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WPD Training

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Wordpress training for leadership team of WPD

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WPD Training

  1. 1. Communication Transformation
 Wordpress Training for 

  2. 2. • Why are we doing this? • Login and user accounts • Wordpress Dashboard and Toolbar • Posts v. Pages • Creating and editing posts • Applying categories to posts • Basic text formatting • Creating links • Images—and Featured Images • Using the —More— tag • Saving drafts v. Publishing Our Agenda
  3. 3. • Conserve fiscal resources • Conserve human resources • Conserve environmental resources • Carry The Shepherd’s Voice farther Why are we doing this?
  4. 4. • User: acckstudent • Password: Ack08cls System Login
  5. 5. • or • District Website URL
  6. 6. • Username: lastname + first initial
 Example: griffiths • Password: wpd14tvt • Change to a secure password User Account Info
  7. 7. • News / updates • Organized by date, author and category • Available through index Posts v. Pages—What’s the difference? • Permanent information • Organized in parent / child relationship • Available through menu Posts Pages
  8. 8. • Complete (implied) sentence • Present tense verbs for past • Infinitives (to + verb) for future • Omit linking verbs, articles, and and Write good titles
  9. 9. • Works just like a word processor • Perform all text formatting in Wordpress • Use drop-down headings for subheads Creating / Editing Posts
  10. 10. • Our main organizing tool! Apply all that fit your content • To include your post in the print newsletter, apply the Shepherd’s Voice category • District News and Featured puts your post on home page • Want a new category but not an editor? Call Kendra Categories
  11. 11. If you are placing your post on the home page, insert the Read More tag in an appropriate place—perhaps after the first sentence or the first paragraph. The —More— Tag
  12. 12. • Take photos. Use them. They do add visual interest to the site. • Place cursor in post. Click add media. Select Upload Files. Insert into Post. • In post, select image, click pencil icon to edit, wrap text. Images
  13. 13. • Featured image appears at top of post… • Unless you Disable Header Image • Featured image appears in middle column of home page if post is categorized as Featured. Featured Image
  14. 14. Once you Publish, your post is on the website for all to see—but you can continue to edit and update your post as often as necessary. Publish
  15. 15. … for helping the Communication Vision Fulfillment Team improve our district website and newsletter! Questions or help? Email me at Thank You…