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As Seen On TV: Using broadcast media in university teaching

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Slides for a presentation promoting the use of "BoB", an online repository of TV and radio programmes for education. This presentation was given at the Education in a Digital Age event at the University of Lincoln, UK, in November 2017.

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As Seen On TV: Using broadcast media in university teaching

  1. 1. Education in a Digital Age (November 2017) Dr Chris Willmott Dept of Molecular and Cell Biology University of Leicester As Seen OnTV: Using broadcast media in university teaching
  2. 2. Using TV for University Teaching Harry and Paul’s Story of the Twos
  3. 3. Overview • Multimedia (esp visual media) can be integrated into teaching in variety of ways Use of broadcast clips Video production News analysis
  4. 4. Overview • Multimedia (esp visual media) can be integrated into teaching in variety of ways Use of broadcast clips … Especially using BoB
  5. 5. BoB ( • “On demand” service, archive of TV and radio broadcasts from over 65 UK (& International) channels • Already contains over 2 million records, growing daily • Available for subscribing institutions (inc Lincoln) • Currently user must be in UK (issues re overseas DL)
  6. 6. BoB: Guide
  7. 7. BoB: Search
  8. 8. BoB: Search
  9. 9. A Child Against All Odds Example (1): Documentary
  10. 10. Die Another Day Example (2): Scene-setter
  11. 11. Example (2): Context and use • Introduction to Year 2 lecture on Gene Therapy • Used precisely because it is so wrong • Set scene for more accurate discussion on the approach (including another clip, from Horizon)
  12. 12. Holby City: “Better The Devil You Know” Example (3a): Discussion
  13. 13. • Pete has kidney failure and is being offered the last opportunity of a transplant, using a kidney from a pig • What ethical arguments might there be for/against this operation? • What scientific concerns might there be about an operation of this sort? • If you were Pete’s friend would you suggest that he accepts the doctor’s offer? Why/why not? Example (3a): Discussion
  14. 14. Example (3b): Discussion • Video from Brainiac: Science abuse • Used in a Year 1 tutorial on Experimental Design
  15. 15. • Students watch short clip describing an experiment to investigate whether you can smell if someone is afraid • Having watched the clip, they discuss: - what was good about the design of the expt? - what was wrong with the experiment? Example (3b): Discussion
  16. 16. Brainiac Science Abuse: The Smell of Fear Example (3b): Discussion
  17. 17. Example (3b): A better version • students then asked to work with those sitting near them to design a better experiment looking into whether it is possible to smell fear
  18. 18. A more scientific approach Prehn-Kristensen et al (2009), PLoS ONE 4(6): e5987
  19. 19. The Cell (2): The Chemistry of Life Example (4): Full programme
  20. 20. Example (4): Context and use • Year 1 double lecture session (video lasts 60 mins) • A beautiful walk through the history of expts that identified DNA as the molecule of inheritance • Students provided with a structured worksheet to aid note-taking during episode
  21. 21. Example (4): Context and use • Difficult to fit full episode into lecture slot? • Not best use of F2F time? • BoB raises potential for requiring students to watch programme before lecture or tutorial • Flipped classroom • “Viewing lists” as well as “reading lists” for module
  22. 22. Biology on the Box • Recommendations for TV (and radio) footage that can used for enriching bioscience teaching • Primarily designed for use in conjunction with Box of Broadcasts • Programme tips equally valid without BoB, just harder to get hold of • Sharing best practice - metadata & keywords - describe usage • A collaborative project - students as producers - different institutions
  23. 23. Biology on the Box • • Started September 2014 • Post of various styles
  24. 24. Various styles Awareness of digital availability… … plus notes
  25. 25. Various styles Clip within programme… … plus structured activities
  26. 26. Various styles News story News overview
  27. 27. Various styles Radio Re-posting
  28. 28. Posts by Students AudioVisuals In the Disciplines (AVID)
  29. 29. Posts by Interns
  30. 30. Posts by Colleagues
  31. 31. [Other discipline] on the Box • Other subject areas starting to develop similar sites • e.g.
  32. 32. Acknowledgements • University of Leicester Teaching Enhancement Fund • University of Leicester Graduate Gateway Fund • Thanks to authors
  33. 33. Any Questions? E-mail: Twitter: cjrw Slideshare: cjrw2 Delicious: chriswillmott Blogs:
  34. 34. TRILT • Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching • Run by Learning on Screen (formerly British Universities Film and Video Council) • Learning of Screen also offers range of other services including DVD back-up service for missed programmes, and Box of Broadcasts
  35. 35. TRILT offers: • Weekly e-mail alert advising about programmes coming up in next two weeks that match your keywords • Searchable database of transmission history covering broadcasts since 1995, in which all programmes are given an ID code • Latter can frequently be used to identify recordings available through BoB and/or BUFVC back-up service (inc all terrestrial TV since June 1998)