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  1. 1. IRELANDI
  2. 2. TRANSPORT BAENA - MALAGA• To get from Baena to malaga there are twopossibilities: one is to take a direct bus to malaga,would come out of Baena at 07:45 and would cometo the Malaga bus station at 11:30 or so.• Another option would be another bus to malaga butmaking stops in each village to reach the city. Latter.would come at 08:15 am at the bus station andwould come to Malaga Baena at 13:45approximately.
  3. 3. RATES• Bus Baena -Malaga• hotline• Departure: 07:45• Arrival: 11: 30• Round Price: €25.61• Bus Baena -Malaga• with stops• Departure: 08:15• Check in: 13:45• Roundtrip price:21,30 €
  4. 4. 21 october 2013 ; 21:15
  5. 5. • For this trip, and as best solution we thoughtthat the best transportation is a rental car. It isfreer to rely on bus or train schedules and alsoits price is cheaper.
  6. 6. Toyota Yaris• Only € 15.52 per day• Hire fee € 93.10• Type: 4 EconómicoX• X 2/4• manual• Price includes FREE:• local Taxes• Surcharge airport• Premium location fee
  7. 7. DUBLIN
  8. 8. Dublin21,22,27october 2013
  9. 9. HALF PENNY BRIDGEAlso called Hapenny Bridge, Dublin is the symbol. This little super-romantic footbridge you passed the bohemian neighborhood ofTemple Bar to the formal neighborhood Odonnell Street crossesthe River Liffey. The bridge is painted white, and is named after theDuke of Wellington ("Iron Duke"). It opened in 1816.At this time, Ireland was still part of the British Empire, and the bridgewas built in England, and was transported by ship, gaining fame andbecause you paid the toll to climb to Dublin along the Liffey washalf Penny. It was until 2000 the only pedestrian bridge in Dublin.Now there is the Millennium Bridge.But this has a lot more charm. Until the people gather in the samebridge to chat, play music and have a beer.The bridge has three electric lanterns, and is built around wroughtiron. It closed for nearly a year in 2001 because it was in poorcondition, is now painted with white
  10. 10. MALAHIDEMalahide is a small neighborhood resdencial northof Dublin, in the town of Swords. It has severalhouses Bed and Breakfast but best of all is thecastle grounds. Built in the fourteenth centuryactualemnte serves as a gallery attached to theNational gallery in Dublin. It is worth going to seehim outside auqnue is only because it has a largeesplanade where you can relax on a sunny day.Malahide is connected to Dublin by bus whichtakes about 20 minutes to arrive (care should paythe exact amount in coins)
  11. 11. WELLINGTON MONUMENTIt is the tallest obelisk in Europe and also foundin the largest park in Europe, Phoenix Park.The Wellington Monument rose tocommemorate the exploits of an Irish with theBritish Empire.
  12. 12. CUSTOM HOUSE• The four facades are decorated with coats of arms and ornamentalsculptures representing Irish rivers such as the River Liffey headallegorical work of Edward Smyth as the other thirteen.• The main facade is located parallel to the river Liffey and features acentral Doric poetic side pavilions crowned at the ends by two coatsof arms of Ireland.• In the central building of the dome is a statue bronze allegoricaltops trade.• In 1800 the Decree of Union centralized all customs matters inLondon UK so the building was never used.• In 1921 during the Irish uprising the building was burned by theIrish Republican Army because of its symbolism British sovereigntyof the island. The fire took five days to be extinguished doingserious damage throughout the building.• Its reconstruction began in 1926 but not completed until 1991.
  13. 13. WEXFORD
  14. 14. 23,24 October
  15. 15. WEXFORD WILDFOWL RESERVEInternationally important animal species thatspend the winter here. These white-frontedgeese and brent geese, Greenland species.
  16. 16. IRISH NATIONAL HERITAGE PARK• A curious reconstruction of the past in 35acres located near Wexford. The visit includesa tour of the history of Irish heritage andcustoms of the peoples who lived here forlovers of ethnography.
  17. 17. LIMERICK
  18. 18. Limerick24,25 October 2013
  19. 19. Restaurant Limerick• Traditional Irish Pub with a WarmIrish Welcome, Great Irish Pints &Whiskeys, Great Food (Breakfast,Lunch and Evening Meals),Traditional Irish Music EveryThursday, Friday and SaturdayEvening...Located on OConnellStreet Beside the Well KnownGresham Hotel and a 7 minutewalk from Croke Park Stadium.
  20. 20. HUNT MUSEUM• With an important archaeological collectionspanning Egyptian and Irish pieces. It also hasmodern art of the twentieth century with adrawing by Picasso and some pieces ofLeonardo DaVinci. Its collection one of themost interesting pieces is the cross of Antrim
  21. 21. KING JOHN’S CASTLE• It was built between 1200 and 1210 and hasundergone many renovations and additionsover time. Located in the center of themedieval area of ​​Limerick has a dig and anexhibition relating to the history offortification
  22. 22. FOYNES FLYING BOAT MUSEUM• Interesting exhibition about the planes thatlinked Europe with the United States duringthe 30s and 40s of the twentieth century.
  23. 23. CLARE
  24. 24. Clare25,26 October2013
  25. 25. CLIFFS OF MOHER• Those who suffer from vertigo should becareful, as the Cliffs of Moher have a drop of214 meters above the ocean. They form asublime landscape that stretches for almost 8km, and on a clear day you can sighting to theAran Islands and the valleys and hills ofConnemara.
  26. 26. THE BURREN• Dotted with dolmens, tombs and cairns,Burren lies south of Galway in County Clare.The word comes from the Irish "bhoireann"meaning rocky place, this barren landscapehas remained unchanged since the Ice Ageand is a spectacular natural wonder rich inflora, fauna and history.
  27. 27. CRAGGAUNOWEN• Craggaunowen, The Past Life Experience tellsthe story of the arrival of the Celts in Ireland.With an outstanding collection of exhibits andreplicas, you can really get an idea of ​​what lifewas like for our ancestors.
  28. 28. GALWAY
  29. 29. Galway24-25 october 2013
  30. 30. KYLEMORE ABBEY• We can say that Kylemore Abbey can be theicing on a tour of Connemara from Galway inwhich to appreciate the natural landscapes ofthe region, dotted with lakes, hills and valleys.The building is located next to a lake, oppositethe Connemara National Park, and its graystone means breaking the green color of thehill next to him.
  31. 31. ARAN ISLANDS• The Aran Islands are located on the southcoast of Connemara, the end of Galway Bayand is one of the strongholds of the Irishlanguage and traditions. They are anarchipelago of three islands inhabited mainlyby fishermen, small, with strange landscapesand small villages with traditional character.Some of its inhabitants, even only speak IrishGaelic language.
  32. 32. • The largest island is inhabited all Inis Mor, themain attraction of Dun Aonghasa semicircularfortress on a cliff 100 meters high. On thesmall island are also some prehistoric remains.You can visit the information center of theislands. For those who want something morefrom a day trip, where you can find dance andtraditional music.
  33. 33. • The other two are Inis Meain and Inis Oirr,significantly smaller than the main one. InisMeain is known to be a good place to go tomake Gaelic language courses and have a divecenter, while Inis Oirr is the smallest of thethree, you can go on foot, and say it is theprettiest the archipelago. There are also theremains of the Castle OBrien.
  35. 35. •
  36. 36. 27 Go back to Baena
  37. 37. TERMS• The rental car costs about 100 €. For fuel wesave on 50-100 €.• We would collect the vehicle the day October21, 1013 at the airport in Dublin and have upto the October 27, 2013 which would have toleave it in the same airport before boardingthe return flight.