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Cold Brew and Super Drop(E)_rev.1.2_Aug2016

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Cold Brew and Super Drop(E)_rev.1.2_Aug2016

  1. 1. NEXT COLD BREW SUPER ★ DROP Cold Brew World, Inc. July 2016
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Cold Brew Trends, Super drop and Market Potential
  4. 4. COLDBREW
  5. 5. ○ Current strong taste ‘espresso’ only market to pay attention to cold brew coffee as replacement with ‘clean, soft and sweet’ taste ○ Possible environment to grow for cold brew coffee with more refreshing and cooling taste and more pleasant aftertaste than iced coffee made from espresso ○ Not sharp-tasting ○ Comfortable coffee for older people with low oils and fatty acids content, less acidic and sweeter taste ○ Started to sell in some specialty coffee shops such as Stumptown, and the major player like Starbucks is getting into the cold brew coffee market since last year Why cold brew? The cold brew coffee has structural momentum to grow in the long term
  6. 6. Cold Brew Trends Huge Market, Mega Trends, Just Beginning
  7. 7. US market size is increasing 2 times more for last 5 years and number of products have been released 201620152014~2013 Cold Brew Trends
  8. 8. Starbucks dives deep into cold brew coffee Cold Brew Trends Small Batch RTD* to sell (*Ready- To-Drink) Personalized 201620152014 2016
  9. 9. Cold Brew Trends
  10. 10. Cold Brew Trends
  11. 11. Cold Brew Trends
  12. 12. Cold Brew TrendsCold Brew Trends
  13. 13. Cold Brew TrendsCold Brew Trends
  14. 14. Cold Brew TrendsCold Brew Trends
  15. 15. Cold Brew Trend Korea Yakult* (*Major yogurt company in Korea)
  16. 16. Cold Brew Trends Cafe
  17. 17. Cold Brew Trends RTD (Ready-To-Drink)
  18. 18. Cold Brew Trends Cold Brew is smooth, rich & refreshing with all of us.
  19. 19. Super Drop
  20. 20. Super★Drop Cold Brew but two times more Concentration than Espresso, Without pressurization condition at below 18 ℃  Super Drop Process Low Concentration High Concentration Short Long Dutch Drip Espresso Degree of Flavor’s lasting C o n c e n t r a t i o n
  21. 21. Super Drop < Coffee, e.g. > The best suitable coffee over ICT environment, Possible disruptive in production and distribution Fresh coffee mass production system Cold brew, fragrance alive and fresh taste 3 times higher concentration than espresso + + Easy to cater Fresh coffee every place without equipment & manpower Various applications RTD, recipe in store, Food materials
  22. 22. Super Drop Possible applied to all recipes which espresso made+ fit to mix a cocktail, blending, etc. Cold brew Americano 20 Brix 12ml, hot water 200ml 5 Brix 40ml, hot water 180ml Cold brew Ensemble 20 Brix 7ml, espresso 10ml, water 200ml 5 Brix 30ml, espresso 10ml, water 180ml Cold brew coffee milk 20 Brix 12ml, hot or cold milk 180ml 5 Brix 40ml, hot or cold milk 160ml Cold brew Iced Coffee 20 Brix 12ml, water 200ml, ice-cubes 5ea 5 Brix 40ml, water 180ml, ice-cubes 5ea Cold brew on the rock 20 Brix 10ml, water 30ml, ice-cubes 6ea 5 Brix 40ml, ice-cubes 5ea Cold brew sparkling coffee 20 Brix 7ml, soda 200ml, ice-cubes 3ea 5 Brix 30ml, soda 200ml, ice-cubes 3ea Cold brew coffee Soju 20 Brix 7ml, Soju 1 bottle 5 Brix 30ml, Soju 1 cup, ice-cubes 3ea Cold brew coffee Beer 20 Brix 10ml, Beer 300ml 5 Brix 40ml, Beer 300ml Cold brew Sake lato 20 Brix 10ml, Syrup 10ml, ice-cubes 8ea, soda 10ml OR 5 Brix 40ml, Syrup 10ml, ice-cubes 8ea, soda 10ml Shaking for suds in the bottle Cool Affogato 20 Brix 10ml, Ice cream 100g 5 Brix 40ml, Ice cream 100g Cold brew coffee yogurt 20 Brix 12ml, Yogurt 120ml 5 Brix 40ml, Yogurt 120ml Cold brew coffee shaved ice 20 Brix 14ml, ice for flakes, ice cream 100g, condensed milk 10ml, roast nut products, caramel sauce
