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  1. 1. NORWAYAndrea CórdobaCarmen BravoHelena de las MorenasNieves GómezVerónica Navarro
  2. 2. LOCATIONIn the westernmost part of Scandinavia is Norway. Borderswith Sweden to the east, northeast Finland and Russia, on thewest by the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, north tothe Barents Sea and south to the North Sea.
  3. 3. INFORMATION ABOUTFLYINGGoing: 20/05/2013Output: Barcelona 11:55Arrival: Oslo 15:25Basic rate:1 Adult x 190,67€ 190,67€Rates 1 x 39,32€ 39,32€Return: 27/05/2013Output: Oslo 16:00Arrival: Barcelona 19:15Basic rate:1 Adult x 19,24€ 19,24€Rates 1 x 35,75€ 35,75€Total flights: 284,98 €
  4. 4. CAR RENTAL
  5. 5. COSTSGas prices: 1,999€/l41,30 l x 1,999€/l = 82,5587€Total= 261+82,5587= 343,5587€
  7. 7. Capital de Noruega: OsloNumber of people:Norway has a popuwation approximately5,033,675 people. Life expectancy is 79.6years old . The average number of children perwoman is 1.78.
  8. 8. RELIGIONAbout 77 % of the population belongs to theevangelical Lutheran Church of Norway, thoughmany people are not members practicantes.55 TheState rests to the Church and the king names theclergymen. Nevertheless, there is guaranteed thereligious complete freedom and there exist Protestantand catholic groups that represent 4 % of thepopulation. The Norwegians remain registered asmembers of the Church of Norway on having beenbaptized, and use the services of baptisms,confirmation, marriage and funeral, which are veryestablished in the culture of this country.
  9. 9. A bit more than 10 % of the population was not affiliated tothe official church on January 1, 2009. Other Christian namescongregate 4,2 % of the population, including the FreeLutheran Evangelical Church, the Catholic Roman Church, theChurch Baptizer, the Church Adventist, Church Methodist,and congregations, between others. Between the religions youdo not christen the Islam it is the biggest, and the second onein major growth. A 1,5 % of the population they are Moslem.This one it is practised by Somali immigrants, Arabs,Albanians and Turks, as well as Norwegians of Pakistaniancestry.
  10. 10. Other religions that have less than one 1 % are theJudaism, the Mormonism (Jesus Christ de losSantoss Church of Last Days) and the JehovahsWitnesses. The immigrants hindúes introduced theHinduism, which possesses less than 5,000 followers.The Buddhism possesses 11 associations and shelters0,42 % of the population. Parts of the minority Samiretain his religion chamanística in spite of the factthat they were converted to the christianity at the endof the 18th century by Norwegian and Danishmissionaries.
  11. 11. PLANING TRIP TO NORWAYWe started our trip on May 22, 2013 with 8days and 7 nights:Visit different places in Norway, of which latershow.-The day of departure will be the plane from.Norway Once we settle in the Cochspensjonat.
  12. 12. Here we will spend the first four days while visitingseveral tourist sites.This day of arrival will not take off.-The second day morning trip visit the Original VikingShip Museum and walk through the area.
  13. 13. Return to the hotel when taken our lunch and 5 pm visit thehouse in Oslo.
  14. 14. -The second day visit Norwegian Arctic Cathedralthunderstorm during the morning and afternoon will be free.
  15. 15. -The third day, a guide will take you to the main MonolithPark which is very
  16. 16. -The fourth day in Norway and the last to the first hotel weenjoy views of the City of Oslo.
  17. 17. -The fifth day trip will take us off where we walk throughthe streets of Norway.-The sixth day we will place at the Preikestolen Hostelwhere we will spend the following two nights where thereare great views.
  18. 18.  The seventh day we will visit the famous Church HeddalStanding timber and enjoy the landscape
  19. 19. The eighth day we will spend the night at this spectacularhotel where we can relax with and enjoy quietness of thearea where you are and we will have our last visit in theNasjonal Galleriet.
  20. 20. TOTAL COST-Cost of round-trip flight to Norway would be€248.98 per person.-Rent a car for 5 people Toyato Aygo is € 37.29per day, the total is 261 € in total, this groupwould be spending so that person would be at52.2 €.
  21. 21. The first hotel is located in Oslo. The name ofthe hotel is Cochs pensjonat. the first five nightscost a total of € 791.82 representing per person €158.36.
  22. 22. The second hotel is located Ryfylke,inNorway. We spend two nights here.Two nights cost 361,06€. Per person is72€.