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Business is Personal (Again)

  1. So what’s really going on? Chris Heuer, Market Catalyst
  2. Scott Becker Meet my best friend photo by Kris Krug
  3. Kristie Wells say hello to my wife Kristie photo by Kris Krug
  4. Kris Krug President of Bryght Friend Source of Referrals One of my vendors Our Wedding Photographer photo by Chris Heuer
  5. Business is Personal Again
  6. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. • For a very long time, we have tried to separate our emotions from our work life, but the world is evolving towards greater and greater personal expression - think about what the MySpace generation will do when it enters the workforce • Have you ever tried to ‘manage’ a relationship with a spouse or loved one? Perhaps that is why it doesn’t work with customers either • Abstract terms like audiences and targets are designed to remove our humanity from business, but more and more people are tiring of being called users and audiences and are demanding their humanity be respected • Do you want to work with anyone you personally don’t like or respect? Me neither.
  7. In the beginning the baker sold directly to his customer
  8. Then we started to organize companies companies sold directly to customers
  9. As the market evolved, ‘middle-men’ optimized trade the company sold to customers and also through intermediaries
  10. This ‘industrialization’ grew with ‘broadcast media’ the company broadcast its messages through media companies to reach customers
  11. The DotCom era brought “disintermediation” but there were still those who provided added value and they continued
  12. The Web lets you go direct with your story - 1 to 1 but the perspective of editors are still very valuable, with social media there are simply more of them
  13. But Social Media does something more important Social Media is tearing down the walls that keep us apart and changing the rules that have kept us from being human inside our companies.
  14. People, having conversations we can connect to each other directly, as humans talking with other humans as it was in the beginning...
  15. Some Rules for Human Organizations • Start with the presumption of trust • Make clear your intentions • Give people a chance • Provide power for people’s passions • “Live the life, love the life” (as Jake McKee said earlier) • Participate in your market’s conversations • Personal Pronouns are ok! • Social Media creates opportunities to be found and to connect • Trust the conversation
  16. How we learn and develop understanding Experience Conversation Media
  17. In the beginning... Fire is hot Grunts Meat is good Caves are shelter Cave Paintings = Sex makes babies Storytelling
  18. In the broadcast era... Free Trials Sales ++ The Product Support -- Push messages at people through tv, radio and print
  19. In the conversation era... Relationships Matter The Experience Trust Transparency Authenticity Intentions Create media to connect with your market and serve your community
  20. Changing the Marketing Perspective • Help people buy, don’t sell • Stop spending marketing dollars only to the point of sale, invest in getting to the point of satisfaction • “Customer service is the new marketing” Thor Muller • “The brands with the best story tellers win” CEO of iProspect • Participate in the community, give without expectations of getting • 50% of all advertising doesn’t work, more often then not, the other 50% doesn’t either • Help people save time, make money, get more done, be happy, find meaning, connect with others, and find greater satisfaction
  21. Chris Heuer Discussion