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Shang Dynasty

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Run through on China's Shang Dynasty

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Shang Dynasty

  1. 1. Shang Dynasty 1600 to 1050 BCE
  2. 2. General Information • Marked the middle of China’s Bronze Age • The first dynasty to have left written records and solid archaeological evidence of its existence • Birthplace or cradle of Chinese civilization
  3. 3. General Information • Its founder is Cheng Tang • Monarchy • Has different capital cities • Shang (first and an ancestral capital) • Yin (last and a political capital)
  4. 4. Rise and Population • Originally a tribe living in the lower regions of yellow river under Xia Dynasty • Established by King Tang in 1675 BC • 13.5 million people
  5. 5. Emperors Names ----------- Years In Power (1) Tang - Abolished Persecution and Oppression - Society was stable and the people lived happy lives during his reign. 30 (9) Tai Wu -The dynasty was most prosperous in his reign - Great crop harvests 75 (19) Pan Geng - Moved capital of Shang Dynasty to Yin - Oracle bones unearthed alternatively record that he was the 18th king 28 (22) Wu Ding - Enlarged domain through war - Social productivity developed (textile, medicine, astronomy) 59 (30) Zhou - Acted atrociously toward his people - Doted on his imperial concubine, Daji. - Defeated by the tribe of Zhou. 33
  6. 6. Religion and culture • Practiced polytheism (Shang Di = High God) • Civilization was based on agriculture, hunting and animal husbandry • Enjoyed the most advanced bronze civilization in the world
  7. 7. The End of the Shang • 1050 BCE • Conquerors from the state of Zhou
  8. 8. Contributions • The Invention of Writing -Oracle bone inscriptions -Bronze objects • A Stratified Government and Society -Hierarchy
  9. 9. Oracle Bones • Marked the beginning of written Chinese history • Used to make predictions about the future
  10. 10. • Bronze Technology -Weapons -Ceremonial vessels for food or wine -Bronze was not used for common tools, such as hammers or hoes. -Piece-mold casting
  11. 11. • The Use of Chariot and Bronze Weapons in Warfare -Bronze-tipped halberd and spear -Compound bow -Horse-drawn chariots
  12. 12. References • http://www.chinese-traditions-and- • nasties/p/032509ShangDynst.htm • ory/shang/
  13. 13. END