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Ben & Jerry Ice cream Marketing Presentation

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The Presentation is regarding Ben & Jerry Ice-cream in USA and launch strategy for Mumbai, India

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Ben & Jerry Ice cream Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Ice cream PPT by Shiva Kottary: or
  2. 2. Institute Name - GNIMS Presentation by - Shiva Kottary Batch - B (2011-13) Roll No - 54 Subject - Marketing Semester - 1st Semester Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  3. 3. Overview • Company History • Ben & Jerry Mission • Market Segmentation • USP • Marketing Mix • S.W.O.T Analysis • Company’s Current Status • Ben & Jerry India Launch Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  4. 4. Ben & Jerry Ice-Cream  Ben & Jerry's is an American ice cream company, a division of the British-Dutch Unilever, that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream novelty products, manufactured by Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc.  Its headquarters is in South Burlington, Vermont, United States, with the main factory in Waterbury. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  5. 5. History  1963 - Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield meet in 7th Grade Gym Class.  1977- Ben & Jerry move to Vermont and completed a $5 correspondence course of ice cream making from the Pennsylvania State University's Creamery.  1978 – B & J with a investment of $12,000 opened an ice cream parlor in a renovated gas station in downtown Burlington, Vermont.  1980 – B & J started packing their Ice-creams in Pints to sell in grocery stores.  1981 – A magazine hails Ben & Jerry ‘s as “ The Best Ice-cream in the World”  1984 – B & J made a remarkable sales of more than $4 Million, a 120% of increase from the previous year  1985 – B & J foundation established in the end of the year and it provided with 7.5% of company’s of pre-tax profits which increased their sales upto $9 Million , a 143% increase from the previous year L – R: Jerry Greenfield & Ben Cohen 1978 Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  6. 6. History  1986 - Dreyers became the Master distributors of B & J products and made a sales of $20 Million.  1988 – More than 80 scoops shops were introduced at the end of the year and B & J were named U.S small Business Persons of the year by the President Reagan in a White House Rose Garden Ceremony.  1989 – B & J Receives Columbia University’s Lawrence A Wein Prize for corporate social responsibility.  1991 – B & J made a sales of more than $131 Million in the end of the year.  1996 – Perry Odak takes the vacant position of CEO and the net sales reach $174 Million.  2000 - Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. was acquired by Unilever which is a British-Dutch company. Since the acquisition, not much has changed with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  7. 7. The organization's 3-fold mission Statement Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  8. 8. Market Segmentation What is Market Segmentation? Markets consist of buyers, and buyers differ in one or more ways. Through market segmentation, companies divide large, heterogeneous markets into smaller segments. Ben & Jerry’s Market Segmentation Geographical - Ben & Jerry market is divided globally(i.e European, Asian) American would have to pay more for an ice cream cup than a German. Market is Segmented on the basis of Different income groups Family size, family life cycle Gender Age Occupation Behavioral Readiness to buy Occasions Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  9. 9. Market Segmentation Ethnicity 8% 16% 16% 60% Hispanic African American Asian Caucasian Age 4% 68% 20% 8% Under 18 18-25 26-40 40+ Gender 60% 40% Male Female Demographic Market Segmentation Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  10. 10. Unique Selling Proposition What is USP? A unique selling proposition involves something that your competitors either can’t or wont deliver. It differentiate our product from the competitors in a way that customers will immediately notice the difference Ben & Jerry’s USP: Environmental and Socially-conscious Approach Values(Mission Statements) Premium Quality of Ice-creams Large number of ice-cream flavours Slogan: Chunkiest, funkiest ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  11. 11. Marketing Mix Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  12. 12. Product line Product lines include: • Super premium ice cream (also low fat) • Premium ice cream (supermarket range) • Frozen yoghurt(Curd) • Sorbet(Frozen Desert made from Fruit juices) • Concoctions (special Cone ice cream) • Gifts – product merchandise Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  13. 13. Product Range Over 50 innovative flavours (innovative names) Gourmet quality natural ice cream Mostly pint size and bulk containers Environmentally friendly packaging Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  14. 14. Pricing Strategy Pricing strategy depends on: – Luxury ice cream – High Price – Prices in supermarkets – Comparison with Haagen-Dazs & Dreyers(Competitors) – Premium Ice Cream Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  15. 