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Club sahelian air (CSA) présentation & organization

  1. Wings For Your Pleasure
  2. ‘‘None of us, acting alone, can reach success’’ Nelson Mandela Discours d’investiture, May 1994
  3. We must start from the simple premise that future of Africa belongs to Africans. Change maybe unlock potential for Africa. This responsibility can’t be endorsed only by Africans. Barack OBAMA, Accra (Ghana) – July 2009
  4. Also, we have the duty to unite and we take care of the face:  dispersal of African airspace for the benefit of foreign companies  local airlines initiatives doesn’t satisfy, effectively, needs of movement of persons and property,  Also, we have duty to unite and we take care of face:  globalization imposes other rules of business
  5. Unit for building United States of Africa … • economic and political integration can’t be without social integration: for free movement of persons and property. • freedom of movement will be true with existence of tools that can facilitate, effectively, the exchanges between peoples living in remote areas. certainly, development of air transportation should be base that will provide this freedom of movement and, later, economic and political integration. • Also, African continent, African Diaspora and friends of Africa must take responsibility and build themselves, foundation will serve as "cause" to "Policies" to complete construction of United States of Africa .
  6. However ...  For accomplishing this vision of solidarity, we must unit our strengths and expertise in sustainable economic programs to implement.  Among those programs that facilitate social and economic integration, we identify priority:  tools for the movement of people and goods across African continent, tools to finance private economic initiatives in Africa.  Also, creation of a global lobbying Club Sahelian Air ", is expected to start meeting expectations of everyone.  And this is reason that quotes of Nelson Mandela at his inauguration and American President, Barack Obama, in Accra, challenge us so that success is, also, African.
  7. To Achieve a real Airlines Company… • creation of an international airline is in African context of a serious alternative to the problems of movement of persons and property. • It is important to implement a program that provides continental air accessibility, safety, frequency and punctuality. • currently African air network is ineffective and the rates will be among the highest in the world. • In this context it should be a vast geographical region economically integrated market for a viable and profitable to be able to compete with large international airlines. • establishment of an airline of international dimension is an opportunity for independence and freedom for all of Africa further.
  8. presente …
  9. A global Technical partnership ... Sahelian International Air Lines Studies of potential Economies of lines System Plan Fleet plan Business Plan Recruitment - Training Operational facilities Amenities Air Carrier Operating license (AOC) IATA & ICAO Technical Partners Sahelian Air
  10. Sahelian International Air Lines (Ghana) Sahelian Le Club International (Congo) 65% 35% Sahelian Capital (Senegal) Sahelian Inc. (USA) Sahelian Air Academy (Ghana) Sahelian Aircraft Leasing (Europe) Sahelian Industry (Gambia) Sahelian Le Club (10 Subsidiaries) Sahelian Air (10 Subsidiaries) 35% 35%35% 35% 50% 35% 35% 30% 35% 65%30% 65% 15% Investors & Financial Partners 55% 35% 35% Founders 45% 35% Sahelian Real Estate (Ghana) 35% 65% … Team Spirit …
  11. Fleet Management … To set up an aircraft industry
  12. … In the Service of Africa …
  13. • vehicle for promoting human resources available outside African continent, • tool for economic and social integration, • realization from Africa for Africa • African aviation industry, • airline for each country, • contribution to build United States of Africa.
  14. To:  Establish a fluid aerialist network  Ensure optimal, security, persons and property  Make the aircraft available to all  Make the customer: a King
  15. For your travels in Africa ...
  16. ... And internationally ...
  17. Sahelian Inc... : A Challenge to raise and the responsibility to:  Promote establishment of an international airlines Leading in Africa  Achieving different business plans of each group's structure,  Drive implementation of each group structures Sahelian Air  Establish a technical and strategic partnership fair  Completing tround of financing for investment  Identify Top Management Group Sahelian Air  Prepare start of each structure group,  design the implementation strategy and development group Sahelian Air  coordination within group Sahelian Air, to optimize profits by sharing costs.  ensure ownership, term, group by Air Sahelian Africa.
  18. ... With undeniable advantages ... • A thorough knowledge of real needs of airspace users African • A "Project Management" experienced and always active in the aviation world, • A technical partnership of world renown, • Air adapted a model to African context.
  19. ... And need ... • Join African continent, African Diaspora and Friends of Africa • Create a lobby World • Actively involve each of us to achieve this technical and intellectual challenge, • Realizing the Start Up Capital with a joint action of every friend of Africa and Africa • Making ‘’Club Sahelian Air "interlocutor match for global public institutions.