  23. 23. Tea & Herb, e.g. – remaining taste, fragrance & color, but 100 times richer than tea bag products Super Drop
  24. 24. High concentrated medical herb & natural antioxidant materials High concentrated herb & tea Discovered various advantages when applied in coffee, herb, tea, red ginseng, natural antioxidant materials and kind of medical herbs Super Drop
  25. 25. Cold Coincide Micro Grinding Process Micro Solid-Phase Cold Extraction Process High Pressure Process + + CCMG MSCE HPP Technology basis is simple, but maximized application & process design with supercritical process & micro grinding business experiences Super Drop
  26. 26. REFERENCES
  27. 27. References Cold Brew by Babinski Creating brand new market – break through fresh coffee in café and RTD(Ready- To-Drink) coffee
  28. 28. 30th anniversary product Best product this month Regular blending JAMOCA ALMOND FUDGE cookies References BR Korea Freshly brewed coffee mixture as food material – caught uniformity and flavor
  29. 29. References Drop top by KWANG DONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., Korea Freshly brewed coffee mixture as flavor for rich & natural taste
  30. 30. References HOLLYS Coffee Same quality mixture without microbial contamination for all stores Various recipes including fresh coffee recipe after mass production
  31. 31. Application Examples
  32. 32. We make products for every step of the way. Getting up, getting through & recovering for tomorrow. Official Partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation Application Examples Cold Brew Coffee Energy Drink
  33. 33. Application Examples Probiotic Cold Brew Coffee
  34. 34. Application Examples Enjoying the weather with cacao cold brew coffee with chia and sunflower seeds and siggi's coconut
  35. 35. Application Examples Liquid Stick Coffee
  36. 36. Merging two fast-growing beverage trends, Happy Tree has launched a ready-to-drink coffee that is cold brewed using only maple water. The company, which markets a line of organic, high pressure processed (HPP) maple waters, will debut the new product at Natural Products Expo West 2016. Happy Tree Innovative Cold Brew Coffee Application Examples Maple water Cold brew Coffee
  37. 37. Coffee Juice's innovative, proprietary ready-to-drink recipes are made up of Fair Trade-certified cold brewed coffee extract, juiced whole blueberries, and cane sugar, and available in four flavors, including Original, Coconut, Sweet Vanilla, and Salted Caramel. The all natural, non-carbonated, non-dairy, non- GMO line is packaged in 16 oz. glass bottles -- created to appeal to both coffee and non-coffee drinkers. Application Examples Cold Brew Coffee Juice
  38. 38. Fat Toad Farm's unique goat's milk caramel sauces combine rich, sweet caramel with the subtle tang of goat's milk for a creamy, not-too-sweet dessert sauce unlike anything we've tasted. We love it with ice cream, fruit, and cheeses -- and to be honest, straight from the jar. This silky caramel is actually a traditionally Mexican preparation called cajeta, and Fat Toad Farm makes our favorite version. The set includes one jar of dark chocolate caramel sauce and one jar of cold brew coffee caramel sauce. Dark Chocolate Caramel: Fat Toad Farm has partned with Taza Chocolate for a combination of not-too-sweet goat's milk caramel sauce and Taza Chocolate's organic, stone ground chocolate and a kick of ground cayenne. The caramel is dark, rich, and beautifully freckled with chocolate. (Goat's milk, pure cane sugar, Taza Organic Stone Ground Chocolate Liquor, baking soda, and ground cayenne) Cold Brew Coffee Caramel: Fat Toad Farm takes their classic caramel and stirs in Stumptown Coffee's cold brew coffee, which has steeped for over 12 hours using a double filtration process resulting in "a complex, smooth and sweet, full-bodied brew with bright juiciness, low acidity and a long chocolate finish." (Goat's milk, pure cane sugar, Stumptown Coffee Roasters' cold brew coffee, and baking soda) Application Examples Cold Brew Coffee Caramel