15. Ben & Jerry’s Company Presence Ben and Jerry's Scoop shops are Present all around the world  Austria Australia Belgium  Canada Colombia Czech Republic  Denmark Estonia Finland  France Germany Gibraltar  Greece Hong Kong Iceland  Ireland Israel Italy  Japan Malta Mexico  Netherlands Norway Portugal  Puerto Rico Singapore South Korea  Spain Sweden Switzerland  Thailand Turkey United Kingdom  United States Now there are – More than 450 scoop shops in US – 150+ shops internationally Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  16. 16. Place – Restaurant • The interior of the Ben & Jerry's in New Jersey (Hoboken). • Ben & Jerry's was the first brand-name ice cream to be taken into space aboard the Space Shuttle. • Most of the cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean International have a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop on board Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  17. 17. Current Distribution Channel Structure Company stores Franchisees Wholesalers Mail order & internet International Licenses Supermarkets & Convenience stores Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  18. 18. Promotional Mix The elements of Ben & Jerry promotions mix are:  Personal Selling.  Sales Promotion.  Sponsorship through Ben & Jerry Foundation  Online advertising  Street marketing  Outdoor advertising  Direct Mail.  Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  19. 19. Promotion Strategy Girl in cow costume promoting Free Cone Day outside a Ben & Jerry's shop in Stockholm, Sweden Free Cone Day is an annual event held between late March and early May, in which Ben & Jerry's scoop shops give out free ice cream cups and cones. The most recent event took place on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 from noon to 8 pm. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  20. 20. Promotional Mix Above on the left is a similar van Ben & Jerry used in the 1980s to drive cross country to promote their product During Halloween festival, they make a cemetery with former ice cream flavors that died and write a small poem on each grave stone. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  21. 21. Unique Promotional Strategy Mall Advertising • This eye-catching advertisement would capture attention of drivers, commuters and basically anyone that passes by. This melting ice cream display is placed on the building that has a Ben & Jerry's outlet. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  22. 22. Promotion Strategy 6 Sheet This 6 Sheet advertising is out of the box. The ad features that an ice cream wrestling event is held in conjunction with the new flavours launch. The mess on the board and floor is to give a realistic feel of the actual event, encouraging people to visit the store. Point-of-Purchase This guerilla advertising leaves passer- by amused as they take a second look at the caution sign. This guerilla advertising concept touches the 'overflowing' ice cream from the freezer that contains the two new flavours Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  23. 23. Advertisements Real Flavours! Fictional advertisements for Ben & Jerry's. The concept behind the ads is to promote the natural, rich and as a matter speech, REAL flavours that drives Ben & Jerry's. Hence the illustrations depicting the flavours coming to life. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  24. 24. Advertisements Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  25. 25. Web Advertisements Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  26. 26. S.W.O.T STRENGTHS WEAKNESS THREATS OPPORTUNITIES Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  27. 27. Ben & Jerry ‘s S.W.O.T Analysis of U.S.A Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  28. 28. Current Status of Ben & Jerry Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. is currently organized as an autonomous subsidiary of Unilever, which has dozens of subsidiaries worldwide Stakeholders of Ben & Jerry Homemade Inc. Unilever Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield Supported grassroots organizations Employees Customers NGO’s Suppliers Media Government Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  29. 29. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  30. 30. Market research Questions ??? Target Audience? Market Segmentation What are we selling? To whom are we selling it ? Where are we selling it? What kind of ice-cream do our customers prefer? What kind of flavours do our customers prefer? What tub size do our customers prefer? What price do our customers want to pay? Where is type of ice cream should be made available? Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  31. 31. P.E.S.T.E.L Analysis Political Factors: Change in Government Policies Economical Factors: Low economic growth in the Country Social Factors: Health concerns Technological Factors: New Technological in regards of Ice-creams Productions Environmental Factors: Weather, Climate, Natural Calamities Legal Factors: Health and safety law Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  32. 