  20. Club Sahelian Air Strength through unity A global lobby for the promotion of an African airlines
  21. International Association Club Sahelian Air «IACSA»
  22. Club Sahelian Air – Network organization International Association ‘’Club Sahelian Air’’ «IACSA» Federation Club Sahelian Air, Afrique FCSA Afrique CSA Gabon CSA Ghana CSA …. Federation Club Sahelian Air, Europe FCSA Europe CSA Italie CSA UK CSA … Federation Club Sahelian Air, Asie & Océanie FCSA Asie & Océanie CSA Japon CSA Chine CSA …. Federation Club Sahelian Air, North-America FCSA North- America CSA Canada CSA Illinois CSA Georgia
  23. IACSA Functional Organization Chart Board of Directors (17 Administrators) Permanent Office Executive Office Commissions
  24. IACSA Board of Directors FCSA Africa (5 members) FCSA Europe (4 members) FCSA North- America (4 members) FCSA Asie & Oceania (4 members)
  25. IACSA Permanent Office President IACSA Vice Presidents (04) VP FCSA Afrique VP FCSA Europe VP FCSA Asie & Océanie VP FCSA North- America Treasurer Vice Treasurer Secretary Executive Director Auditors (02)
  26. IACSA Executive Direction - Organization Executif Director (Vice Secretary ) Accounting Technician (01) Association Technicians (04) Webmaster (01) Assistant (01)
  27. Federations of Club Sahelian Air «FCSA»
  28. Club Sahelian Air Listing of Federations FCSA Africa FCSA Europa FCSA North-America FCSA Asia & Oceania IACSA
  29. Federation of Clubs Sahelian Air, Africa «FCSA Africa»
  30. Federation of Clubs Sahelian Air of Europa «FCSA Europa»
  31. Federation of Clubs Sahelian Air, North America «FCSA North-America»
  32. Federation of Clubs Sahelian Air, Asia & Oceania «FCSA Asia & Oceania»
  33. FCSA Organization Federal General Assembly (FGA) Board of directors (15 Administrators) Permanent Office Federal President Vice Presidents (02) Treasurer Vice Treasurer Auditors (02) Commissions
  34. FCSA federal General Assembly (FGA) FCSA 2 Elected CSA Local 1 2 Elected CSA Local 2 2 elected CSA Local 3 2 Elected CSA Local 4 2 Elected CSA Local ….
  35. Club Sahelian Air «CSA»
  36. Club Sahelian Air (CSA) mission of civic engagement ... • Promote the establishment of an international airline African • Protect the spirit of private enterprise, independent and autonomous • Participate in the birth of the Sahelian Inc.. (USA), the Project Company Sahelian Air • Participate in the validation of a viable air, • Identify human resources available for future needs of the group Sahelian Air • Initiate a private equity fund in Africa.
  37. CSA Organization Chart General Assembly(GA) Board of Directors (15 Administrators) Permanent Office Commissions
  38. Club Sahelian Air (CSA) Permanent Office President CSA Auditors (02) Treasure Treasurer Adjoint Secretary Executive Director Vice President (01)
  39. CSA – Executive Office Organization Chart Executive Director (Vice Secretary ) Accounting Manager (01) Associative Managers (04) Webmaster (01) Assistant (01)
  40. to: • build Africa's company Aryan International • meet the challenge of an ambitious project, • able to integrate an aeronautics group in Africa • participate in the social and economic integration of Africa • enjoy privileges when you travel by air. Club Sahelian Air Club of Founders Join Club Sahelian Air…
  41. ClubSahelianAir Excellence 2 512 325 009 24 Mr Jean Martial AKOUAVI Card of Founders …And get
  42. ... To participate in social and economic integration in Africa become Founder of a large aeronautic industry.
  43. • four (04) directors to the Board of Directors of the Sahelian Inc. (USA) • a permanent secretariat, • an Intranet for direct communication, • a monthly report of activities, • a quarterly financial information of the Sahelian Inc. ... Following the establishment of your airline with:
  44. • Special Rate 'Club Sahelian Air "on entire Sahelian Air network • flexible tickets valid for 1 year • Guarantee your seat from 72 to 48 hours of departure • baggage higher •Miles add x 2 • airport lounges of Sahelian Le Club, • on rankings in the event of overbooking, • Priority on waiting lists, • free tickets yearly • registration across First and Business Class, • personalized reservation site, ... And enjoy these privileges for the rest of your life.
  45. • Please contact your Coordinator Federal Club Sahelian Air (FCSA) of your continent, • Put in accordance with the law society in your country, • the statutes and rules within your CSA • find a headquarters for your “Club Sahelian Air “ • Gather your first members to your general assembly ( GA) • Organize your GA and designate your representatives at your FCSA, • Develop your Club Sahelian Air to be a real popular force for the establishment of your future African airline : Sahelian Air. Club Sahelian Air doesn’t exist in your country
  46. Contact… International Association Of Clubs Sahelian Air (IACSA) General Coordinator Ibra YALI Mobile : +336 59 46 65 50 Skype : ib_deguen Email :
  47. FCSA – Your Area Coordinators FCSA Africa : Jibrils SAMB Mobile : +221 70 565 46 15 Skype : djibril0105 Email : FCSA Europa : Seydou DAFFE Mobile : Skype email : FCSA Asia & Oceania : Amadou CISSOKO Mobile : Skype : email : FCSA North-America : Chams-Eddine NDIAYE Mobile : +221 77 426 25 54 Skype : chams1911 Email :