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H&s week 1 blended learning

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H&s week 1 blended learning

  1. 1. Welcome to Health & Safety Week 1 Please put your bags on the floor Have a notepad, pen and textbook ready Have your ID badge visible
  2. 2. Aim • To introduce Health & Safety in the Beauty Industry
  3. 3. Objectives • List what we already know about H&S legislation • Identify the hazards in the workplace • Evaluate the risks in the workplace
  4. 4. Get started… • Create a mind map of what you already know about H&S legislation add 1 fact to the forum
  5. 5. Risk and Hazard • What is the definition of a risk and a hazard?
  6. 6. What is a Hazard? • A hazard is any object or situation that may cause harm to a person, or piece of equipment • Funny Accidents Video
  7. 7. What is a Risk? • A risk is the chance that someone or something will be harmed by a hazard
  8. 8. Hazards in the Salon • List the possible hazards that may occur in a salon • Extension Task… How would you deal with these situations?
  9. 9. Conduct and Behaviour in the salon • Create a mind map on your paper to list the type of conduct that could affect salon safety
  10. 10. Risk Assessments • Using your text book/internet research and explain what a risk assessment is