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Supercharging Public Speaking

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UMass CRC - Important skills
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Supercharging Public Speaking

  1. 1. Supercharging Public Speaking Chris Heilmann, Onsite, April 2017
  2. 2. By the end of today you will have everything to be a conference presenter organisers love to work with and attendees love to learn from.
  3. 3. You will learn how to concentrate on what makes you a great presenter and avoid what holds you back.
  4. 4. Hello – who are you?
  5. 5. Create opportunities
  6. 6. Create opportunities Find something that excites you
  7. 7. Create opportunities Start hoarding materials about the subject
  8. 8. Create opportunities Find conferences that would like to hear about that
  9. 9. Create opportunities Write a good call for paper proposal
  10. 10. A good call for papers proposal 1. Has a snappy title that sparks interest but also explains what the talk is about – don’t be a poet 2. Has a short explanation what the talk will be about, who it is for and what they will learn – don’t be James Joyce 3. Has extra information for conference organisers on how long you want it to be and why you are the right person to give that talk.
  11. 11. 1. Find a topic to talk about 2. Find a conference 3. Write a talk proposal Exercise (15 minutes):
  12. 12. Help conference organisers
  13. 13. Help conference organisers Be easy to work with, and you’ll get offers to speak
  14. 14. Help conference organisers 1. Have an online post or cheatsheet with your bio, contact details, speaker photos, links to previous talk recordings and your speaking terms. 2. Be as clear as possible there. You don’t want to have to fight organisers about the details of your conference participation and who pays for what. 3. Conference organisers are busy people. They don’t want to hunt for your real name, location and availability. Be concise and factual.
  15. 15. Create your own presenter cheatsheet. Blueprint: Homework:
  16. 16. BREAK (10 minutes)
  17. 17. Create great *talk* slides
  18. 18. Create great *talk* slides Slides are wallpaper and sticky notes for your talk
  19. 19. Your talk is much more than slides: 1. It is a story you tell 2. It is the way you explain why you care 3. It is how you perform on stage 4. It is resources people can look at to validate what you said. 5. It is materials people can use and learn from in their own time 6. It is the call to action you leave the audience with
  20. 20. Slides are there to amplify your story and make it more memorable. Your talk needs to work without them.
  21. 21. Find and create talk materials
  22. 22. Find and create talk materials Create screencasts and screenshots to show
  23. 23. Find and create talk materials Find images and videos you are allowed to use
  24. 24. Find and create talk materials Create your own materials to use
  25. 25. Create talk collateral
  26. 26. Create talk collateral Consider your talk as a follow-up post and notes
  27. 27. Create talk collateral Create code examples that work without the talk
  28. 28. Create talk collateral Collect 3rd party resources validating your points.
  29. 29. Create talk collateral Upload your slides somewhere
  30. 30. Make Sure you are Understood (Accessibility and international concerns)
  31. 31. Make sure you are understood Mind your speed and language – keep it simple
  32. 32. Make sure you are understood Avoid jargon, pop and culture specific references
  33. 33. Make sure you are understood Provide a transcript and a thesaurus for translators
  34. 34. Make sure you are understood Do your homework – work with locals to learn customs
  35. 35. Prepare materials of a five minute version of your proposed talk Exercise (20 minutes):
  36. 36. BREAK (10 minutes)
  37. 37. Write a great talk
  38. 38. Write a great talk All good stories have an arc Intro Why? Wow! How? Wow!! Where next?
  39. 39. Write a great talk Unpacking Bullets
  40. 40. Write a great talk Simplifying language
  41. 41. Write a great talk Avoiding problems by minding your language
  42. 42. Write a great talk Credit where credit is due
  43. 43. Prepare your five minute talk Exercise (30 minutes):
  44. 44. BREAK (10 minutes)
  45. 45. Deliver a great talk
  46. 46. Deliver a great talk How to get past stage fright
  47. 47. Deliver a great talk What to do when things go wrong
  48. 48. Deliver a great talk Body language tips, what to avoid on stage
  49. 49. Deliver a great talk How to deal with hecklers
  50. 50. Deliver a great talk Things not to do under any circumstances
  51. 51. Get ready to deliver your talk. Exercise (10 minutes):
  52. 52. Let’s see what you got...
  53. 53. Thank you!