  39. 39. With a strong belief in supporting the local economy, Two Beers Brewing takes pride in using Washington ingredients to create all of its handcrafted beers. Application Examples Cold Brew Coffee Beer
  40. 40. A smooth red ale infused with cold brewed vanilla bourbon tea Application Examples Cold Brew Concept Beer
  41. 41. Possible products
  42. 42. Inner-beauty drink
  43. 43. Rich chamomile drink
  44. 44. Cold brew red ginseng – soft taste and fragrant
  45. 45. Functional coffee with cold brew coffee powder
  46. 46. 1st G 2nd G 3rd G 4th G 3 in 1 Instant black Cold brew instant Healthful Coffee Coffee, sugar & cream in one Sweet & rich Low-calorie Rich taste & flavor Functional Super Drop Powder + Micro Grinding Coffee SDP + MGC + HCA 3rd & 4th generation stick coffee
  47. 47. Liquid stick coffee
  48. 48. Cold brew potion coffee
  49. 49. Cold brew extracted natural antioxidant
  50. 50. We’re supplying
  52. 52. We’re supplying 5 CRUDE LIQUID BOTTLE – GIFT SET 240ML * 2 BOTTLES + TUMBLER
  53. 53. About Us
  54. 54. We, not COFFEER but EXTRACTOR. Offer quality Cold Brew Coffee With Process Engineering & R&D Partner 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Process engineering & R&D Partner  Founded R&D Company Opening Supercritical Fluid Process Lab at Seoul National University under the Program of Academic-Industrial Technical Collaboration  Developed Dietary Fiber through wheat bran substance  Certified Venture Company from Government  Developed Ginseng Extract & Saponine Transforming thru Super-critical Technology  Patent application: "Cold Micro Grinding Process Technology for the produce of Ultra fine roasted coffee Bean powder without loss of Flavor & Taste"  Patent application: "Subcritical Water Extraction Process for continuous producing Functional Ginsenoside”  Patent application “Continuous Extraction Process at atmospheric condition with soluble solid content 20% using cold water below 15℃ ” About Us
  55. 55.  MCSC : Micro Solid-Phase Cold Extraction Process − Extract using pure cold water: Below 10℃ at atmospheric pressure (Cold Water Drip Extraction) − Possible one-step extracting the solid content (more than 20 Brix) without concentration process − Equipment & system ready for mass production  Production capacity: 4 tons/day (based 20 Brix liquid coffee)  Supercritical Fluid Extraction − Utilizing CO2, H2O, etc. as super critical fluid which are Green Solvent  Extracting / Separating / Enriching of Antioxidants, Spices & Herbs, Aroma, Flavor, etc.  Super (Sub) critical Fluid reaction Process − Organic matter – waste water - decomposition process technology utilizing supercritical H2O − Hydrolysis reaction process technology utilizing subcritical H2O  Nano particle generation process utilizing Super (Sub) critical fluid  CCMG : Cold Coincide Micro Grinding Process − Cold Micro Grinding (below 15℃): Minimizing the loss of nutrient, flavor, taste and color by thermal effect − Possible particle size: Average less 15㎛ Core technology
  56. 56. ICT convergence - IOT Dispenser ( My coffee, order on app, blending / concentration / temperature, etc. )
  57. 57. Super Drop recipe Retail + cateringIOT dispenser IOT snow ice machine ICT convergence - IOT Café ( minimum manpower, various recipes, Customization, Catering, etc. )
  58. 58. Super Drop Dispenser Super Drop's Own Design for accurate Weighing at 4 ℃
  59. 59. Ad (for Café)
  60. 60. Copyright © 2016 Cold Brew World, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Thank you