictures audio technology -- build shared meaning -- words video
  6. 6. Examples of Social Media Tools user generated up-to-date friends/ and monitored family activity encyclopedia social networking/ video sharing/ business networking presentation sharing photo sharing blogging tools social news / social bookmarking microblogging sites
  7. 7. Power of Social Media…
  8. 8. Monitoring online… • Monitor • Learn • Compare • Respond
  9. 9. New Buzz… “The customer is now a collaborator.” “One person can make change – quickly!” “TV attracts watchers, online video attracts users.” “Journalism students know more than professors.” “Anyone CAN become famous now.”
  10. 10. Differs from Traditional Media? …depends on interactions between people as the discussion and integration of words building shared meaning. …it’s not finite… technology is the conduit Source: Wikipedia
  11. 11. For Brand Survival… Traditional Media Social Media Customer Collaborator Talk to Talk with Selling Sharing Voice = Company Voice = Citizen More expensive Prof media outlets VS Less expensive User generated content Push marketing Pull marketing Broader market Targeted markets Static content Evolving content Short lived Long life One-sided Multiple opinions
  12. 12. Citizen Marketers
  13. 13. A New Breed of Marketers Citizen Marketers Customer evangelists who generate media (primarily online) on behalf of products, services, companies, or people who generate inspiration.
  14. 14. Ubiquitous
  15. 15. Take this with your wherever you go – and easily share info throughout the Social Web – saves time!!
  16. 16. “Where can I buy this cool book?” Author responds directly!
  17. 17. Building Your Online Community
  18. 18. 1%
  19. 19. Tips for Gaining Citizen Marketers • Provide “Community Operating Agreement” • Seed your community with the people who already know/love you (trust is paramount) – The first 25 set the tone • Reward them for promoting you (not with/$) • Be VERY transparent – must be authentic! Treat them like Kings & Queens • Provide them with a tool kit – share goals, widgets, discount codes, product samples… • Be attentive to their needs (respond quickly) • Treat them as part of your Team • Ask – Listen – Respond – Implement - Thank
  20. 20. Pull Marketing
  21. 21. A Closer Look… RSS…really simple syndication / rich site summary A way to subscribe to Web sites, and elements of Web sites, that you'd like to receive on an ongoing basis.
  22. 22. Old Way of Getting Info Online… d it yo u f in
  23. 23. New Way of Getting Info Online… i be to it subscr you
  24. 24. The Process to subscribe… Click once to subscribe to this blog
  25. 25. Choose an RSS Reader
  26. 26. RSS Aggregation
  27. 27. Widgets a mini application that can add functionality to your Web page, blog, social profile etc. Video Embedding Widget
  28. 28. Widgets | make money Google’s AdSense Widget
  29. 29. Why social media is important?
  30. 30. To view this video visit:
  31. 31. Deepen Brand Relationships Via Social Media • 93% say a company should have presence in social media • 85% say a company Will should use it to interact Work w/them 4 Free! • Almost 60% of Americans interact with a brand on a social media site • 56% feel a stronger connection to brands when use social media Sept 08 strategy and communications agency
  32. 32. Why Important? • Monitor your brand and reputation online • Monitor others brands/reputations • Interact with your consumers – Transparency is paramount! • Expand your reach • Track ROI better • Because the Internet is where exchange happens!
  33. 33. Reach Challenging Markets • Men – 2x as likely as women • Men/Women 18-34 yrs – 33% want companies to market to them via social media • Wealthiest households – 33% want companies to market to them via social media
  34. 34. How do I measure it?
  35. 35. Free tools for measuring social media • Technorati (# of links, authority) •, Digg (quality and type of coverage) • Google Analytics (site statistics) • Flickr (photo views) • Feedburner (subscribers) • Google Blog Search (what citizens are saying) • Yahoo Pipes (manage RSS) • Compete, Alexa (traffic) • Quantcast (types of users, ratings, demographics)
  36. 36. Staying Connected
  37. 37. Staying Connected to Me… Things that make ya go hmmm
  38. 38. Trends…
  39. 39. Media Trends • People have the power, not business • Hyper-target marketing (1-1 marketing) • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) • Mobile technologies • Ads as content • Newspapers embracing Citizen Journalists • Gaming and advertising • Contextualized Internet experience (Web 3.0)
  40. 40. Recommendations
  41. 41. Book recommendations… positioning, message the viral nature of social delivery and reputation how to unleash the power of media and how it’s management are in the crowds in your business… changing the way people hands of the people - form groups and exist where anyone can be a within them. publisher or broadcaster. B. McConnell, J. Huba B. Libert, J. Spector C. Shirky
  42. 42. Make a Plan!
  43. 43. Getting Your Feet Wet
  44. 44. Thank You! questions & answers Caroline Cummings