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We are not building chairs

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My slides for WordCamp Denver on the cynefin framework and how context changes how we should approach web projects.

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We are not building chairs

  1. 1. @CHRISLEMA We’re Not Building Chairs
  2. 2. @CHRISLEMA
  3. 3. @CHRISLEMA What if we’re held back by the lies we’re believing?
  4. 4. @CHRISLEMA
  5. 5. @CHRISLEMA
  6. 6. @CHRISLEMA
  7. 7. @CHRISLEMA Golf, skiing, snowboarding, surfing – they’re different from chair building.
  8. 8. @CHRISLEMA
  9. 9. @CHRISLEMA
  10. 10. @CHRISLEMA We often think about things based on 17th century concepts.
  11. 11. @CHRISLEMA Cause & ______ Break big problems into _______________
  12. 12. @CHRISLEMA Our world is not a machine. People are not machines.
  13. 13. @CHRISLEMA
  14. 14. @CHRISLEMA We all love predictability & control, even if it’s not working for us.
  15. 15. @CHRISLEMA Before we talk about quantum mechanics can we talk about Legos for a second?
  16. 16. @CHRISLEMA Source:  h*p://­‐lego-­‐game/   Sort the bricks into colors, as quickly as possible. Create one heap for all special pieces. Simple
  17. 17. @CHRISLEMA Source:  h*p://­‐lego-­‐game/   Build a structure at least 20 bricks tall, with a regular color pattern and pieces shrinking as you go higher. Complicated
  18. 18. @CHRISLEMA Source:  h*p://­‐lego-­‐game/   In 30 seconds, decide if you’re building an animal or vehicle. Then begin building – without talking. You need a regular color pattern, but each color of piece can only be touched by one person. Every minute your team moves to a new table (which has different pieces). Complex
  19. 19. @CHRISLEMA Source:  h*p://­‐lego-­‐game/   In 30 seconds, decide if you’re building a building or a plant. Then begin building – without talking. You need a regular color pattern, but each color of piece can only be touched by one person. Someone may ask a team member to go to another team. Chaotic
  20. 20. @CHRISLEMA Simple Complicated Complex Chaotic You categorize a situation and then the answer is obvious. Pre-written scripts for your help desk Cause & effect exists. There is a right answer but it’s not obvious. Analysis by an expert is needed. Coding a plugin for WordPress A cause & effect relationship exists but it’s only known by experts. Experimenting & probing is the right approach. Branding via blogging or video Cause & effect can only be perceived in retrospect. You act right away to stabilize, then decide. Client / Site meltdown Cause & effect does not exist. h*p://­‐framework/  
  21. 21. @CHRISLEMA We act like a perfect project plan will save the day. It won’t.
  22. 22. @CHRISLEMA
  23. 23. @CHRISLEMA Control – of people, processes & projects is not the answer.
  24. 24. @CHRISLEMA The New Science: Quantum Physics •  Entanglement •  Strongattractors •  Thewholevs. theparts •  Noimpartialparties
  25. 25. @CHRISLEMA So What?
  26. 26. @CHRISLEMA
  27. 27. @CHRISLEMA We all hope that experience is the building block that will help us succeed.
  28. 28. @CHRISLEMA Hope is not a strategy.
  29. 29. @CHRISLEMA We have to stop treating complex and chaotic work as if it’s simply complicated.
  30. 30. @CHRISLEMA Ok, let’s get practical.
  31. 31. @CHRISLEMA Practice a lot. Learn You.
  32. 32. @CHRISLEMA
  33. 33. @CHRISLEMA Always be connecting.
  34. 34. @CHRISLEMA Relationships matter more than anything else. Getting things done. Navigating complexity. Processing chaos. Creating opportunity.
  35. 35. @CHRISLEMA Experiment more!
  36. 36. @CHRISLEMA If you raise your prices you’ll have margin to experiment. That’s why I nag you so much.
  37. 37. @CHRISLEMA Choose collaboration over control.
  38. 38. @CHRISLEMA The reality when we treat all our projects like we’re building chairs is that we’re hoping it will work.
  39. 39. @CHRISLEMA We all hope predictability & control will save the day.
  40. 40. @CHRISLEMA Hope is not a strategy.
  41. 41. @CHRISLEMA Chris Lema @chrislema Crowd Favorite