32. Target Audience Ben & Jerry’s Target Group: • Children's & Families • School & College students • Middle age Group people Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  33. 33. Our Products • Ice-Creams – Regional ice-creams – Seasonal ice-creams (Mango/ Strawberry/ Anjeer etc) – Indian Flavour ice-creams (Kulfi's / Falooda / Pista / Malai /Kesar etc) – Sugar free ice-creams – Low fat ice-creams – Premium ice-creams (European brands of Ben & Jerry’s) • Sundaes: Small / Medium / Family pack • Cakes: Customized cake / Egg Less • Sugar free – Ice creams/ cakes/Pastries • Milkshakes Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  34. 34. Product Positioning High Highlow low Price Quality After deciding the target markets, our company has decided what position it wants to occupy in the target market. Our Company has tried to position our products in such a way as to distinguish themselves from the competitors (like 31 Baskin and Robins, Naturals, Amul Ice Cream) and give our product the greatest strategic advantage in the target market. Premium Ice-cream – High Price & High Quality Regional & Seasonal ice-cream – Low Price & High Quality Ben & Jerry Positioning Matrix Ben & Jerry Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  35. 35. Unique Selling Proposition(USP) Services: • Free home Delivery to nearby places • One can Make their own ice-cream • Drive Thru • Birthday Parties Plan • Low fat ice-creams • Sugar free ice-creams Facilities: • Kids Zone • Gift Zone • Gaming Zone • Wi-Fi Connectivity • Ambient Environment • Parking zone Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  36. 36. Brand Persona:1 • Name: Neetu Kumaran • Naughty girl • Age: 8yrs old • Residence: Bandra – Pali Hill • School: St. Merry’s High School • Class: II STD • Friends: Sam & Preeti • Like: Dancing and Playing with Friends • Favorite cartoon character: Shin Chan • She loves Ice Cream, Pastries & Chocolates. • Her favorite Doll: Barbie • Her Parents loves Neetu Kumaran very much because she is the only child of them. • They only prefer Branded things. • On Sat & Sun Neetu goes out with her Parents for fun & Shopping at that time she demands Ice Creams from them. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  37. 37. Brand Persona: 2 • Name: G12 Group • Friends:12Nos • Age group: 16 – 24yrs • College: National College • Location: Bandra – Linking Road • Like: Chilling out, Gaming & Partying • They all attend college from 1pm– 5pm • Everybody have their own car/bike. • After college: All hunt for a place to Chill out. • In the Evening: All meet at a nearby Restaurant for a get together and always find a chance to party and fun. Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  38. 38. Brand Persona: 3 • Name: Mr. & Mrs. Sharma • Live at Khar west • Both are working in Media company • Work: 10am – 6pm • Go office by car • During break they have food from cafeteria • Addicted to outside eatables due to busy schedule. • After office both go to cafe to spend time with each others • Like Ice creams – but flavor conscious • Prefer veg. food only - Brahmins • Very Choosy of branded things • Like Peaceful Place – Ambient Atmosphere • They both like reading books • Chatting & Networking Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  39. 39. Tag LineLaunch Date : 25th Dec 2011 Venue : Hotel Renaissance Powai Brand Ambassador : Arjun Tendulkar & Cyrus Brocha Chief Guest : Ben & Jerry Other Guest : Celebrities, PR agencies, Media India Launch Details Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  40. 40. Tag LineRestaurant Location : Bandra Pali Hill Inauguration Date : 25th Dec 2011 Ben & Jerry India - Restaurant Inauguration Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  41. 41. Tag Line Pre-Launch Activation: Activations (Promotions of the Company Launch and the Products) in schools, where in free cone coupons will be distributed to all the schools in Bandra and Khar. A Special KIOSK will be set up at different place at Bandra & Khar so that the children's can avail their coupons. Huge Air Balloons will be Set up in Sky near the restaurant. Product Brochures will be distributed across these places. Ben & Jerry - India Promotion Strategy Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  42. 42. Tag LineRestaurant at Bandra Pali Hill (Reference Pics) •Exterior & Interior of Restaurant Ben & Jerry Restaurant - India Design Plan Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  43. 43. Tag Line Restaurant Layout Plan in India Counter Dry Store RoomGift Shop Dinning Zone Restroom Kids Zone Parking Crew Room Chiller & Freezer Manager Cabin Main Entrance Fire Exit Fire Exit AREA: 16000sq. ft Gaming Zone Fire Exit Dinning Zone 2 Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  44. 44. Tag Line “We make, distribute & sell the finest quality of ice cream and serve Happiness to Customer with a continued commitment of fun & more” . Tag Line in India Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  45. 45. Advertisement Plan Print Ad: Coupons Outdoor Advertisement Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  46. 46. Reference         Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
  47. 47. for Going through the Presentation Presentation by: Shiva Kottary
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