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The Mobile Internet is Awesome.

With more and more people around the world spending time on the mobile Web, its hard not to get excited. This presentation shares a few things we're sharing with clients.

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The Mobile Internet is Awesome.

  2. New research from Nie lsen shows that 71% of e US consumers anticipate daily use of th mobile internet wit hin the next two years. !
  3. The US has the highest mobile Internet usage in the world.! Sweden 1.1% U.K. 20.3% Spain 1.4% others 21.6% Portugal: 1.2% US: 29.3 % India 11.1% Egypt 1.7% Malaysia 1.4% South Africa 5.4% Source: Bango February 2009
  4. US 140+ 2013 Mobile million Internet! 63 January 2009 Users ! million 40 July million 2008 Source: comScore & Parks Associates 
  5. Daily mobile Internet usage doubled! in just ! 22.4 million a year ! 10.8 million JAN JAN 2008 2009 Source: comScore 
  6. Why?!
  7. er Net works! Bett
  8. Better Devices!
  9. Services! Hardware! Better Prices!
  10. Consumers ! Marketers! Better Education!
  11. Better Reporti ng!
  12. Better Repor ting ! (this kind to o)!
  13. Everyone’s using it...!
  14. US Mobile Internet User Profile (Age) ! May 2008! 13-17 13% 18-24 12% 35-54 65+ 2% 37% 55-64 9% 25-34 27% Source: Nielsen
  15. …for a broad range of activities.! 
  16. Daily Mobile Internet Usage ! Source: comScore, January 2009! Used Business Directories!2.45 million
  17. Daily Mobile Internet Usage ! Source: comScore, January 2009! Movie Information! 3.07 million
  18. Daily Mobile Internet Usage ! Source: comScore, January 2009! Traded Stocks or ! Accessed Financial 3.27 million Accounts !
  19. Daily Mobile Internet Usage ! Source: comScore, January 2009! Entertainment ! 5.47 million News!
  20. Daily Mobile Internet Usage ! Source: comScore, January 2009! Social Networking ! 9.28 million or Blogs!
  21. Daily Mobile Internet Usage ! 22.4 million Source: comScore, January 2009! News and Information!
  22. Where’s it headed?! 
  23. Richer interactions.!
  24. Implications! ns to explore a nd •  New reaso obile need-based m discover…from old Web surfin g.! plain Web usage to assets. ! •  Levera ge rich-media n.! for monetizatio •  New models
  25. n designing e created equal…so whe NOTE: Not all screens ar designed to take adva ntage of the features mobile websites with (e.g. iPhone, G1, atur es of the best devices latest and greatest fe at many users are still BlackBerry Bold), yo u need to remember th need to be able es an d networks. They still on older, slower phon ent – things like retail to access the most ba sic and important cont ost relevant given the locations, call ce nters or whatever is m ! context and campaign.
  26. Niche advertising inventory.!
  27. Implications! specific mobile sites with •  Highly targeted ting equals higher CPMs.! targe audiences. Better . ia experiences (e.g ch-med •  New ad units deliver ri er ads).! iP hone-specific bann
  28. Savvier shopping.!
  29. Implications! -shop in-store.! •  Customers can cross with online in •  Brick and mortar competing t home real-time (d on’t have to wait to ge to buy online).! r reviews.! •  Access to peer/custome Buy start •  Will “pri ce-matchers” like Best t retail hono ring web-based offers a locations? !
  30. Location-aware communities.!
  31. Implications! pecific -c orrect, location-s •  Contextually es.! o ffers and servic asing t ma nufacturers rele •  More handse tworking b edded social ne devices with em capabilities.! stead of •  Social Se arch Engine – In New st a ny old hotel in searching for ju for ote l chain that paid York, or for a h w York”, hotel” and “Ne the keywords “ here their users can ask for the hotel w York.  ! en they are in New friends stay wh
  32. Soon, consumers will assume you have a mobile site.!
  33. And they’ll expect it to be awesome.!